Kiddy Diddlers (2008)

(This is an old piece from an old blogger account I did under a pen name)

Welcome to yet another installment of “The Diabolical Diatribe”, with your host, the always pissed off and angry William Jillette. Today we will be discussing one of the plagues of society, child molesters.

What is a “Child Molester”? Well, a child molester is a person who engages in any type of sexual activity with a person under the age of consent in their given community, usually one who is pre-pubescent. Typically, for one or more of the following reasons:

1.) He/She is a Pedophile. Meaning that they have a predilection towards being attracted to child who are pre-pubescent.

2.) He/She is looking for a surrogate. Basically these types use the child in place of a, usually preferred, adult sexual outlet.

3.) He/She is Sadistic. These types get off on just being sick fucks and making children suffer.

It’s important to note the difference between a pedophile and a child molester. While molesters can be pedophiles, it is not always the case. The term “Pedophile” was created to group individuals who have a sexual inclination towards children. The pre-pubescent kind.

With that now out of the way, I want to state that this blog will concentrate and attack the third kind of child molester, and that’s the sadistic kind. While all forms of child molesters are sick, I feel these sick mother fuckers deserve the blunt of my attacks, because they tend to be much more perverse and cruel then your typical child molester.

I write this blog for two reasons:

1.) The other day the supreme court ruled that the death penalty was considered “Cruel and unusual punishment…for a crime that did not involve the death of the victim as well”


2.) Because of some asshole who gets off to freaking and tweaking adult victims of molestation because he is a sick fuck and thinks joking about rape is funny.

Why are we protecting child molesters from death because it’s “Cruel and unusual”? Is not what these bastards do to these kids “cruel and unusual” as well? Why is the death penalty so wrong?

Justice is about proper punishment to fit the crime and I can’t see any punishment more fitting for these scum bags. Ok, maybe I’m letting my emotions get the best of me. Maybe the death penalty isn’t needed for all of these scumbags, because after all, seeing a child molester get ass rapped in jail is what I would consider poetic justice. Then again, these are people that like fucking kids, so maybe they like taking it in the ass too.

Maybe we shouldn’t kill every one of them, although the thought had crossed my mind as a very good idea. Let’s go with this one ok.

What if we put them in a giant facility for the rest of their lives where they get to live in comfort and have fun luxuries afford to them all at the expense of the tax payer? What’s that? You would never want to see that happen? Well hate to burst your bubble, but too late. Indeed such a facility exist and is in use. Search for yahoo news should yield the article to back up this statement.

I mean honestly, what better deterrent from committing sex crimes against minors could there be besides death?

Ok, some of you are probably bitching, “Well, what about the first two type of offenders, the non sadistic ones, should they die too?” While killing them all would be great, we can’t. Fucking Liberals. But, the death penalty should be imposed for those based on the crime. What about the fucking asshole that rapes a child day after day, year after year. Should they still be allowed to live? fuck no. I say DEATH PENALTY for these jerk offs. Anal rape is much too nice of a punishment for these douche bags.

What about those that rape multiple children? How about Multiple offenders? They can’t be trust to not touch children and the jails are getting crowed as is. Why not kill them off and let them fertilize the earth? Hey, I finally found a use for Sex offenders, other than cheap labor. Still, Mexicans are cheaper, nicer and have a better work ethic. I think I rather have the Mexican working for me. In fact, lets build an electrified fence on the border of Mexico and start an exchange program. We get a Mexican who will become a productive citizen of the USA, and they get one of our sex offenders. Great deal in my opinion, where do we sign?

This will keep those asshole out of our country and allow people who want a better place to live to do so.

This will also keep stupid ass mother fuckers from coveting our children while we are out and about and keep them from harassing people who where victims and forcing them to have nightmares about said attacks that happened when they where kids. This dumb fuck knows who he is and he deserves a beat down.

One last bit, off topic, because I can’t think straight. RAPE IS NOT A JOKE! Telling someone you are goanna rape them because you’re mad at someone they know is not a joke, its sick and this fuck rag deserves a kick in his balls. May you get hit by a car you child molesting asshole.

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