Size Beautiful

     I want to toss out a suggestion into the universe and hope that it catches on. It’s for a new word to describe woman who are comfortable with the size they are at. I call them size beautiful.

     What is a size beautiful girl? She is confident, sexy and happy with herself at the size she is. I’m not going to get into great detail here, other than to say that I, as a man, am tired of being subjected to standards of woman’s beauty. I am a man who loves big beautiful woman and slender beautiful woman as well.

     What do I consider beautiful? Anyone that isn’t harming their body and conforming to someone else’s standards. It would be nice if more woman where comfortable with the size they were at, without hating themselves.

     Sure, I can say that there is a healthy size for men and woman to be at, but it shouldn’t be one size fits all. It should be whatever weight they are healthy and happy at. If it’s not affecting their health, who cares?

     I would also like to see advertisers taking more steps to advance woman of all different types of beautiful.

     Beautiful is beautiful no matter what and I want to see more woman of all sizes. No more photoshoped to perfection type of woman.

     Keep it real and most of all keep them beautiful.

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