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To Deplatform or not to Deplatform, that is the question.

Deplatforming seems to be all the rage these days. Way back in the 1960’s, we needed to pass a piece of legistition called the Civil Rights act, due to blacks being keep out of work and being unable to patron establishments due to the color of their skin.

Today, we seem to be at a similar crossroads where, instead of skin color, it is because of ideology that people are being attacked. In other words, we’re doing the same thing to people who caused a need for the civil rights in the first place. Now, two wrongs do not make a right as the platitude goes and I happen to agree. That said, vitriolic hate speech is also something that could be disposed of. So what can be made of all this chaos? Well, we have multiple different viewpoints to choose from, let me take the first one, which is libertarian and use that as a jumping off point to get into deeper thoughts.

Freedom of association is one of the corner stones of libertarian thinking. We are all allowed to be free to fraternize with whom we wish and shop where we would like to shop, with very little to stand in our way and life works well. Everyone has always created little sub-tribes these ways, even in school, where you had jocks with jocks, or goths with goths, nerds with nerds. It is no wonder these things carry over into our adulthood, but often times with age, we should and in past have, sought out disputation or figured out ways to be friends with people whom we disagree with. I’ve had friends all over the political spectrum and we have disagreed a lot but you can never say we disrespected each other’s thinking, even if it differed. No one will ever concur with you a million percent, this is just a pipe dream. People cannot seem to get over very petty and minor things now a days and it shows up on Twitter and people see them happen in a vacuum and think this is the real world. Mass murders taking place do not help the situation. Can someone who is a white supremacist use twitter and coexist with someone whom disagrees? The answer is no! Twitter is not like having your own newsletter was 20, 30 or even 40 years ago. Twitter is more akin to yelling outside where everyone can know what you plan on doing. It is announcing your plans to coordinate and rally people in order to express a view point that people may or may not agree with or potentially harm people. White supremacy does not need a parade and never has. They were bad enough when they were just localized, but now they are far more global and bigger scale.

A long time ago, these bubbles were often referred to as terrorist cells. Even the benign ones were often monitored by the FBI in order to curb potential massive riots over peaceful protest. They would have dossiers and infiltration of each group in order to ensure the safety of the American people, or you know, make sure they kept their power. Organizations were taken down if they were deemed a threat and rightfully so. These organizations were not part of the free speech movement, nor did they given way to being free speech at any point in time. As a writer, I am obviously very anal about free speech and think people should be able to air ideas and work through them. Some people need to think aloud, no matter now stupid their point of view sounds, because it is helpful. To force them to suppress it, could exacerbate the hate of the person in question or cause massive feelings of repression and cause bubble dwelling, leading to these terrorist organizations. Both the left and right are complicit in these types of things and no matter your point of view, both sides are widening the divide between all citizens of the United States.

Actions are always louder than words and if these things were simply the ramblings of the feeble minded to attack racist, I would 100% support it, but the left has a seedy history of calling everything they disagree with racist, and using it to silence dissent. Look no further than to 1988 campaign trail with George H.W. Bush when he was attacked for his pro egalitarianism views as being racist. Christopher Hitchens has pointed out that the left tends to abuse the word and that abusing the term dilutes its power and makes it less effective. In other words, if you cry wolf one too many times, when the wolf does come for them, it will be far too late for anyone to believe you.

The left as also been very strong in silencing people they just do not like, whom are simply just conservative, which is bullshit. Ban the alt-right justly and then you can get away with a figurative beheading of people whom do not fit your agenda. Which brings us back to the top of this essay, which is, is this simply the right to not associate with someone or it is more nefarious? It depends on the platform and each case needs to be taken on an individual basis, much like each case of “censorship” needs to be taken on an individual basis. There is a far cry from saying something not-pc or that which will rub people the wrong way or maybe even saying something a tad insensitive as opposed to using Twitter or Facebook to coordinate like a terrorist cell to cause a Charlottesville and it is hard for a lot of folks to know the difference. If someone skews what, say, Mario Lopez says for personal gain and the triggered brigade attacks him, they are setting the stage for actual racist to look like victims and will allow the worst of the worst to have a chance to infect dozen of people with cancerous thought. The left needs to pick its battle wisely going into the future, because there are bad actors out there and deplatforming those with malignant intent is no different than thwarting a terrorist cell, but maybe let people say things are not politically correct or allow for the odd bit of ignorance from someone who has not been relevant in nearly 30 years go by without a lynch mob. It was only 11 years ago that we elected a black president in the same time Robert Downey Jr was making a movie where he was in black face and everything still got along ok.

Ultimately there is no real clear answers to dealing with all the negative things out there and bad people will always find a way do bad things. That does not mean we cannot stop people in their tracks and end a terrorist cell like 8chan, abusing free speech as a means to protect terrorist. We can also deplatform the daily stomer and that is not a bad idea, along with destroying the obviously racist and insane alt-right. That said, the tangled web should not tear down minor celebrites whom are a bit uncouth;the random idiots who think a video of a dog reacting to Nazi propaganda is a devious plot created by a mastermind when the reality is the guy looks like he can barely find his local 7-11 while he is stoned, let alone coordinate people to a neuvo holocaust, are just that, idiots. When you let the small fish go, you are going to end up with a much better haul and will only strengthen your side in the long run.

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Social Justice Warriors are Autistic

     I’ve worked with Autistics when I was in High School. I was good at academics and asked if I would mind helping people with their work. I said I had no problem with it and did the best I could. Dealing with autism is no easy feat, especially when they’re not considered “high functioning” autistics. While I am no expert on autism, I do have the ability to analyze better than most other non-educated people and know what I am looking for when I am out and about in the world at large. It also is painfully obvious from the internet that the average social justice warrior is indeed, autistic.

     If you, like myself, have wondered why the world has all of a sudden become a major cesspool of bullshit, one need look no further than the average SJW. They’re what is called, when it relates to autism, monotropic. This, in years past, has been referred to as tunnel vision, informally speaking. Monotropism is defined as:

Monotropism is a cognitive strategy posited to be the central underlying feature of autism. A monotropic mind is one that focuses its attention on a small number of interests at any time, tending to miss things outside of this attention tunnel

     This seems very much like your average SJW, I would say. At current, it seems to mostly plague only the left as legitimate monotropism. The alt-right obsession with Jews and the Zionist conspiracy, coupled with “white genocide” does not fit this bill as being monotropism. It is my belief that they are following basic and archaic laws of power in order to create an us vs them mentality, that still seems to have sway. I also think the white power aspect stems from an inferiority complex, that is a byproduct of little to no success within the real world. When you feel inferior to people, you’ll look at anything to build yourself esteem and when it comes to skin color, it is the easiest way to prove to yourself that you are as superior as you claim, when the reality is, superiority comes from higher standards set for oneself and achieving them. Skin color can therefore never be benchmark for supremacy, as it allows anyone to claim it with little to no proof of such and such shallow criteria is none at all. When everyone is “superior” no one is.

So what are the traits associated with monotropism?

1. Strong focus on few things
2. They miss things outside of their tunnel vision
3. Attention deficit
4. Hyper focus
5. Difficulty doing more than one thing at a time
6. Inability to read faces

Since the amount of attention available to a person is limited, cognitive processes are forced to compete. In the monotropic mind, interests that are active at any given time tend to consume most of the available attention, causing difficulty with tasks that demand a broad attention span, including conventional social interaction. Language development can be affected, both through the broad attention required and the psychological impact of language providing a tool for others to manipulate a child’s interest system. As Murray et al argue: ‘Disruption of the attention tunnel is a painful experience. Language may suddenly become unattractive for a deeply monotropic infant.’-WIKI

In the monotropism account, theory of mind difficulties seen in autistic people are not a ‘core deficit’ central to autism, but rather follow from the attentional demands of social interaction. As the autistic sociologist Damian Milton puts it, ‘recognition of others may only occur if connected to the fulfilling of interests that the autistic individual has, otherwise the existence of others may not be registered at all.-WIKI

     Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Everything from the inability to deal with others and diffrences, right down to the words are violence aspect, which is a key phrase heard from the common SJW. Their platitudes are as banal as their thinking, but unlike the racist alt-right, they might have a legitimate excuse for their insane behavior and might actually be legitimately triggering, given that social interactions would be far harder for the brain to process, which is probably why these things always seem to happen in large groups. It is difficult for one to understand the mind of these people, even if you would like to. No matter how good you are at understanding from others perspectives, it is hard for anyone not suffering from monotropism to identify or have sympathy for the SJW.

     One way to combat this is to help the individuals in question to go back to other realms of interest that may alleviate the problem of monotropism as seen in the quote above. This is something that colleges should start looking towards as the ever increasing snowflake brigade tends to hijack and otherwise impede the desires of students, whom are there to learn and have thoughtful dialogues with teachers, in order to make themselves better people as opposed to a group of triggering, ineffectual, SJWs that get nowhere but on the news. SJWS make up a small amount of the overall electorate anyways and this would also tend to go hand in hand with autism levels in general.

     So what could be the cause for this? Some studies suggest that having older parents when they are born could result in higher levels of autism and that would be why this is a new phenomenon with the Millennial. A lot of Millennials tend to have parents that had them older, with the average age seeming to have been 40-50ish. The studies suggest this causes an increase in the likelihood that the progeny will exhibit autism as opposed to younger parents which is a far rarer occurrence. While others Millennials exhibit more signs of sociopathy, the typical SJW show signs of autism and monotropism, which is why they differ, not just in perspective, but engaging the world. Most of them seem to have higher levels of neuroticism and agreeableness as well, which may be why the numbers seem higher than they are, which brings me to the fact that I would not be shocked if entire groups of SJW have been led by and or have been high jacked by sociopaths, as may be the case with well-planned internet attacks on individuals and groups outside the realm of the SJWs interest. Being highly agreeable brings less bullying and more herd conformity along with it. This may be why SJWs have a tendency to use violence. Although Antifa doesn’t fit the bill of the average social justice warrior, as they’re just mearely the left version of the alt-right and it comes from a place of inferiority.

     While I don’t have all the answers and I cannot say for sure how to deal with this problem, there is a list of ways to deal with the average SJW and if we want to stop the insanity that is happening in the US, we might be wise to try these out for ourselves. We have nothing to lose and everything to gain, so why not?

To help autistic individuals in understanding and navigating the world, Murray et al propose that certain steps could be helpful. These include:

Increase connections with other people through the child’s interests: ‘start where the child is’.
Allow them to pursue their own interests, and build understanding that way.
Improve understanding in order to correct false or partial connections.
Make tasks more attainable by decreasing the number and complexity of them.
Make tasks and connections more meaningful.[1]

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The Sick Sad Truth of YouTube Exposed!

I’ve never hid my hatred for YouTube and their “Celebrities” from anyone. I’ve been a proud hater since day one, back in 2005. Remember Star Wars Kid and the Euro-pop singer guys? This is how I would discover this horrible site known as, a place for the mindless masses that makes TV seem posh by comparison. The fact remains, it was mostly begin, minus a few douchebags that bullied poor Star Wars Kid.

I honestly saw nothing in this site but it being a hosting site. A rare mistake, but one I am willing to own up to. One of the other horrible mistakes was saying “Illegal Downloading” would never take off, because what asshole has time to wait 8-12 hours for a download? You could drive to the theater in the amount of time it took to download, not to mention $5 bucks for a matinee was cheaper than having internet access to begin with, so you would save money too! “Never underestimate the power of stupid people, especially in large groups” George Carlin once said and he was right, as per the usual. This is what Youtube is, a majority of idiots, all fighting each other for attention and attempting to tear down one another for one reason. It reminds me of the Monday Night Wars between WWF and WCW during the 90’s, except not interesting nor profitable for anyone. The behavior they engage in is downright legally libel and slanderous! The only thing preventing lawsuits is a level of hubris that even a legit celebrity could never muster, I mean Chevy Chase level arrogance times 9000, because they see themselves as celebrity, yet almost all of them could travel anywhere and barley be noticed by a single person. The only one that could be deemed a “legit celebrity” and it is only due to being The Rock level of noticeable outside of YouTube is Pewdiepie.

I know a lot of people will not agree with me, but YouTube is pretty fucking toxic on both sides of the aisle, I mean, short of the Monday Night Wars, which I mentioned above, even television has never given birth to the level of toxic individuals. It spills out into the audience as well. I can’t remember the amount of times I’ve been shit on for non-trolling comments by insecure YouTubers, just for trying to relax and enjoy myself with a beer. I can’t recall a single television show ever telling me to not watch their show, because, presumably I’ve somehow A. Upstaged them. B. Triggered them with a benign comment. C. Insert your own opinion here.

You’re probably wondering, how did I upstage them? Well it isn’t hubris, but rather a toxic case of singer perspective on the terms of YouTuber’s, which I have noticed is massive! You see, in their mind, they’re doing something a lot of people are doing on the same site, therefore you must also be doing it. The paranoia and illogic of it all, is what is also responsible for the fighting between Antifa and the Alt-Right. When I was a kid, such singular perspectives were the hallmark of dangerous people, but you give them an outlet and it becomes normalized behavior. This is exactly how bad ideologies take hold, like Nazism for instance. I’m not calling YouTuber’s Nazi, but I am holding them culpable for their horrible, ever ending chase of the belly rub, via hot takes and other appeals to emotion, in order to get you to pay attention to their horrible video.

That isn’t even as bad as it gets, given a lot of them, delegate to their fans. I don’t know of a single real celebrity that delegates to their fans. Most celebrities don’t want to take advantage of their fans, some of which they know they have groomed since childhood to enjoy their brand, but not the average YouTuber, they do it openly and with no remorse. I don’t like playing the “think about the children” card, but this is one of the rare exceptions that I think is appropriate. Most people were worried about heavy metal when I was a child, as they worried about it when my father was a child, yet they willingly allow their children to view this horrible shit?

I find most YouTubers to be not be relatable. Maybe it was because I was a good student growing up, or, even at the expensive of being arrogant, being one of the pretty people. Regardless of if it is one of those or something else entirely, I can’t relate to the desire to have human attention. I got more than enough healthy attention growing up, so for whatever reason, I don’t nor have I ever craved attention. If I get it for the right reasons, absolutely, I’m fine with it and it doesn’t bother me. If I don’t, I am more than ok with that as well. Although I will say, getting a rise out of people, never gets old! Outside of that, I don’t understand the quest for attention. I’m fine with self-promotion, I’m fine with people chasing the bank, I can’t understand the desire for fame or attention. I like to mock these people, but as the old saying goes, you can’t parody a parody and we’re living in a world were, you can’t do that. Remember Eminem, mocking the environment? Blink 182 as well? Doing such now, just gets taken at face value. The solipsism is massive and toxic as fuck! We need a return to understanding other people’s perspective and a live and let live attitude, because the world isn’t a fun place to be in right now and I don’t see it alleviating anytime soon. One silver lining is that Baby boomers are dying off, so there will be less cunts in the world, who think their opinion always matters and cannot understand from others perspectives. Which I know seems contradictory, but it is a fact, most of them suck.

I’ve been writing since I was a child, I do it, because I cannot help myself. I know writing is as I knew it then, not the way to go if you want to make money or have fame. Most these Youtuber assholes, have not been making videos since they were child. Those of us born in the 80’s didn’t have access to it until our early 20’s. Those born in the 90’s didn’t have access to it until their teens. Gen Z has always had YouTube, yet they seem to have far fewer cunts chasing the belly rub, then 80’s and 90’ers. This trend happens differently, though. First, the early 80’s kids, sometimes referred to Gen X kids, but not actually being such, as normally pretty fuckin child. By the time you get to 84-88, the cunts seems to be massive as fuck. Which is interesting, given they’re not technically millennials, yet they choose to act like it. Those of us born between 84-87 are neither or, given their has to be gap years between generations. So if Gen X ends at 82-83, the following 3-4 year gap, much like 65,66,67 would be neither the young boomers 55-64 or Gen X 68-82/84 ish. It depends on who you ask. That said, I’m not quite sure what drives this insanity with them, but I know changes need to be made. I read Instagram will end the like system, forcing these people into actually having to have a marketable skill set to rely on, rather than toxic behavior. Time will only tell if this will help, but it would be nice to see YouTube take a real stance against the narcissism problem, as opposed to suppressing conservative views and banning gun YouTubers. Once again I defer to Scream 4 for its prescience in such bullshit insanity.

This is exactly why I will never use YouTube for anything but hosting or viewing, because I don’t need money that badly, to chase belly rubs, I don’t care for the format, the money isn’t good enough to bother with and ultimately it is all too much work for too little gain. In other words, the juice isn’t worth the squeeze. I know some will peg me for implying I am “Too Good” for YouTube and to those people I say, YOU’RE DAMN FUCKIN’ RIGHT! I am too good for YouTube and so aren’t most viewers. I think the audiences deserve better out of their entertainment. You might not be able to entertain everyone all of the time, but you sure as fuck don’t need to start problems where there are none. Here is to hoping the problem starts to correct itself, before these degenerates turn this into a East Coast/West Coast rap battle and this toxic behavior spills off the screen, into the real world, resulting in innocent deaths.

Is Disney Secretly Alt-Right?

I have an interesting new take on Star Wars: The Last Jedi that I don’t think anyone has seen before and I intend to prove, as I did with my essay on The Empire being the good guys, that The Last Jedi is really Anti-Semitic as opposed to inclusive, like Disney and Rian Johnson want you to think it is.

Now I know what you’re thinking, “Kage, Disney is Hollywood and Hollywood is run by the Jews, how and why would Disney allow for such?” the answer is simple, subtext and cockiness on behalf of Disney, on top of a sordid past that has seen accusations of anti-Semitism thrown at Disney before. Although they claim these were unfounded, due to “hiring Jews”, the accusation stuck with Walt throughout the rest of his life. Let’s be honest, Hitler hired Jews as well and that clearly never stopped him from the holocaust. Disney was never shy to deal with racist characters head on either. Jim Crow in Dumbo, The Siamese Cats in Lady and the Tramp and least we forget the movie Disney never released in the 1960’s, Song of the South, which featured a black slave as the main focal point. Epcot center doesn’t include the Israeli flag in any of its displays, whatsoever. So this essay isn’t really stretching when it comes to Disney’s track record. Now you’re wondering, what does this have to do with Star Wars? Well, now that Disney owns it, the subtext is heavier than ever before.

Let us first look at the Jedi and what they are. The Jedi are a religion, the oldest religion. This is already a reference to Judaism, which most people perceive as the world’s oldest religion. While it isn’t actually the oldest, most people could care less about actual facts. Now look at the word Jedi, it seems similar to Judaism in and of itself. You probably think, well that subtext is shallow and I would agree your point isn’t invalid, until you look at the context of Jews and Jedi. Jews are considered “God’s Chosen People”. The Jedi are also chosen people. Most Jedi are born of force sensitive parents, usually mothers. You only count as Jewish if your mother is Jewish. The Last Jedi is all about how Jedisim should be “inclusive.” The jealously subtext of God’s favorite children is clearly strong here. It goes even deeper than that, when one considers modern force sensitive users have aquiline features, which historically is a way to cover for saying “Jewish features.”

Lets examine Yoda and Luke being together on screen for the first time since Return of the Jedi. Not only do the Jedi never have an ancient text in any of the movies, only in some EU comics, so we can see this as a clear refrence to the talamud, but the very first thing Yoda does is burn a tree featuring the ancient text. Now, you’re like, let me guess, holocaust? Nope, that would be too obvious. It is really a refrence to the burning tree of exodus, staring Moses, who was Jewish, as subtext. Within the story, it deals with the Exodus of the Jewish people, suffering in Egypt and getting them the hell out of dodge, which is very much what Last Jedi is about, in and of itself. Luke can be seen as a self-loathing Jedi, which Mark Hamill was vocal about hating the way the character was written. A clear reference to self-loathing Jewish stereotypes, perhaps?

What about General Holdo? She sacrifices herself for the rest of the crew to escape, but her sacrifice not only feels insignificant, but is treated that way as well. Jesus, self-proclaimed “king of the Jews,” also sacrificed himself and isn’t regarded well by the Jews whatsoever.

Kylo Ren’s mother is Princess Leia, a force sensitive, but not his father. He struggles with the plight between the light and dark, or perhaps with his Judaism?

Regardless of what you think of the movie overall, you have to admit, these, and never mind the obligatory Nazi references for the First Order, seems to add up to the possibility that Disney is on the side of the goyim and not as pro Isreal as they would want to make you think, especially in light of their ever growing monopoly within Hollywood now. Disney has treated the First Order a lot better than George Lucas treated The Empire in the original trilogy. In the holy trilogy, The Empire was very inclusive and very libertarian, vs the theocracy of the Jedi. The First Order doesn’t show similar aspects to The Empire. Perhaps this is subtext to the alt-right itself, a new form of conservitism, as they’re tired of Old.

One could retort that JJ Abrams is director and this excludes the possibility that they’re subconsciously anti-Semitic. Except that JJ doesn’t wear his Jewishness on his sleeve like a lot tend too, in fact, one could argue he is Jew light. Don’t forget, as I pointed out, Jewish friends doesn’t mean you are pro Jewish.

In conclusion, I think the evidence, both past and present are too obvious to ignore and that ultimately Rian Johnson et el are letting the country know they’re kind of alt-right. Given that Rian Johnson is a devil’s advocate means the possibility that his “wokeness” is only for the sake of hiding his anti-Semitism. Least we forget that the Institute for Historical Review,was a cover for anti-Semitism, which featured David Irving as a prominent member, who was convicted of contrarianism for the sake of contrarianism, in the 2000’s.

Feel free to let me know your take and if there is anything I am missing in the comments below!

P.S. I know it is difficult to buy movies now a days when the interent is one big treasure trove of FREE, but If you would like to check the subtext out for yourself and not just take my word for it, please use my Amazon affliate link here and buy a copy of The Last Jedi. Every little bit helps to support this website and keep it mostly free.

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Good Girl!

Regardless of what “Men” like to think, THOT patrolling is not masculine behavior, it is feminine behavior. Why then do “men” seem to engage in slut shaming behavior? Well, masculinity has been on the decline for years, so it is no surprise here that men are engaging in more chick like behavior than ever before. It isn’t just a lack of testosterone from soy, either, which is completely unfounded, but rather a multiple spectrum shift that has happened within the last 40 or so years, resulting in the decline of men being men and why a return to toxic masculinity is more beneficial than continuing on this current trend.

Gossiping is or has ever been a masculine endeavor, this is quantifiable with multiple studies. Now while there are men who do engage in such, those men are often more feminine and lower on the totem pole in terms of masculine hierarchy. Regardless of what men think, given they’re prone to fragile masculinity, they’re not all alphas and they’re sure as fuck not all fantastic as a lot like to think they are. One look at Harvard transgender studies shows that men can in fact have chick for brains. The internet and real life is prone to men enganging in such bitch boy behavior that you can easily see this in the enviroment to know it is true.

Now with that out of the way, we’re going into psychology with the MBTI, which I know, some do not like. Regardless, certain personalities tend to be associated with more masculine people and more feminine people and a lot more men are exhibiting feminine personalities than ever before, one look no further than InCeldom to find very chick like personalities, nitpicking over their looks and everything. Personality types may be aligned with the natal environment and genetic, albeit this needs to be proved first. It would seem that part one and part two tend to go hand in hand.

Lastly we have what should be normal for most men, regardless of their I.Q., given that it is innate in men, to be competitive. As we have seen in the above, though, woman can be as well, but men are prone to do this in a different way. One reproductive strategy for females that has been well known for years, is what in men, we would call a Dad type. Selective nature and attempts to mate with men result in a woman which still retain their apparent prudish nature but become more desirable, because every man who has attempted to “copulate” with such a woman, is essentially a genetic failure, due to having to use condoms in order to avoid child support, or STI within our modern environment. The only problem with this is that there is no set limit for a woman to have failed with, thus even the prudish woman, could be deemed a slut, if she has had multiple partners throughout her fertility cycle. The concept of slut shaming a woman, seems out of place if men were still inherently masculine, as ones virility would go up and well that is a good thing, if you manage to sire progeny with a “slut”.

When could slut shaming be a good thing and why then does it happen to both men and woman? You’re thinking, but men are never slut shamed? Yes, they are. If a man was about to bareback something that is in fact a nasty cesspool, no one is high-fiving that man. Why? Because self-preservation is one of the highest aspects of human nature and a man doing a chick with blue waffle, is not self-preserving behavior. We all know plenty of people who had made judgments on people a certain man has sleep with, just as much as woman. The wrong woman on your cockfax is just as bad as the wrong man on your vagfax. This is where we get phrases like “You can do better” and why, according to The Selfish Gene, mother in laws are such cunts to their daughter in laws, in regards to ensuring puritanical behavior, so their sons are not cuckholded. So why then, do we slut shame? In my mind, it has developed as a way to steer people who are prone to pro-social behavior in the right direction for the environment they are in. Which is why pro-social behavior is always considered a good thing and anti-social behavior is seen as a sign of psychopathy. If you’re an introvert, you undoubtly seen people considering your need for self-time to be psychopathy or have shamed you for it. This is due to it being the seen by the id as anti-social.

So, since this current environment seems to be ripe with toxic femininity, one look on the internet shows all the similar patterns we have talked about being expressed, how do we combat it? We cannot, since we are in too deep at this point, but lucky for all of us there is a way and most men will be too perturbed by it to bother, so only the most masculine of us will bother, but it is breed every slut imaginable. I do not mean, oh, she has had like two boyfriends, fake sluts due to jealousy, but I mean, woman with 10+ guys. If she has gotten gangbanged, good, breed her out like her vagina is a clown car. Do not stop there either. Is a woman masculine seeming? Fucking breed her out too, do not worry about people thinking you are a beta for it, because the environment needs “Toxic” masculinity, it is the only fair system we have to keep human nature intact, otherwise this toxic femininity system will continue to result in bullshit like the alt-right rallies resulting in innocents dying and antifa attacks on innocent people on top of all this passive-aggressive claptrap on the internet. Woman need to stop breeding with effeminate men too.

We all know that “nice” guy you are dating is a safety net, since most woman are prone to being risk adverse and you’re just waiting to jump on that chad dick as the incels love saying. Do not just jump, ride him until your uterus burst with man cream and you have a liter of alpha males. If he is a feminist, he is your nemesis. If you think this is in jest, I can assure you, it is not. There is a far cry from woman respecting like a soyboy cuckhold and live and let live. Encouraging woman to use Planned Parenthood is not feminism, it is a downright fucking duty for men to ensure the environment does not go to the incel and soyboy bitches. Right now, Incels are getting plastic surgery to make themselves able to get laid. The irony is ripe here, given they see make-up as false advertising. I personally am of the belief that this should be banned so the cucks do not basterdize the genepool with their false advertising, resulting in inferior progeny. Someone needs to make a male Planned Parenthood and call hysterectomies a “war on woman”, just to make sure we can dole out free vasectomies to the shallow end of the genepool and keep them from destroying our world. Not drinking and drugging during hook up culture should be encouraged, so woman make better choices sober. I think abortion would be a non-issue if men had better genetics and were not fem as fuck. Regardless of what the thot patrolling alt-right incels think, these soyboy antifa cucks are doing great work in preventing both sides of the aisles from breeding inferior genetics, one look no further than the current baby bust going on to see that. Good riddance too, because maybe the environment can still be salvaged enough to be worthwhile. Feminism might be shit, but effeminate men are CANCER!

In conclusion,

Make America Toxically Masculine again!

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Milf Porn or Why liking Older Woman Sucks (NSFW)

Growing up, I tended to favor older woman, not to say I don’t like younger woman, I am fine with younger woman too, but I favored older woman growing up. This is probably unusual for a man, but I’ve always been secure in it and had no problems. They didn’t all have to be 50 or older, just older than I was. This is all fine and good when you’re 14 and all porn stars are older than you, but by the time I turned 18, I was done with 99% of porn for good. I mean, liking older woman meant I couldn’t watch College girl gets fucked in Dorm anymore, since I was college age and older meant I had to go, late 20s+ to fine porn to jack off too. That’s when finding videos became even more complicated than it should be and a perspective about humanity that is very weird. One search for the term MILF into any search bar on a porn site, yields back a majority of Stepmom and Stepson porn, which is not what I want in my MILF fantasy.


I like older woman for the sake of older woman, not because of some mommy issue I have. Now, while it isn’t incest, it is too close to my liking, why? Because the other 1% of searches usually are exactly that. Why it is that liking older woman has to be the result of some weird Oedipus complex? Can one not find beauty in older woman just because? Yet, the opposite doesn’t occur if you were a young girl liking older guys. Sure the search results yield some weird names, but the titles and the themes of the actual movies aren’t the same thing.


What the hell is wrong with porn? I would suspect the audience is weird as fuck. It gets even worse, given that studies from suggest this type of porn increases during the holiday season. White people seem to be notable for two things, racism and incest porn and that doesn’t seem to be going away soon and I don’t think it is me, at all.

Now, if you’ve never been woken up by a bj or your girlfriend just riding your morning wood, you’re missing out. I like it and well, I would have no problem watching videos of people who enjoy the same thing. Except there is one problem, all the search results are pseudo incest and overly weird shit.


Needless to say, I don’t like talking about my sex life a lot, unless a interesting story crops up, in which case, sure. I can highly identify with the LGBTQ, given that, not only are my fetishes queer, but when they are shared by others, they’re warped deviant sexual predilections as opposed to the mostly begin things that I like.

Personally, I would like to see more porn without the mommy and daddy fetish attached to it, cause as I get older, the weirder the porn in the things I want to watch category gets and I just can’t relate to parental issues in relation to sexual fetishes. Now while I agree I can watch it without sounds and just enjoy the visual, if you’re like me, you like hearing woman moaning and so, you’re only getting half the experience of the porn. This is exactly why I stop watching porn at 18, and would only watch it when I am too intoxicated to get up off the couch. Not only can I get laid with older woman anyways and not need the mommy fetish attached to it, but I can cater the fetishes to my taste, like cooking an omelet. Maybe one day my perspective will be the majority porn videos, where you young men just like older woman for the sake of it, like an older dude can just watch teen girl porn without a major influx of incest and pseudo incest, but unless I make it, I’m not going to hold my breath.

Oh well!

By the way, is now on I’ve been wanting to make YouTube videos for a long time, but sadly, YouTube and their restrictions aren’t right for me, so I started a porn hub in order to give it a shot on there. I’ll let you know when and if I post anything!