Blood Bond

From my pen flows the music of the heart


Cosmic Soul

The moon penumbra, in inferiority hides Yet the beauty of thous smile causes the robust harvest shine

Scent of a Woman (2008)

Standing in line In front of me Your perfect, tan body in a yellow tank. Straps showing, to the bra underneath The remembrance tattoo, on the right shoulder blade. Your scent, intoxicates my very being. ,my head swims from the… Read More ›

Depression (2008)

My silent screams, never fading From my tortured soul, ejaculating Never free, always waiting For death to come and ease my pain When it comes, I will be ready Nerves clam, feeling steady Trusty razor at the ready To free… Read More ›

Beast Within (2007)

My eyes turn green at the thought of you with him. My mind races with furry and rational thought quickly dims. I grow sick at the thought there is anyone better for you then me. I scream for you, even… Read More ›