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Blood Bond

From my pen flows the music of the heart
Red like my blood
Dipped back into my vessel of life so I may create
The muse has come again rapping at my vital organ
Filling me with compulsion to stain the page again
I slit my figurative wrist so that my life force stains
The bleached parchment of a dead tree, with everlasting life, renewed
My words avenge thee so you have not died in vain
What my words cannot mend, may it instead act as artificial limb
Giving balance to your pain
The sorrow of your long lost brothers and sisters, reflected in the anguished scream of your empty page, now give my pen eternal life!
Our blood ritual bonds us as one, signed with a sacrament of bearing ones soul
Once my life has come to cease, buried in my whole.
My body shall decomposed from which a sibling can grow full
The brother shall stand tall until his pride causes him to be deceased
And another similar to me, shall use his sacrifice to come into being

Life on the Inside

The daily drudgery leaves me mentally castigated
I walk down the empty corridor alone, seeking more
Other prisoners pass me, vacuous automatons just getting by
A commotion stirs and the guards go by
Who will be removed from general populous now?
Time slowly fades into oblivion, I’m aged, greying
My youth escaping like grains within an hour glass
The only thing I’m a grandpa of is isolation
Confined to my cell, my life has lost all comfort
I work for nothing and have nothing to give
The food is nothing to write home about, blandness cardboard ad naseum
I imbibe the words of Shakespeare
So oft have I invoked thee for my muse
I will never replace all that I have lost
Precious moments of a youth gone array
What could I have done differently? Where did it all go wrong?
The sound of the clock is Deathining
Like the reapers scythe slowly ticking down to my execution
I walk the long, grey hallway back to my cell
To have a daily meditation before bed
The thoughts pour into my mind
Racing around like a stock car
I recite a prayer for those like me
In hopes they find the absolution that may never come
My head touches the coldness of the pillow
A precursor to my eventual grave stone
I tighten my eyes and pull my legs in tight
Waiting for the day
Should I be fortunate to wake
And see another day
I’ll be thankful I’m a prisoner of the outside
With another chance to be

Cosmic Soul

Full Poem Cosmic Soul
Cosmic Soul

The moon penumbra, in inferiority hides
Yet the beauty of thous smile causes the robust harvest shine

The sun is replenished, whenever thou steps outside
you cause the green grass to grow, whilst the weed recede and hide.

The clouds doth weep with thou, when thou art in pain
The mirror cracks in jealously, when thou art being vain

Thy desire to part tulips, doth naught compare to thee
be still thy beating heart, driver of thous insanity

Thou is akin to the fresh fallen snow, that the sun doth naught melt
tucked yonder through the clearing whence the tulips thus wilt

Sadness chained within thy mind, unbearable to beat
as thou layeth in a puddle before thee, in triumph and defeat

The recess in thy loins, doth naught express temerity
for the heart draw it back to thee in repair of its lost virginity

The fiery roja hue of the leave post bloom, follows nature law
yet they doth naught dwindle to the ground because thy art dead
but because they art in awe

Now we cometh unto the end, what more could thou say?
thy words wilst live into perpetuity, well surpassed my grave

As my body doth decay, lain within the hole
the world wilst know of thy beauty and thous cosmic soul

Scent of a Woman (2008)


Standing in line
In front of me
Your perfect, tan body in a yellow tank.
Straps showing, to the bra underneath
The remembrance tattoo, on the right shoulder blade.
Your scent, intoxicates my very being.
,my head swims from the high I’ve received
Standing there, in my altered state
Makes taking in the curves of your body a visual feast.
My senses revert back to their animal instinct and I’ve become a beast
Wanting to ravage you right there, for all to see.
I don’t know who you are; but your praises I’ve sung
The scent of a woman; the worlds most perfect drug.

Depression (2008)


My silent screams, never fading
From my tortured soul, ejaculating
Never free, always waiting
For death to come and ease my pain

When it comes, I will be ready
Nerves clam, feeling steady
Trusty razor at the ready
To free me from my mortal form.

Crimson rain, horizontally fleeing
Taking every fiber of my being
To finally destroy this anguish feeling.
That infects my very core.
One more arm, must go deep
Perchance to dream in endless sleep
Feeling tired, feeling weak
To find myself in defeat
Upon my brow which is beat
With beaded fear, falling upon my cheek
Am I selfish or am I meek?
Arm now heavy, feeling weak
My angst is gone, I feel so alone
Taking a chance and feeling bold
Once flush feeling, now is cold.

Beast Within (2007)

My eyes turn green at the thought of you with him.

My mind races with furry and rational thought quickly dims.

I grow sick at the thought there is anyone better for you then me.

I scream for you, even if it’s only silently.

My passion burns more for you, like a flame in the dark.

The fire within makes me want to smash and tear things apart.

But its when things look dreary and patience wears thin, that your smile soothes the beast within.