Pico De Gallo

Kage doesn’t always post food, but when he does, hopefully it is epic. Pico De Gallo is epic! I cannot ever recall trying this in my youth, but I’m glad I finally got around to it!

Doesn’t look like much, but es is muy benuo!


Chopped tomatoes

Chopped Jelepeno

Lime juice

Cilantro chopped

Lime juice

Onions. I used purple. White is traditionally used, though.

Green peppers.

Optional is garlic and some salt.

Let settle for 10 mins or so.

I didn’t include amounts, given you need to go with personal taste when you cook and keep in mind the amount of people you are going to serve.

FLAVOR: Last time I tried something new that was this epic was Mikey Chen’s of Strictly Dumplings Chinese chili oil. I’m still trying to perfect my version of his oil.

Normally, cilantro has a bit of a soap taste to me, but when prepared right, like Pho, it’s magical. In this, it mixes with the other flavors and takes on a lavender/minty profile the lime kicks in and ups it to a sweet/citrus profile and then the jelepeno kicks, making you cough like a rookie smoker. Very Interesting experience. I personally do not think that onion adds much, nor do I think extra green pepper was necessary. I made Carne Con Queaso tacos with it in a traditional style. They meld very well together. Worth trying!

Would recommend not using salsa with it, though. Best taco I ever made.

5 out of 5

Valentine’s Day 2023 Editorial.

Now, I make it no secret that I find Valentine’s Day to be one of the worst holidays ever. In fact, the last time I posted on VD day was back in 2014. A decade since and I find it fitting to do another post.

Now I’m not one to moralize. I believe that humans are born of biological imperatives that make us who we are. When you lack the objective criteria, we refer to this as ASPD or sometimes Psychopathy and Sociopathic tendencies. A majority of humans should, ideally, be normal but as I pointed out in my essay on millennials, this is not the case. Boomers are just as bad, but a majority of my ire centers on millennials because I was born in 1986. Fact of the matter, the average millennial “personality” is a personality disorder. Refer to my essay on millennials to read more the sociopathic tendencies.

Now, given en the sorry state the world is in, I’m going to discuss something that seems weird for someone that has been an atheist since about middle school and that is Jesus. I know, right? Here we go!

Plasm 51 is the corner stone of atheism. Outside of just does God exist or not. If it was mearly about God, people would not have arguments focused on just Christianity. Sexual immorality is a major theme on both side and when it comes to palsm 51 and original sin, It’s entirely misconstrued. Here is the misleading excerpt.

5 Surely I was sinful at birth,
sinful from the time my mother conceived me.
6 Yet you desired faithfulness even in the womb;
you taught me wisdom in that secret place.

Now, I can understand that at first glance, where one could think of original sin as sexual relations, given that it’s about being sinful in the womb, but that’s not what it really means. What it is saying is that humans are born with a sin in the very least. They’re are at least 7 that humans are prone to. The other problem with atheists is that they do not seem to understand that Plasms is a world for religious song. This is the equivalent of taking Black Sabbaths Iron Man at face value. In other words, It’s absurd.

The seven deadly sins are so called because each ones is excessive. All of them exceeded the natural order of normal. Lust is excessive sexual desire. Greed is excessive need for money or material. Wrath is excessive anger where it need not be. Gluttony is excessive indulgence past need. Sloth is being lazier than normal. Envy is excessive jealousy and Pride is excessive egocentrism, aka narcissist personality disorder.

The reason I am getting this out of the way before I get into the meat of this editorial is because an understanding of a majority of western values is, for better or worse, steeped in Christianity and inextricably a part of our culture. A single misunderstanding can be a major downfall of a people and I believe we are at that downfall.

Today, a lot of people will be engaging in the love of being in a relationship and with that comes sexual partners. As I pointed out, sexual relationships are a normal function of humans and it is not in and of itself immoral. Immoral is a lack of foresight for the consequences that could come from Valentine’s Day. Really, any day for that matter, but today it is perhaps more so than ever. Sexual relationships should be more than just, I came and maybe have to worry about an STI if I didn’t use a condom. It’s the innumerable children that by November, will be born out of Wedlock. Worse yet, born of a union that is comprised primarily of lust, resulting in keeping a partner around, just for the kids sake. A child without love is no different than a designer hand bag. Studies show that kids do better when both parents are together. Peer bonding exist. Fatherless/motherless kids grow up to have worse relationships, possibly even becoming sociopaths in the long run. That is just a small sample of the science on it. Regardless, Every child deserves two loving parents to help raise them to for fill their purpose in this life. As one would say to drink responsibly, so to should today be about fucking responsibly.

Now, I’m not judging anyone for their life choices here. I have no kids and I have never been married. The only relationship I ever had was at 12 and you can’t really call that a relationship, perhaps. Yet even I can tell that the world and its ways are in the shitter majorly. We’re potentially on the cusp of world war 3 for fucks sake. Something has to give when it comes to a hypno-moralistic society and it’s inability to form connections with one another and the earliest relationships we form are with family and friends. This is why starting with Valentine’s Day we should be hyper cognitive of the consequences of sexual irresponsibility. In my mind, sexual immorality should be referred to as sexual responsibility. It makes it easier to understand and since a lot of the USA’s sexual hang ups hinge on a misunderstanding of biblical text, I see it as a imperative to correctly interpret its text. As pointed out above Science, after all, continues to make the Bible more and more relevant than ever before. We owe it to the future of our nation to ensure a bright start and a clear path to prosperity. One of the biggest problems with sex, is the lingering atmosphere of the Old Testament. I’m not old enough to have grown up in a world where Christianity focused heavily on this, rather my understanding of the Old Testament was that it was the original covenant between the Jewish people and God. It lays out creation and how moral a person ought to be. While most people want to remember the Old Testament and liviticus for saying not to fuck dudes in the ass, the same text forbids beastiality and incest. It never said “tho shalt not fuck the hottie at the grocery store.” I hardly could call the book immoral at that point as many atheists have. One look at porn hub makes a return to the Old Testament seem very reasonable and relevant. I mean, the Old Testament is part of the Jewish faith and the scorn on it could constitute antisemitism as far as I am concerned. Never mind the lack of irony in preaching humanism, which is just Christianity with no God or Jesus. I’m not saying everyone should run to church on a Sunday, rather we need to rewind a bit to delve deeper into the problems of the world and if the Bible was the problem, then a reexamination should be on the table, but in context, as opposed to informal refutation of general, non biblical bric a brac. Otherwise we may doom another generation to sexual hang ups of the previous generations. The modern atheist movement may have extracted God from everyday life, but it didn’t cure the problem. It only exacerbated it! Science knows the first 5 years of a child’s life is most crucial to their development and it is probably no coincidence that peer bonding last about that long. Children are a covalent of love between two people that are not related and makes them bonded as family. This is why, again, we must relook at the causality of why humanity seems to be unable to forge basic relationships. It’s not pornography, nor television, nor even the Bible that, in my mind, is really the problem. A study showed rats, when malnourished for connection, became addicted to drugs or used them more than usual. Rats, last I knew, don’t have a religion.

Maybe the reason a relationship with Jesus was so historically important was because of the fact, regardless of his existence, the hypothetical nature of such, helped as any other aid a child might use to grow as a person?

Once again, I’m not calling for everyone to rush back to church. Rather, I am saying, maybe Valentine’s Day needs to be revered than it has in the past. Perhaps, like a religious holiday, we used it to examine ourselves and relationship building within our society. Something has to give as far as I am concerned and if that means advocating for Jesus, so to speak, given its tradition in society, perhaps that isn’t such a horrible thing.

In conclusion, the world needs to better focus on its relationships and responsibilities to themselves and our fellow man and I cannot think of a better day than today to discuss a return to a more positive world. If we don’t do something soon, there may not be a world left. So even if we look at the Bible as philosophical, isn’t it worth keeping around, since it’s core tenets are not just reasonable, but still highly relevant?

I leave you with John 3:16 as a parting thought.

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Happy Valentine’s 2023.

Edit:1:18pm 02/14/23 major extrapolations and revisions to the text.

New Years Kage: Crown Royal Review

INTRODUCTION: So I figured every year in this slot, I might review the year, but that’s pretty trite. I might feature a end year reflection. So since I am unsure about what to do, for now, we’re going to just review Crown Royal.

CUP: Glen Carrian

COLOR: Copper to Amber-ish

SCENT: Sweet, low ethanol smell. Hint of grass.

FLAVOR: Damn, this stuff is peti in this glass. I like the stuff, but in here it is disgusting. At least the second sip was sweet. Thin and watery.

Water Soluble: Yes, but makes the flavor mono dimensional.

BURN: Not in this cup.

CONCLUSION: Normally I enjoy Crown, not as much as Jack Danniels, but it was a good splurge. This cup shows how horrible it is. Rubbish at too high a cost. It’s a prostitute pretending to be a escort.

2 out of 5

KAGEMAS: Ezra Brooks

Introduction: So I pretty much fucked up Kagemas this year, given that I drank two bottles of whiskey that I planned to review, but forgot to check my notes before drinking them and realized that I reviewed the other two bottles in my notebook. Always check your notes before drinking. Anyways, I’m adding a new segment on the 31st anyways. Kage Years eve! Super fuckin original, uh? So onward with the review.

Glass: Glen Cairn

Scent: Mostly sweet on the nose with the lower tier whiskey ethanol scent in the background.

Flavor: kind of sour, peaty, earthy. Yet seems very one dimensional. Thin, watery. The glass cuts down the burn very well.

Water Soluble: No. water did unlock any new flavors.

Conclusion: This isn’t award winning in my mind, but since I spent all day making Christmas dinner, if I had a bottle of this around tonight, I would drink it. It’s a take shots only type of whiskey. Keep this in mind and you will like it.

2 1/2 out of 5 stars

KAGEMAS: Knob Creek review.

INTRODUCTION: So I wanted to review this several years ago. Didn’t do it because I wanted to wait to get a Glen Carian glass to see, what, if anything the cup added. I reviewed the cup in Nov of 2022, so look that up. Here is the review of a whiskey with a great nickname for a vagina.

Cup: Glen Cairn, winner of the most prestigious pretension award.

Flavor: Earthy, pettiness, sweet. Kind of thin and watery in mouth feel. Could of sworn I picked up a hint of Rose. Yes, the flower, not the wine.

Water Soluble: yes, but makes the drink mono dimensional, just sweet. Neither the cup, nor the water alleviate the ethanol burn.

Verdict: I like the name as a synonym for vagina, more than I like the whiskey itself. If this tasted like vagina, I would of rated it higher, but then again, this is probably the equivalent of street cornor horror story pussy, so… objectively, it’s not the most foul of drinks I ever had, recall I genuinely enjoy Budweiser unironically, so let that sink it as you decide if this booze is for you.

2 1/2 out of 5

Kagegiving: First we Feast, Hot Ones Pringles Review

INTRODUCTION: Everyone knows the show with Hot questions and even hotter wings, although I presume it’s the sauce that’s actually hot and the wings are mildly warm at best. So they did a collaboration with Pringles. Now, if you ever tried any of the normal hot flavors of Pringles you know they’re pretty much shit, both in flavor and heat. The original Pringles, which taste like the original McDonalds fries before the 90s change and sour cream and onion are the best flavors, but I digress. So did Sean sell out and fuck us all over just to make a buck or does this stuff bring the heat?

VISUALS: They look like basic white girl Pringles, but green with envy, like your basic Starbucks employee.

SCENT: Nothing to write home about. Don’t smell like heat or pepper.

TASTE: They have a unique flavor, something I’m unfamiliar with with Pringles and hot sauce, but boy is it good. Tangy, sweet, zesty. Hard to peg down specifics of the taste.

HEAT: So, for something that’s a verde, you expect barely any, right? Oh hell no! It isn’t even close to the hottest thing I have eaten, but good god damn does it bring the heat. a product that promises and delivers. Holy shit! If this is a green, I would hate to see how the red one is. If you’re new to spice, you are going to want a glass of milk. If you’re used to hotter stuff like I am, you might still need a glass of milk.

CONCLUSION: So it’s a tradition around here to ask if this is something to be thankful for and well, I stopped writing my review to finish the can and have a second one ready to go, whilst awaiting Thanksgiving dinner. I think that says a lot right there. If you can find it, go out and buy it and if Pringles doesn’t make these permanent, well, I will personally rip of Mr. Pringles mustache myself.

5 out of 5 stars.

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