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  • Fashionably Late Review:All the Presidents Men

    All the Presidents Men is a shit film. It is without a doubt the worst flick on Watergate ever. It’s nothing more than a whole bunch of dudes in the 70s making phone calls and typwriting. Literally, NOTHING HAPPENS!

  • To Deplatform or not to Deplatform, that is the question.

    the tangled web should not tear down minor celebrities whom are a bit uncouth, the random idiots who think a video of a dog reacting to Nazi propaganda is a devious plot created by a mastermind when the reality is the guy looks like he can barely find his local 7-11 while he is stoned, let alone coordinate people to a neuvo holocaust.

  • Best Resources for Learning Another Language

    Jim Ross: Are you biliginual?
    Triple H:There are many bi things I am JR but linguals not one of them. Wait did I just mean to say that?
    Jim Ross:I don’t think you did, but be that as it may, we’re live
    King of the Ring 98

  • Social Justice Warriors are Autistic

    Their platitudes are as banal as their thinking, but unlike the racist alt-right, they might have a legitimate excuse for their insane behavior and might actually be legitimately triggering

  • Millennials are Sociopaths

    Eat a Chic ‘Filet and you’ll be gangfucked on Twitter before the first bite.