Twitter Dee and Twitter Dumb

Twitter has a real problem and no, I don’t mean the fact it is the only social media company that cannot make money.  I started an account for @Bestinyourgirl back in 2014 with the desire to build it up for… Read More ›

Amazon LOVES Pedophiles!

Amazon loves pedophiles, but hates men who buy books on dating. That’s right, the company that resisted pressure to ban a book by a pedophile on how to molest kids, has issues with men getting laid with adult woman.

How I Exposed Fake News

Click Here to read the press release So I wrote for a fake company called The Kitchen LLC. It was promoted as a progressive restaurant, that would hire men only, just to cater to woman. Obviously this is satire and… Read More › is Horrible!

I started multiple gigs on that are similar to things already allowed on the website. My third gig, was denied for copyright infringement because some third party claimed to own the act of reviewing. Here is my e-mail on… Read More ›