A Beautiful Ride

According to WordPress.com, as of 06/22/2022, I am now on my 8th year as a blogger/writer/CEO of Bestinyourgirl.com and what an interesting eight years it has been, although my concept for this site and writing “career” are much older. Many ups and many downs. 2018 and 2019 are my best years on record. Leave it to me to get my best shot in right before the world became a post apocalyptic nightmare thanks to covid. Ok, maybe 2020 wasn’t that bad, but I mean, it still put the world through a loop. Bestinyourgirl.com has been through 3 U.S. Presidents. Started under Obama, got through Trump and now Biden. I went from late 20’s to damn near fuckin’ 40. 36, if you want to be technical about it. Got the top 18 on Avg in Google search and a linkback from IMDB. I was even quoted on one wordpressers article. So many things I didn’t see happening in my early 20’s. I know I do not write 24/7, but I like to thing my semi-unique perspective makes up for it. Otherwise I would have to write a bunch of mundane shit, like who is wearing what in Hollyweird and well, fuck that shit. I don’t have it in me to be that fuckin’ trite. I’m a month and a half into not drinking, although I have only been counting since June 1st. I am trying to quit cigarettes too, which have been with me for 11 years.

Now, some of you may know that wordpress.com has changed gears with its pricing. I only ever basically used this site for hosting. Now in order to host I have to pick either the starter package or a more expensive upgrade. Granted, as of right now I am on the legacy package, which is in between the two, what was formally the premium package. My re-up is soon, so I will have to decide if hosting with 7 extra gigs is worth while, especially when after 8 years I have only used 0.7 of my 13 gigs or if the downgrade is imminent. I won’t be able to afford the pro package, which has 50 gigs. I mean, I could pull it out my ass, but it would not be in my best interest. With the 60 dollars a year package, I get a good discount, but in the future, things could just change on a dime. Would of been nice had wordpress given a heads up, but as with my cellphone provider, they decided, hey fuck everyone in 2022. I am currently looking at new hosting options that are cheaper. I want to keep writing, as I have a lot more unique perspectives to write. Granted, that might not be possible. I loved every second of doing bestinyourgirl.com, but the possibility to start anew is exciting as well. I have accomplished pretty much everything one could with this blog, except for fame, which wasn’t my goal here, but rather long term brand building and a stable brand at that. If I want fame, I could just hit Youtube and be pesudeo famous or better yet, start a real Pornhub and do porn.

So as of today, I do not know how much longevity Bestinyourgirl.com has, but I do know I want to see it turn 10 at the very least. So, I am going to spend the next year, at least, celebrating this brand like it is going out of style, in the best way I know how, anyways.

Regardless of what happens in the future, thanks for tuning in.

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