Where have I been?
I haven’t written much or did much of anything really for my business in a while. I took a slight fork in the road, spending time in my non-hometown helping to fight for justice regarding sexual abuse victims.
This took me away for far too long and while I am glad to have helped, I wish I didn’t have to do it at the expense of my business. I am now back full time to doing this blog and I have a whole host of things instore.

What is coming?
More blogs, finishing my novel, podcast dealing with my sexual adventures, a magazine, a movie and quite a few other things. I think my audience will be impressed with what I will be offering going into 2016.

Where can I get updates?

Check right back here on the blog for updates or visit myself on Twitter @bestinyourgirl. I have deleted my personal facebook account for the time being and I have been happy by doing it. Not many people were engaged to my brand on Facebook, so it made sense to not bother with it much for the time being.

Thanks for sticking around with Bestinyourgirl.com



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