Blood Bond

From my pen flows the music of the heart
Red like my blood
Dipped back into my vessel of life so I may create
The muse has come again rapping at my vital organ
Filling me with compulsion to stain the page again
I slit my figurative wrist so that my life force stains
The bleached parchment of a dead tree, with everlasting life, renewed
My words avenge thee so you have not died in vain
What my words cannot mend, may it instead act as artificial limb
Giving balance to your pain
The sorrow of your long lost brothers and sisters, reflected in the anguished scream of your empty page, now give my pen eternal life!
Our blood ritual bonds us as one, signed with a sacrament of bearing ones soul
Once my life has come to cease, buried in my whole.
My body shall decomposed from which a sibling can grow full
The brother shall stand tall until his pride causes him to be deceased
And another similar to me, shall use his sacrifice to come into being

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