Quid Pro Quo: College and Cost

     College is worthless to a certain segment of people. Whom are these rouge few that do not need to be encumbered by college debt? People who have higher intelligence that is who!

     Why would I say people with higher intellects do not need to peruse college when they are the ones who will benefit the most? The answer lies in supply and demand. Intelligent people do not need college when they are all Mensa level of intelligence. You, the country, the employers, the private sector need the higher intelligence, they do no need your frivolity, your debt or your rules.

     Supply and demand is the core tenet of entrepreneurship. In the case of college, Demand for intelligence is at an all-time high and the supply is really low. So, what is a country to do? They attempt to circumvent the rigors of attaining a college education with an egalitarian ideal that college is for everyone, but the reality is that college is not for everyone. College is, has and always will be for the highest echelon of our humanity, the highly intelligent. These are the ones that create the computers we type on, they cure the diseases that God cannot, they do the arithmetic that gets us to Mars and they fill our lives with interest by expressing interesting theoretical concepts.

     If these people are so necessary to our lives, why do we charge them for the privilege our bettering our country? Surely, we should be offering them something, should we not?

     Well, some old people think the youth owes them a free ride, we call these entitle waste of flesh and oxygen, baby boomers. Are all of them this communistic and entitled? No, just the majority. They attempt to propagandize the youth with appeals to emotion, jingoistic slogans and attempted mandates through the first 12 years of education and fail miserably to entice the right people, because a higher intelligent person is a thinker and a thinker will not be swayed by fallacies.

     What is the country to do about this? Well, we could go back to when the college degree meant something, by making it harder to obtain, but due to baby boomer entitlement and the idea that everyone is equal, we have destroyed the traditional four year degree. It no longer has scarcity principal, thus it is no longer of massive value, nor does it give the higher intelligence among us and edge anymore.

     How do we solve this issue? We can either cancel all degrees, allowing us to start anew, which, even if the recipient of the degree is not an Einstein, he or she still earned the degree, thus, is not a fair way to go about fixing the system.

     The other solution is to restructure the school system. Given that our culture likes to keep the youth in a perpetual state of childhood for far longer, which is partially a byproduct of the ever expanding life of the average human, we should look to turning the four year, into a new version of high school, and make it “free”.

     Wouldn’t that just cause the same dilemma? No, because graduate school would become the new college. A masters and Ph.D. cannot just be had by any tom, dick or harry. They have higher scruples for obtaining those, like the four year used to have. Fewer people will have them, thus those people will have greater value and be able to get more out of life.

     Your next question is probably, but wouldn’t that smarter people have to pay for it and you said they shouldn’t have to. Yes, I did say smarter people shouldn’t have to pay for college, because they have a higher I.Q. and supply and demand makes them the commodity, ergo, they should be able to sell what they have, to those that need it. That said, by bringing back scarcity principal, those with higher intelligence would be able to invest in themselves or find a way to pay for a Ph.D. through have greater offers of money thrown at them, since very few people would be able to obtain such a high level of intellectual achievement. If there is one thing we can all agree on, it that a MD, Masters or Ph.D. is not for everyone, especially because you don’t want the person who can barely spell pickle at McDonald’s, to operate on you.

     I do think that M.D. degrees should not be paid for by those who are able to do that job, because they will pass the cost of such onto the consumer, in typical business fashion and is one of the many reasons that medical cost are so high. Not everyone working in that field is making a lot of money. The price commanded by surgeons only comes through specialization, like oncology, proctology or the like, which has, you guessed it, scarcity principal attached to it and by the excessive amount of experience attached to them, in order to even get the degree in the first place. Your average registered nurse, in some municipals, will pay less than a couple grand for his or her training.

     This brings me to my next point, how it will bring down cost in terms of medical for all. Medical is obviously very expensive, otherwise we wouldn’t have public intellectuals opining about how we should make it free. I’ve already pointed out that extirpating the cost of the M.D. would add one less burden onto the load that is the medical debacle. The next step would be medical technology and producing more and better products, working towards reducing cost. One of the axioms that governs technological advances is that it doubles every two years. If you’re about my age, you will remember the bit wars of the late 80’s and early 90’s, where each company was being braggadocious about their hardware being 16, 32 and 64 bits of pure gaming bliss. If you notice, 32 is 16 doubled and 64 is 32 doubled. At present, an Xbox One and a PlayStation 4 would be considered 256 bits, if the gaming industry still used the terminology.

     Now, I could get an Atari, made in 1972, before it gained in value due to nostalgia, scarcity and being retro cool, for about 10 bucks, only twenty years after its release. Yet, we’re over 100 years since the creation of the X-ray and it still cost thousands of dollars. The reason for this is partially because, unlike normal technology, there is not enough people in the world to produce this technology, causing it to double the power and which would help to alleviate the price of your mundane medical test, like an X-ray.

     Allow me to encapsulate as follows, intelligence in our society is a commodity. Making intelligent people pay for college is only going to cost us in the long run. The four year has run its course and now worthless and must be replaced with a higher tier in order to make college worthwhile again. Medical, being a necessity, cannot force debt on the few who can do such a task, as that will inflate cost for routine test. Turning the four year into the new high school diploma, will result in focusing on important degrees and getting the right people placed into these fields, which will cause trickle intellecualnomics, resulting in a net benefit for humanity.

     The future is in restructuring the system.

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