Ghostly: Book Review

     This is going to be one of my shortest reviews. Ghostly, the anthology is a collection of older writers and modern writers. Most the stories are excellent, but Audrey’s is where i’m perplexed by its consideration for inclusion.

     You may know her from the movie based on her book The Time Traveler’s Wife as opposed to horror, although, she has a few credits in that genre.

     The books central theme is ghost. Although the cover would make you think it was cats, especially since her story and Edgar Allen Poe’s The Black Cat are both printed in this. The art on the cover is beautiful and the book is bound with sturdy binding. The text and pages are bright and easy to read.

     Each story has a introduction blurb to the story you’re about to read and all stories are a great inclusion into this set.

     The problem I’m trying to figure out, as stated above, is the reason for the inclusion of her story. Out of all the stories, this one is by far the most amateurish of them all. It lacks suspense, character, story and most of all, everything is told, as opposed to show. This wouldn’t be a bad thing if this collection was like Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark but it isn’t. It seems like the only reason to bother with this anthology was to publish this one story of hers. I cannot see any other reason she needed to put this together. I would presume that she had a lot of emotion invested into that story and as such, she wanted it published somehow and this was the only way to get it to the reader, editor be damned!

     Interestingly enough, the story still works, albeit, with extremely poor prose and structure, but I can only imagine how much more powerful the climax might of been had she attempted to build up suspense, instead of this awkward telling which ultimately leads to a let down and cliched ending.

     Had this just been an anthology with works that influenced her style that had introductions and maybe even scholarly notes about each individual work, it would of been a fantastic book. As it stands, it just an unnecessary collection using work of other authors to push her own into the spotlight and that is one of the saddest take away besides the list of notable authors who go second billing to herself.

     I give the collection 3 out of 5 stars.You won’t be saddened for having spent your money, since almost every story is excellent, but you’ll scratch your head as to why this book even needed to be made in the first place.

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