Sweet Home Alabama

Alabama is currently in the news this week for pushing a law that severely restricts abortions. Now, philosophically, we can argue all day about abortion and when it constitutes a life, which is has to at some point, given that fact it is born. That said, Alabama is setting a dangerous precedence for men, more so than woman. The whole argument on abortion is that woman have sovereignty over their bodies, which was laid down by the Supreme Court back in the 70’s with ROE v WADE. The concept of the supreme court saying “Yes, people have carte blanche” over their bodies is not frivolous and needs to be respected as case law and not being overturned by the states, especially in a decade when the drug war looks like it could start to end.

If woman don’t have control over their bodies, what about us men? It’s even more than just control over our bodies, it is the fact that the government is now, yet again, trying to gain access to what we do and don’t do inside our own homes with the miscarriage aspect of the law. If a woman is unaware of being pregnant and she lifted a television, resulting in said miscarriage, she is responsible for murder. The absurdity of being restricted in your own home by the government is not an idea worth considering, rather, it should be seen the bullshit overreach of inept human beings with more free time on their hands than brains. Most politicians aren’t exactly the most brilliant of people, I mean, just look at the groups that vote them into power for criss sakes! Why? Because idiots like people “like them” and human hubris makes uneducated yokels think they’re experts on subjects more than they actually are, or as it is scientifically referred to, the Dunning-Kruger effect.

Now I want to make sure I am one record here as saying that I think an amendment needs to be added to the bill of rights, stating explicitly that humans have the right to their own bodies and congress shall pass no law restricting one to make personal choices over our own body. This would be great, as it would instantly nullify the drug war, give woman control over their bodies as well as men, allow for government to never be able to say, I can’t stick it in a chicks ass or even more importantly, just the right to be free in my own domain and make the choices I am allowed to make inside my own castle, because regardless of if you’re prochoice or not or pro woman or not, your property is ultimately yours and this law gives the government over reach in regards to everything, including our guns and what good is a castle doctrine if another “king” can have say over my throne?

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