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Kagegiving: Channel Zero Review

INTRODUCTION: What do you get when you cross American Horror Story with elements of The Shining? You get Channel Zero! Now if you like me you probably seen the weird demon thing that’s made entirely out of teeth. I quite frankly and had no clue where that was from but I’ve seen the memes innumerable times. Well I finally got […]

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Kagegiving: Game of Thrones Book Review

Winter is coming, but who cares? Shit, the most interesting aspect of the novel, the weird seasons, is just pretty much forgotten about, because, as far as I know, winter still hasn’t come in close to twenty years. Maybe winter should find a fuckin’ Viagra.

*Spoiler warning*

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A Word on KageGiving

Kageoween worked out pretty well for me, so I decided to do two more holidays, Kagegiving and Kagemas. While there is things I would like to fix and some stuff I wish I got to for Kageoween, I know next year will be a vast improvement over the inaugural year, as I have a lot planned out already for Halloween […]