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Working on a brand new Mono Black control deck for the new type two. This is what I am working with. The Deck explains itself and is still in it’s infancy. I will be updating as I tweak, but so far, it’s working better than expected!

Main Deck and Sideboard





Mono Black Control Pt.2

Mono Black Control (Fall 2014)

     Here is a new deck list that I’ve been testing. I bought a few cards that I said I was going to put into the original version. It now has Silence the Believers, which replaced Guild. I’m thinking it might need a third, most likely not a fourth. If Super friends becomes a thing, I’m seeing myself wanting to go into a green splash for Garruk,Apex Predator.

     Right now, the deck is solid, but it’s in the process of final tweaking right now. It’s primarily set to go against aggro and will possibly be better post rotation, but it’s working fine at the present moment, just keep in mind you’re at a slight disadvantage and play it impeccably well.

     The sideboard is filled with goodies for control decks. Crypt to prevent U/W and Esper Control from shuffling at the present with Elixir of Immortality and Stain the Mind to remove win conditions. I anticipate that with the rotation of AEtherling, it’s potency is apt to go down.

     Once I’ve finished and have the final numbers set for the deck, I’ll post a third part with deeper analysis for play.

     People are encouraged to give it a go and post their findings in the comments below.

Walker of Planes

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Planeswalker Parody T-shirt.

Planeswalker Parody T-shirt.

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