is Horrible!

I started multiple gigs on that are similar to things already allowed on the website. My third gig, was denied for copyright infringement because some third party claimed to own the act of reviewing.


Here is my e-mail on the gig.


This all happened after already having approved it in the first place. So I write to them this:


So they wrote back with


They marked it as resolved on the wrong gig, which is still active. If they meant reviews were not allowed on the site, then why is this here



The difference between my gig and this? I offered honest and objective reviews because these people’s clients deserve honesty. Instead, I guess, Fiverr’s policy is that fraudulent reviews are marketable and mine are not, even though an alleged third company complained.

If I were you, I would stay away from this company!

2 thoughts on “ is Horrible!”

  1. The pictures only seem out of sync but I had to redo the gig each time and each time it was denied, so while numbers don’t match, it is only because every time I tried to comply with their bs, I keep getting the same responses.


  2. #1605254 is the ticket number you have for the ‘review’ ticket
    #1605252 is a different ticket you submitted, i guess, earlier then the review problem you’ve been facing

    now i may have jumped to the conclusion that they did not either yet respond to the 1605254 ticket and you’ve just used that earlier ticket for basis of this article. or they did indeed muck up and reply on the wrong gig, yet shouldnt there be acknowledgement of the ticket you have in question[reviews being i.p. of someone else]?

    if they have been doing their tickets wrong, they definitely need to be taking some time and solving those problems.
    this article seems misleading and clickbait-ish


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