Lets Talk About Rape.

: an act or instance of robbing or despoiling or carrying away a person by force
: unlawful sexual activity and usually sexual intercourse carried out forcibly or under threat of injury against the will usually of a female or with a person who is beneath a certain age or incapable of valid consent — compare sexual assault, statutory rape

: an outrageous violation

     This article is about rape. You didn’t ask for it and you don’t want it, but I’m forcing it upon you anyways. Besides, you know you want it. Those eyes scream yes, even if your mouth says no

     Why would I rape the unsuspected reader? Because I get off on the power of knowing that I can get away with it. I mean, after all, what did you do to protect yourself from me? You put yourself in this situation and besides, look at what you’re wearing. What did you expect to happen? I was provoked and had no other options.

     Shhhh! It’s ok, it will all be over soon…for me, anyways. Your story is just beginning and this is merely a catalyst for a life time of learning to trust and live with yourself. You’ll be transported to the hospital and given all sorts of test. They’ll want to make sure you were legitimately raped and then they’ll check you for sexually transmitted diseases and infection. A pregnancy test will be needed, just in case. Next, it will go viral and everyone will know you were raped. So begins the public scrutiny. Did he or didn’t he? Was she drinking? How come she didn’t do more to protect herself? Nude pictures from your phone will surface, only whores do those types of things. Common sense dictates that if you want that to be private, you shouldn’t take those types of chances. Your friends will shun you, because I couldn’t possibly do that kind of thing. He’s too nice and caring, they’ll say. You’re not even attractive enough to be raped, anyways. Only good looking people are raped. The worse part? You won’t even remember the assault, because I drugged you. After all, real victims remember, don’t they?

     Finally, when all is said and done, I’ll be exonerated and you’ll have to live knowing that I’m still out there. It was all you. If only you had been smarter. Why are you so fuckin’ stupid and pathetic? Psychologically beat yourself up, you know you deserved it anyways. Maybe you can escape the pain by killing yourself. Who would miss a fuckin’ whore, anyways?

     Feeling violated, yet? I’m not even kidding when I write the above. I write a lot of things, one of which is humor, but the words above shouldn’t be taken in jest. You were just raped. Sure, virtual rape doesn’t seem like “legitimate” rape, but read the definition again and know that it is, indeed, rape. I violated you with my words.

     I’ve violated you and now you can be sympathetic or empathic to those who have gone through rape. Why did I choose to start off a serious, but legitimate article by raping the reader? Good question. Why does rape happen to begin with? As I stated, I did it because I could, it’s a power trip. While rape is usually about power, it isn’t always done by a stranger. In fact, most rapes occur by trusting individuals.

     The old adage, if you don’t want to get raped, don’t be alone, doesn’t apply when you trusted the person for ages. Sure, if you’re out alone, it helps to have some protection handy, but that won’t protect you from your friend, counselor, doctor or other trusted individual from taking liberties with you. Besides, who was in the room as you clicked the link? How did that protect you from me?

      Did your looks matter? Didn’t prevent me from doing what I did. Even your gender didn’t help. Yes, even men can be raped. All different sexualities, even.

     Look at what you are wearing now. Did that conservative get up prevent me from the above?

      What was the point of all this? To create an awareness of rape, allow people to read the typical bullshit that is thrown at the victim and to understand in a way few can.

     So if you know anyone who has been raped, or you yourself have been a victim of sexual violence, then you need to seek help. Never be afraid to speak up for yourself or someone else. You could be the difference in preventing sexual violence. Don’t let anyone silence you.

     For more information on rape, visit these links:


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