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KAGEMAS: Ezra Brooks

Introduction: So I pretty much fucked up Kagemas this year, given that I drank two bottles of whiskey that I planned to review, but forgot to check my notes before drinking them and realized that I reviewed the other two bottles in my notebook. Always check your notes before drinking. Anyways, I’m adding a new segment on the 31st anyways. Kage Years eve! Super fuckin original, uh? So onward with the review.

Glass: Glen Cairn

Scent: Mostly sweet on the nose with the lower tier whiskey ethanol scent in the background.

Flavor: kind of sour, peaty, earthy. Yet seems very one dimensional. Thin, watery. The glass cuts down the burn very well.

Water Soluble: No. water did unlock any new flavors.

Conclusion: This isn’t award winning in my mind, but since I spent all day making Christmas dinner, if I had a bottle of this around tonight, I would drink it. It’s a take shots only type of whiskey. Keep this in mind and you will like it.

2 1/2 out of 5 stars