Amazon LOVES Pedophiles!

Amazon loves pedophiles, but hates men who buy books on dating. That’s right, the company that resisted pressure to ban a book by a pedophile on how to molest kids, has issues with men getting laid with adult woman.

Removes “Game” Book

All because his books might be “offensive”? Lets look at what happened the last time it was considered offensive.

Pedophile Book

a book which they defended before removing it from its search. Now what else can I find on Amazon, since clearly the learned their lesson, right?

Pedophile Biography

How about this too?
Fun with Pedos

or all these screencaps of products I just screencapped, featuring Lolicon. Are those not offensive too?


Pedophile Movie

and this bullshit
Virtuous Pedophile

When it comes to offensive, I don’t believe Amazon and I share the same concept here, because if all the above is ok, so too, should the book Game.

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