Millennials are Sociopaths

     This is going to be the second in what is three different but similar essays on the topic of generations. The first one is called “Generational Gaps, in Thought”. This one focus on millennial in a different understanding of the term. I normally do not like to go off my experiences or be anecdotal, but here, I kind of have to be. Let us do this like one of my reviews, where we include the headers because this is multipart essay and we don’t want to lose track of the overall arch.

     Good fuckin’ question! No one seems to know and yet, everyone is a goddamn fuckin’ expert on the subject. Don’t you wish these cocksuckers would just SHUT THE FUCK UP? The original reason, as I pointed out in a past essay, is that they (marketers mostly and government) wanted to keep track of Baby Boomers for sales and Social Security reasons. This was fine, in and of itself, but other people decided, whom I am not quite sure, to keep track of other generations. It’s a massive cluster of ineptitude because a whole lot of “MBTI” sensing types like to go off a tangent about their “experiences” with no hard evidence, accept anything they’re told at face value in the most Pollyannaish, as fuck way. They have no data, no sociological credential or even so much as a college degree, even. They use appeal to emotion and little logic, all in an attempt to divide and conquer with no real reason for why. Oh, most of them are baby boomers and well, they happen to, seem anyways, like one of the lowest I.Q. generations in history. So, we get to change this a bit and decided what a millennial is by this essays standards.


     Well, it isn’t based on birth that is for damn sure. I don’t care when you were born, birth doesn’t predicate that for you. Instead, this argument looks to make the case that millennial is actually a synonym for sociopathic tendencies that, when exhibited by a large group, is normalized behavior with erroneous assumptions as to why the given behavior is being exhibited.

     A sociopath and a psychopath have very little distinction between one another. Great debate still rages as to the differences, if any, there is between them. Sociopaths are generally less premediated if you will, which is different from psychopaths which are more schemer like. In other words, a The Joker is a sociopath whereas The Riddler is a psychopath.

Here is a list of traits of a sociopath:

1. Lack of Empathy or Remorse
2. Lying, manipulation, may be either clinical or overly emotional (Think anger or volatility)
3. Narcissism
4. Glib or charming
5. May or may not have a high I.Q.
6. Impulsive
7. Criminal behavior
8. Disregard for societal norms
9. Sensitive to criticism
10. Compulsive lying
11. Risky behavior
12. Façade
13. Constant stimulation
14. Irrational trains of thought
15. Unreliability
16. Poor social skills
17. Excessive egocentrism
18. Using people, parasitic lifestyle choice

     I know the list is rather extensive, but there is a lot more that could be added to it and trust me, this barley scratches the surface, but correct me if I am wrong, a lot of those traits seem to be associated with both Baby Boomer and Millennials, do they not? I mean, let’s go through them, one by one and see how the average Boomer and Millennial stack up.

     At first glance, it would seem that Millennials do not lack empathy at the very least. Some might even say, they’re deeply empathic. Let’s look at this closely though. Sociopathic tendencies are often exhibited against people similar to themselves without remorse. Much like a tribe attacking itself would be disastrous, so too would criminal behavior against people of a similar tribe. Tribalism has been suffocating these last few years and reduced to massive amounts of micro tribes. This many tribes shouldn’t exist in a non-sociopathic world. Even the Nazi’s rarely killed Germans they liked, while killing everyone else. When you cede moral high ground to the Nazi’s, saying you’re a sociopath is kind of redundant. Left and right continue to destroy each other in politics and steal capital from one another, throw slanderous accusations and attempt to eradicate the “opposition” by any means necessary. Even by histories standards, these people are insane. Ceaser was stabbed by Brutus, a good friend of his, but only because Ceaser attempted to become emperor of Rome. Eat a Chic ‘Filet and you’ll be gangfucked on Twitter before the first bite.

     When it comes to being overly emotional, Millennial’s are often the worse culprits than any other. Like I mentioned above, Twitter gangs are a small portion of this insane bullshit, but the emotion comes with not getting their way. Now, you could argue that they were raised this way, but even the worse culprits of bygone generations grew out of it by their 20’s. If we use the 1980 starting point by some standards, then the oldest Millennial is nearly fucking 40 years old. That is exceeding well past normal for such excessive Peter Pan complexes. Michael Jackson is an exception to this rule, but MJ was pretty much abused growing up with overbearing family. Millennials do not have that excuse for their Peter Pan Complex. They also tend to exhibit manipulation in droves. The town I live in sees hearsay at a massive high. This historically is something only middle school girls do and well, Millennial are clearly not middle school girls and this is very high amongst the men as well. I know most Millennial are effeminate, but even the aforementioned middle school girls grow out of this by adulthood. This malignant gossip is often false which goes hand in hand with compulsive lying.

     Narcissism might as well be the defining characteristic of the Millennial. They take selfies often, use filters as much as possible, as to perfect a false image and then bitch about how they desire genuine. Lest we forget the inability for a majority to understand from others perspectives as well. Which can go hand and hand with empathy/sympathy but doesn’t have to be the same thing, as it isn’t a feeling like sympathy or empathy.

     Most Millennial’s don’t seem to have very high I.Q.’s at all. In fact, a lot of studies say that a majority of them and mostly men, didn’t fare well in school. I seemingly recall, when I was a kid, it was young girls that were alleged to not fare well. I recall articles saying “You got to hook them into the STEMS by 7 or they lose interest.” Or “A girls grades are impacted by their relationship with their fathers.” This stuff about men not faring well is new to me, and even though sensing types on the MBTI are, according to one book anyways, notorious for doing piss poor in school, I don’t think that is enough of an excuse to explain the mass amount of it. Factor in the aspect that, according to the New York Post, Millennial’s have the highest amount of arrest, regardless of a crime being committed or not. Now, one could argue that, well, greater numbers, more arrest and sure that would be a simple explanation for such, if they didn’t exhibit all the other signs of sociopathic tendencies. These tendencies go back to their youth, much like a psycho or sociopath would. Disregard for societal norms is lumped in here as they is often law break. Although I have an alternate theory to why Millennials may be incarcerated in higher numbers but I will save that for a different essay.

     Millennials exhibit poor social skills which is probably why they have so little sex, but I would argue that it’s the superficial aspect that makes more of an impact than anything else. Look no further than to the alt-left and alt-right for the irrational train of thoughts for both and many others. The need for constant stimulation is prevalent, which we cannot forget the massive amount of Ritalin that Millennials were on during the 90s and their inability to take personal responsibility for themselves, their unreliability or the sensitivity to criticism. Not to mention massive amount of egocentrism and their parasitic lifestyle choices by living with mommy and daddy well past due, while being bums. To be fair, on that last one, I would reckon for some, they couldn’t get jobs out of college because Baby Boomers are also, sociopaths and in typical sociopath tendencies, they couldn’t be bothered to help people like them.

     There is not much we can do, to be honest. I mean, they’re already here. Thankfully they’re choosing to not breed, which is helpful, but the damage might already be done. I mention this, because this is one person’s experience and I’m smart enough to know better than to think this is somehow cause by growing up in the 90’s and 00’s is not only irrational thinking but also skirting boomer responsibility for their children. It’s like blaming the moon, but when you’re unable to take personal responsibility for yourself, like the typical Baby Boomers, you start to look for any reason to explain these behaviors, especially because sociopathy in such massive frequency has never happened prior to the boomers and the only ones that exhibit these behaviors are their children.

     Clearly not everyone labeled Millennial is a sociopath, obviously, there are a plethora of them out there, but I think these behaviors in what we would consider the “text book” Millennial is really excessive amounts of sociopaths being allowed to destroy the world with their insanity. We should look to be changing the term Millennial by seeing these behaviors for what they are and only register those of us whom do not exhibit these behaviors as Millennial. Only then would be get to the reality of the real Millennial instead of having projection thrown on an entire group of sociopaths by sociopaths. It is the only way to truly find out the truth of how millennial’s, not sociopaths, truly work. Conversely and better yet, maybe we could just cut the fictional cohort shit out, but I’m not going to hold my breath.

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  1. Thank you for this article! It was helpful in understanding why working and socializing with the younger generation is so incredibly frustrating and disappointing.

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