Twitter Dee and Twitter Dumb

Twitter has a real problem and no, I don’t mean the fact it is the only social media company that cannot make money.  I started an account for @Bestinyourgirl back in 2014 with the desire to build it up for promotional purposes.  By January 2016, I had just broken 400 in the early days of the account seen below:


By the end of that same year, I had hit 600 on Twitter and it only seemed to be going up and up. My statistics were great, showing I knew what I was doing on Twitter, is was great for me, because I had no clue what I was actually doing, but still excelling.

mid-late 2016, when I first broke 600 followers on Twitter.







I noticed though, that by the end of 2017, my followers really started taking a hit and everything I had worked to build on Twitter was going to hell, including the statistics that showcased I had merited an account, worthy of being in the middle tier of “successful” accounts. I was and am not a Twitter legend, but given that I had no clue what I was doing in 2014, I was very proud of what I accomplished in so little time.

Now, up until a couple days ago, my account stayed at about 380-ish, when my account started to balloon again, along with my tweets and statistics doing better again. It could be just interesting timing with the Tweets, but I suspect it isn’t. The weird thing is, all my new followers, baring a few, were ghost accounts. So I looked into this and found nothing. Here is the account as of Oct 10th 2018


Back at 400, and growing, which is interesting. So, now I decided to go investigate how many accounts are real and here are the results:


A majority of my 400 followers are real, except wait, that says 572, about the same amount I had by mid 2016, of 600, if you add in the fake ones, it is over 600. Also, Twitter says I only have 400. So the question becomes, why is Twitter removing and then allowing back these accounts, so that my count keeps going up and improving my Twitter stats again? Clearly Twitter should know the difference between fake accounts and real accounts, right? I’m not the only one being hit by this and this doesn’t seem to be discriminating between left or right leaning politics, it just hurting everyone who has taken the care to build their brand online, using these services and the sheer incompetence exhibited by Twitter, not just as entrepreneurs, but as service providers is staggering.

I for one do not think this is a result of Twitter attempting to get rid of fake accounts, something that doesn’t do much at all to boost most Twitter accounts. I think that was a way to save face and skit responsibility to avoid a lawsuit from brands being crippled by the system in favor of of lifting up verified or more followed accounts to attempt to make some money.

Has anyone else had this problem? How has it impacted you? Comment below!


Edit: Minor corrections to the text @ 9:52 pm October 10th 2018. Also, account is now at 401 and slowly growing still.

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