Online “Dating”

I’ve spent the last ten years using internet dating sites of all kinds, regardless of the type of site in an effort to understand why, even in a busy world, people bother to use these sites as a way to date or fuck. Quite frankly, to borrow from Penn & Teller, I think internet dating is bullshit!
There is a booming industry built around people’s loneliness and why I appreciate a good business venture as well as the next human, I will never understand why these sites thrive.
The algorithms being crap, is probably my biggest reason why these sites are so fuckin’ atrocious! Seriously? Stop thinking I’ll fall in love because we both think Motley Crue is the shit. I won’t and neither will anyone that isn’t a fuckin’ teenager. Online dating is like High School, but somehow manages to be worse, if that make sense. The only difference is that I loved the thongs that chicks wore in high school, which is pretty much the only thing that kept me from quitting.
The people aren’t the problem, though. The problem is….

     You know what? It isn’t even worth the energy to actually write an essay on these sites. Seriously, just go out and be willing to fail. Besides, it isn’t actually failing since it will eventually lead to where you should be. I’m the guy that you pretend to be on the internet. Nothing beats just going out. I’m old school like that! Also, it is a lot more fun and how nature intended it. 😉

(Fixed coding and typo. 31 Jan 15)

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