1962845_10155324069675177_4542184863608461182_n is a site dedicated to the creation of Wrestling tees. is the same company. You could click either and go directly to the site and check out the wide selection of tee shirts they have. I bought mine from the pro wrestling site. I’m a wrestling fan, so it only makes sense that I would provide the run down of products I buy that are wrestling related or created by wrestlers. This site would be no exception as I bought the first of hopefully many shirts from their website.

     let me discuss the main points regarding these shirts. The material is excellent quality. The prints are well made and the designs are wicked. Some designs are going to appeal to you more than others, depending on which wrestler you want to get the shirt from. I’ve already washed my shirt after wearing it for a few days. Yes, I said a few days. Quality made, especially with how I toss and turn at night. Next, the colors do not run when washed. I’ve only washed it once, but I’m sure it will still be holding up after many more washing. If it isn’t, I’ll post and edit with how many licks it took to get to the center of the tootsie roll pop.Got here packaged well, by my standards and relatively quick. No problems from the websites end. After that it was in the hands of the US Post Service and, well, it got here, so yay!

     Their Twitter account seems like fun too. They’re really fans of the business and are doing their best to keep it alive and well. If you’re into that, check it out.

     All the wrestlers shops come with many designs as well as a blurb that breakdowns the wrestler and their accomplishments. Gives you the twitter handle, for those of you that enjoy snapping a selife to tweet to said celebrity in order to show them that you bought the shirt. I don’t bother with this. I tend to just write about it. I’m happy I have an awesome product to wear and proudly shill the crap out of.

     If you’re interested in the tee-shirt I have, see link below. Otherwise, follow the yellow brick road up above to either of the sites to find what you want. My shirt pictured above is here:

*P.S. You cannot, I’m sadden to say, buy the extremely sexy model from the pic above. I’m sad too. 😦

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