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Pre-Crime:The Future is Now

Copyright © 2018 by Karl R Reed Jr, aka Xavier Kage

All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof
may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever
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Printed in the United States of America

First Printing, 2018


Kage, Xavier (1986- )

What you hold in your hands is a hypothesis of over a decades worth of research, putting together the big picture and finding the clues that lead to the ability to predict criminality before it has even happened, better than anything in the past has. It has been tried before, but never has it come to fruition quit like I hope it will here. The travel to this destination has been a long and arduous one, paved with long hours analyzing data, drinking myself to the point of almost dying, thrice. Many nights of my friend crying and sobbing over negative things that have happened to her from an abuser, her former “lover”. Watching the ramifications of those actions from her teenage years impact her being as a twenty something adult and even banging my head on my parents kitchen table, crawling under it, in an attempt to console my best friend from fits of PTSD meltdowns. My twenties was far better than my own youth, in a lot of ways, but still no spring break in Cancun or any partying, outside of drinking by myself or with my best friend. Besides a best friend, I’ve also dealt with issues that my mom and sister have gone through within their lives from similar events and I don’t want to see others go down this same dark path. It would be fitting that I should possibly be the one to end pedophilia, among other things that plague our world, but when it comes down to it, Pre-crime is the second best thing to happen to criminals, short of a holocaust!


Crime can easily be defined as anything that is currently against the law. Quite obvious and easy, that doesn’t really say much. Humanity, regardless of era, is willing to outlaw acts for which it thinks it abhorrent or horrible, sometimes with logic, but more often without, such as smoking marijuana, for instance. What does nature think of law? It doesn’t, it does not care for it at all. Technically, there is no such thing as crime from a nature standpoint. It’s a societal construct, as much as I hate delving into postmodernism, it is true! Think about our ancestral environment, there was no cops to stop crime, there were no politicians to create law, no one to stop anyone. All you had was yourself, someone who loved you, or at the very least, didn’t entirely hate you. Why is that? Society didn’t really exist, there were only tribes and most humans are prone to only being able to deal with 100-250 people at a time. During the entire span of humanity, people have committed some of the worst things imaginable to one another. Tribes killed other tribes, rape was kosher, and pedophilia wasn’t as frowned upon, with the exception of the parents, if even, given that children were more often married by 12 in our ancestral environment, due to short life expectancy. The Wild West also allowed for child prostitutes. Human decency didn’t really exist in any context, in any epoch. Nearly everything was allowed for and most people engaged in it.
Greece is an excellent example of allowance in regards to sexuality, allowing for modified forms of pedophilia. Homosexuality, of both varieties, were also considered ok.

As the years rolled on and civilizations came and went, so too did the idea of crime itself. Each civilization had its own ideas of what was and wasn’t allowable. Paganism wasn’t frowned upon is ancient cultures, but you would have been burned at the stake in 1600’s Salem, Massachusetts. Humans have never been the greatest species to walk the planet, but it sure is the most apt to reflect upon our experiences better than any other ones; at least to our knowledge.

This is where the idea for pre-crime comes into view. It knows nature does not care about humans in any way, shape or form, whatsoever and whatever our little malignant heart desires is basically cool. Since crime doesn’t exist, by nature’s viewpoint, there is only human nature. If there is only human nature, it’s predicable. If it’s predicable, it can be thwarted long before a criminal has the chance to hurt an innocent human being.
There are already ways of “predicating” crime, but it’s only deals with some aspects of human nature. It doesn’t predict the victim. My hypothesis does, making pre-crime true to its word and you don’t have to put as much work into it as I have had to, as I’ve already done the heavy work for you.

So, allow me to create a list of crimes that we will be looking to predict. At present, it works best with blue collar crime, but will ultimately still predict white collar crime with a few tweaks.

1. Rape, Including, but not limited to, pedophilia.
2. Murder, including, mass, serial and “random”.
3. Theft of all kinds.
4. Drug dealers and their victims.

These are the most important blue collar crimes that are currently committed and the only ones that really plague society. While I could use the algorithm to predict children spray-painting the ground or a stoner smoking weed, we’re not concerned with these, as while the former is uncouth and the latter is a freedom, there is no long term consequences for these actions.

While often overlooked for being the equal of astrology, the Myers-Briggs or from here on out the MBTI, is actually a very powerful tool! It allows us to see how people engage the real world. Contrary to popular belief, it’s really couldn’t care less if all ENTP types are devil’s advocate or if all INTJ types are inflexible. All it cares about is the system and that system is used to navigate the murky waters of the world. I believe, given the ability to test this, it might even be genetic and the next chapter will deal with how to test it to see if it, indeed, is.

Here is all you’re going to have to know in order to start analyzing the hypothesis and see this exist.

There are two types of people, Extroverts and Introverts. Whatever you think you know about the terms, forget it. It’s really an energy exchange. Extroverts usually gain energy fromsocial exchanges and introverts lose energy. We can back up this up with Richard Dawkin’s The Selfish Gene (1976) in regard to cost/benefit analysis. Extroverts gain energy from socializing, so it is beneficial. Conversely, for the introvert, socializing can be masochism. Both are observable in the outside world and the inverse can be true of the Extrovert and Introvert as well, but other factors cause the inverse. Most will adhere to the norm.

I find and I hate to be anecdotal here, that intuition and sensing can be quite literal. In other words, a seemingly innocuous mistake, may be the system alerting the user to danger! It’s like looking at someone and calling them a serial killer. Imagine being right? How do you know? Looks can be deceiving, but it’s not as absurd as it seems as I’m sure we as a species has evolved to utilize such to protect ourselves and our kin, in the same way we have evolved other traits. Rational types, as they are referred to in the theory, would be wise to disregard such, but in doing so, they could be in peril. Irrational types, also the MBTI’s technical word, are prone to listening to it. Think a detective in a movie with no more than a hunch.

Humans as a species have evolved to gossip and accept such, sometimes without reservation or vetting, from people we trust. Sometimes, they even do it to the point of ignoring evidence to the contrary. These types are irrationals! Now those are 4 unique things regarding the system to look for. In regards to Perception vs Judging, while it seems difficult and we can test their adaptive behavior, it can be even more observable than we think. J’s tend to have a structure when engaging the world. Let me look at the ENTJ for instance. Let’s say you’re in a conversation with them and they express something, say just “I hate rap.” If they’re a Judging type, they may very well then reconsider the thought, but it would be structured, say holding their chin and rethinking it, but quite involuntary, like snapping your head towards a topless woman or muscular hunk! A Perspective would be less structured and may just redact something, say, because it makes them seem closed minded or salty. It’s quite easy to trigger off once you’ve understood how to look for it and while it seems arbitrary, it will seem genuine in the moment.

The last observable trait for seeing the MBTI in the real world is some of these traits that are imbued from the personality type that isn’t something stupid like enjoying a martini in the middle of summer or liking rap, those actually come from a different aspect of our nature altogether. Sensing types for instance are concreate and literal, seeing is believing and this why some don’t always understand theory, and while their literalness can sometimes be associated with autism, just one trait doesn’t make them autistic, which is why we must look to ensure that it isn’t their system first. Intuition as well, since it seems to imbue upon the person a so called “third eye”.

All of these can easily be discerned through observation and those are the most important. The hypothesis doesn’t care if you’re an Aries with a bad moon rising nor does the MBTI.

In the next chapter, we will be dealing with major histocompatibility Complex.

Major histocompatibility Complex from here on out this will be called MHC for short. The MHC is like a unique blueprint in all of us, which allows woman to see a man’s suitability for reproductive purposes. This can be done in one of two ways, through kissing or through olfactory glands. While the idea of human beings and phenomes have been “controversial”, the idea has merit to it. The idea goes that it’s a check and balance
system to impede pseudo and real incest between people too close on this spectrum to ensure diversity in gene reproduction and healthier progeny.Everyone has a MHC and it is unique to everyone. Like a thumbprint, no two people are alike. Even twins do not have the same MHC.This seems to be one of the biggest driving factors between not just sexuality, as even gay humans use this, but friendships between the opposite sexes as well. The dreaded “friendzone” that millennial men complain about, might in part, be caused by the MHC complex.

The idea works like this, birth control does alter a woman’s biology. It tricks the body into thinking it is pregnant, the hypothesis in regards to pregnancy is when a woman is pregnant, she is prone towards being around family for protection, since the suitor would have been long gone, had they not pair bonded and raring a child is no easy task. The female would need to stay near men who could help in raring a child, which would be male siblings and her own dad, in order to protect the progeny and their genetics. This, it should be noted, is different from “dad” types as they are called, since there would be good reason for helping to rare future progeny as
she is older and mature enough to make these decision, since nature favors the female choice in reproductive mates.

This would also alter her sex drive, causing her to reject different MHC and instead seek “Dad” types to assist in child rearing. If a woman is on Birth control, this will cause her to reject the right suitors and instead go towards men with similar MHC, ergo, in one way causing this “friendzone.” Without birth control, she will seek the right suitors for her. The other two possibilities for “friendzones” exist in the man not picking up on female signals and thus costing himself and downright entitlement towards sexual relations with the opposite sex in general. This causes incels. I.E. not being the right man to breed with and getting bitter over this.

These things are extremely important to note, because they relate to criminality and how nature “views” it, as opposed to most humans!
Sex and crime go hand in hand as I will show in the next chapter, since pre-crime was born out of understanding pedophiles and how this equates to other “criminal” behavior, we will start to put this all into perspective.

What is a pedophile? Well, the technical definition of a pedophile is one with a preoccupation with prepubescent children. A hebephiliac is one with an emphasis on middle school children and Ephebophila is someone with a sexual inclination towards 15 to 19 years of age.

It is important to note, none of these are sexualities, as age is not a sexual orientation, and it’s a preference. Preferences are developed, sexual orientations are static. I have always liked older woman, but my desire is not sexuality, as there is no “Milfsexual” orientation, nor should there be, because it is preference! So, a pedophile who likes young girls, is a straight pedophile with a preference for prepubescent girls, just as I am an adult man with a preference for middle age woman, mostly. This is no different from a woman preferring muscular men or a mustache, the preference isn’t exhibited by all and may even change with time.

Pedophilia doesn’t even meet the criteria for sexuality anyways, as sexuality doesn’t involve strong, hard to overcome urges that result in rape or other nefarious activity! Pedophilia, instead, is a form of cuckoldry, though. My logic for this is as follows. Woman decide which male is best suited to pass on their genetics through reproducing with the female. As in the last chapter, the female who is pregnant would stay close to male relatives in order to gain help in the form of child rearing. If the girl is too young to make such a decision for themselves or being so young, force could be used to get the girl to make such a decision, the father would be the one to bare reproductive cost for another man’s child in much the same way as if he had to bear the cost of his own wife being impregnated by another man. This would be horrible for him and why, I think, some conservatives are fine with abortion due to rape or cases of incest. When it comes to a man’s young boy, sometimes the opposite seems to be the case. This is sometimes seen as a double standard, but it really isn’t, since a woman would have picked the man’s adolescent son for intercourse, showing casing to him, successful reproduction had indeed happened for him, giving him feelings of elation and pride, instead of what idiots refer to as “toxic masculinity.”

Albeit, rape, at one point was most likely a strategy used in the ancestral environment, which men with poor genetic material, would of engaged in, in an attempt to sire progeny. While I am on the subject, pedophilia might occasionally be the same, as there is such a thing as “surrogate” pedophiles, but the results for finding them would be the same, since it would be steeped in
preference for certain types of woman, but rather than be a crime of desire, it’s an act of sexual poverty and a crime of opportunity, since most these people would rather fuck an adult than a child.

In fact, the old argument of “LGBT marriage will equate to pedos” is absolute BULLSHIT! It was actually oversights of old, such as allowing girls as young as 11 to marry in the 1800’s and before that allowed for LGBT marriage, not vice versa and we have since become more Enlighted to not allow for child sexual acts of any types to be performed, albeit 16 is legal in most states. Homosexual sex acts are 100% normal.

With that out of the way, we turn to the aspect of how this fits in with the last chapter! While not a sexuality, it acts like one because of the sexuality of the pedophile. This allows for us to predict with the utmost accuracy, the exact victims a pedophile will seek. This also allows for us to predict the exact victim’s murders and other criminals as well. In effect, predicting crime before it happens.

Alright, so here is how everything breaks down in terms of human tribalization. First, when you’re younger, you’re usually attracted to that which is akin. This is mostly likely to protect a child from straying away. The skin to skin contact forms a parental bond as protection. The MBTI personalities will be similar on a spectrum as well. Here is some instance from my own youthfor instance, two big influences on me as a writer. Both of which, in the MBTI are most likely Intuitive types. Both come off as a J types. One comes off more introverted and the other comes off more extrovert. One was a systems analyst. Normally a spectrum of the INTJ, albeit it, plenty of P types have exhibited such. I too am a system analyst and intuitive. The other isn’t, as far as I know, a system analyst, but it is all in the same spectrum of J’s and P’s. A lot of one of the authors books involved intuition as a major trope. This isn’t to liken myself to famous celebrities, but rather showcase that I liked a lot of things within my own spectrum. Involving other things I enjoyed, like Professional wrestling, the personality types have been similar as well. You’re not guaranteed to be 100% akin to your favorite celebrity, but closer to home, your friends are.

While not everything is 100% exact, I have liked the odd sensing type, but it is extremely rare instance.Your friends, opposite and similar sex, will most likely share similar genetics to you. For instance, a few of my friends and I share the MCR-1 gene, which is responsible for red hair and our I.Q.’s are in the same spectrum, among a slew of other genetics. For the sake of not self-aggrandizing myself, since the actual number is unimportant to the hypothesis, I will omit it. While they don’t think I.Q. is genetic, it still very real and people are likely to gravitate towards those people and form tribes with them.

I came to this conclusion accidentally. Apparently too inept to work a McJob in the town of Biddeford, Maine. I took it upon myself to criticize my performance as I am prone to doing and ensuring I improved in order to be hirable anywhere, including better jobs later on. Obviously, like most of my readers, all four to six of you, I wanted to be successful. As I analyzed the system, I noticed the patterns on hirable people. All of them were within the spectrum of MBTI personality type, all had similar genetics, I.Q. and backgrounds. All exhibited a lack of consciousness and most were inclined towards being musically absorb. It should be noted that Maine in general ranks low in contentiousness, while Florida is ranked one of the highest for it. It should also be noted that 90% of major companies use the MBTI during their hiring process. It should also be noted, the army use a similar test to sort people out. So, life is basically a caste system that is exhibited in both the real world and in the business world. Some people have better genetics than others and a more in demand, we have always known this in part, as good looks grant great privilege.

While some people reject the notion of alpha and beta men, the evidence posits otherwise. Yes, humans form hierarchy, but that is built on similar principles.
So, jobs breakdown as follows, each one corresponds to the MBTI and with enough knowledge, you can figure out what types they are looking for. One instance, a company that shan’t be named, discriminates against Intuitive types, looking only for sensors. The test you take to get the job, ask if you use intuition and then rejects you if you say yes, among other pro sensing questions. I was rejected because I wasn’t a sensor.

Even when they don’t ask on online test, I have taken plenty that have rejected me, where the entire company has been nothing but sensing types. In fact, I’ve been unemployable for pretty much 14 years, because I live in a town of 96% white sensing types. This isn’t to be poor me, this is how I have uncovered the human tribal system, which in turn, then deals with criminality.

Now, in those 14 years, I have managed to walk into manager jobs a decent number of times, which perplexed me. Who the hell walks into manager? It’s running a company, especially in a town full of sensing types, mostly P types, whom normally show preference for experience.
Albeit my aunt did it in my hometown, but me being a teenager, I assumed and erroneously, it must be a “who you know” type of situation.
I have done everything under the sun that has ever gotten a person a job and none of it has worked, because I am unable to peg off solipsism, which, normally turns out to be correct in their assumptions that we’re in fact, not alike.
It was anything but luck and I have been able to replicate these finding over and over, time and time again.

Now, in regards to hierarchy, it seems to have some component with masculinity. In each tribe, regardless of which of the 16 personality types they have, the coordinator or the “alpha” will always be masculine. As we go down the clock, so to speak, the more effeminate the male will become. “Beta” often possess almost as much masculinity as the “Alpha” themselves, they’re just not as good as coordinating the tribe and this can change with time. This results in everyone being an integral part of the team and is very important to every business. It should be noted that, with modern transgender studies, like those of Harvard in 2012 or 13, that a person’s masculine/feminine make up are decided entirely in the womb, by testosterone and estrogen levels in the natal environment.
It should be noted, that besides the personality types, there is two types of people in the world. Independent people and team workers. Others can work between them. These independent people will only be employable at jobs that need people who are “self-starting, go getters” who do not need to be coordinated. Freelancers, contractors, pro-wrestlers, business owners, ect. These types are often referred to as sigma.

So, now that we have that all out of the way, it important to note, all these aspect as quantifiable. Also, everyone’s experiences is in part, right. People attract that which is similar and occasion that which is opposite, because that is what we need to get along in the work force. The opposite almost always comes into play when a person is at the height of maturity and while it seems anecdotal, it is 100% provable.

This too, is how crime plays out. Criminals will almost always share, not just personality type, but genetic components as well and this is how pedophiles pick their victims. It’s not always a constant act, but the more hits on these multiple spectrums, the higher the chance the person is going to be choose, so let’s make a list of how my algorithm would work in finding the potential victim of a known pedophile with 100% accuracy.
1. MBTI type.
2. Genetic similarity
3. Graduation of masculinity/femininity.
4. I.Q. levels
5. Backgrounds
6. Sexuality
7. Looks on the golden ratio
These seven keys, with potential for uncovering more, are how human beings come together and form a tribe. Serial Killers, regardless of habitual nature, will almost always choose the exact personality type. So let us give another example of how this would look.

Serial Killer Guy, is a guy who has been spurn by a lover. She’s blonde, 5’4, rosebud lips and an ass that goes for days. As we already know, he will continue to seek 5’4 blondes with similar features to the woman that hurt him. How many 5’4 tall blondes can there be in any given city? Innumerable, I’m sure. Which is why these additional steps make a more specific algorithm for knowing which he is likely to kill. So our killer is a ISTJ who was spurned by a ISTP, both are roughly 120 in IQ, straight, employable at jobs that need a manager, but neither of which are managers, each one has the genes for blue eyes, expressed in his would be lover but dormant in him.
By knowing this information before hand, we can, to a T, realize who his victims are going to be. If we factor in things such as the lack of free will humans possess, we can even figure out where they will strike and I believe, when they will strike, due to these types of offenders always doing at the height of their stress, when they need to relive their impulse or the stress of daily life.

It should be noted that pre-crime is not perfect, and I am not suggesting arresting people for thought-crime. With the right amount of research, we can possible severely reduce crime though and even get to it before it happens. Right now I am unable to predict infant sexual attacks as more research is needed, but I have enough evidence, non-anecdotal, to showcase there is merit to the hypothesis and plan to start rolling out the algorithm to police stations when it is peer reviewed and firmly science. Also, it can be used in reverse to predict the past with absolute accuracy. I never went to school with a baby
boomer for instance, but I could predict their entire sexual history with just those six keys as if I had been there. While I would like to delve extensively into the genetics of criminals and their victims, I may not get that opportunity for all, but that’s ok, as genetics that are mostly visible, without having to get thousands of people into MRI machines and constantly vetting their genetics as it works fine with just the quantifiable genetics, thanks to the likes of Darwin and Johann Gregor Mendal and that is all that would be needed to start breaking out pre-crime as actual fact and really preemptively saving lives in the process. One last thing, because such may trigger people, say, in Facebook science groups, that race plays no factor in who is and isn’t a criminal. Nor does it mean a white person and a black person would never be matched. Skin color is merely an expression of pigmentation and either way, blacks, white, Asians and more will share similar genetics. It’s not like Black People are Lions attempting to mate with a white puppy. No one is free from any of the keys of human tribalism and diversity isn’t as diverse as it seems when you look at the structure of humanity anyways. A black and white couple will be, in a lot of ways as similar as a black and an Asian. This was completed in an all-white town, but has been observed in many other cities, with a lot of diversity and it always plays out the same way.

Ultimately, though I could make a lot of money off of selling this algorithm once it is 100% legitimate science, that isn’t my goal, even with sacrificing my twenties in order to complete it. It comes down to family and friends. Anyone who has ever loved a victim knows how hard dealing with the issues caused by being hurt by pedophiles or other criminals. I’ve spent the better part of my 32 years on this planet dealing with the outfall of such atrocious acts, having a mother and sister who have been assaulted and a best friend, whom, thanks to her pedophile abuser, messed her up real bad and caused me to bump my head, whilst drunk, on my parents kitchen table. I may have been unemployable for nearly 2 decades, but boy, did I recover Steller! It is because of this that I wish to help distribute and further research more and contribute it to as many law enforcement offices as humanly possible with due time, in hopes crime is extinguished, once and for all!

Generational Gaps in Thought

     What can be said about generations that hasn’t already been made up, through random samples, by people who lack a degree in any science, never mind sociology? That is what we’re going to attempt to explore in this essay by doing some real analysis and sorting the chaff from the wheat from someone who has actually attended college and knows how sociology works.

     A generation is defined as a period of twenty years of child births that result in some level of alleged similarity between human beings belonging to this arbitrary system that makes little more sense than the bullshit astrogeology or religion that morons tend to buy into. The idea behind a generation, besides time of birth, is apparently the way of the world at the time someone is born. You know, much like how mars in retrograde impacts gullible people and lunatics use the full moon to blame for their actions or even how some idiots think your magical body energy feels like another generation entirely, unlike Rainman, these people are not idiot savants, they’re just dull. These are the two major things that we’re going to look at and put into perspective in regards to those born into these generations and also what is and isn’t nature vs nurture.


     It is important to remember that no one cared about generations prior to the baby boomers and that was important to keep track of in regards to social security, whilst Gen X was only slightly monitored by the government, but with little to care about. Mostly this bullshit comes from marketers looking to make sales and helplessly inept people who don’t understand individual people’s psychology, so they hop on the internet and read the first douchenozzle that created a post, confirming their bias and accepted it as fact. If you don’t match their mold, they suffer sever cognitive dissonance and cannot reason why you are the exception, so it is important to note that most idiots giving a fuck about this shit are predominately sensing types in the MBTI, except they don’t accept the MBTI as a fact, since it is theory and a lot of Sensing types despise theory. Instead, they like to go on personal experience, which one does not inviolate. Sadly for them, we’re what you call intellects and that means personal anecdotal evidence doesn’t count as fact. Now, if there was a way to quantify these things as truths, we could start to consider them as potentially having merit. One should not consider anecdotal the same as observational. Observational is that which is discernible by anyone within the world, it isn’t limited to just one person’s experience. The thing with these sensors is that, their precious experience they’re drawing upon, besides being the hallmark of a giant cuckholded racist prick, is that it lacks falsifiability. Science looks for falsifiability in regards to that which it considers in regards to hypothi. An example of falsifiability is all apples are green. Even if all observable apples are indeed green, it cannot be 100% true that there isn’t red apples.

     We’re going to be discussing three primary generations, whilst temporarily leaving Gen Z out of this, as we will get to them by the end of the article. Right now, we’re dealing with Baby Boomer, Generation X and Millennials, the three generations with the most “adults” within the workforce.

     What years are these generations born into? Good fucking question, because no one has any real data that makes sense in order for it to be a valid truth hood. Let us look at the book, generations, that claimed to have started it all and then extrapolate to that, with the common and more accepted answers that are mindlessly floating all over the internet.

     Generations defined Boomers as 1943-1960, Gen X as 1961-1981 and Millennials as 1982-2004. This may seem different from the years you’re used to, since, much like religion, any asshole with an internet connection and an opinion can hop on, write an article at a 4th grade level, back it up with no real data and have it become easily accepted by the masses who eat this claptrap up. In other words, every idiot thinks they’re an expert, much to the chagrin of those of us who have actually put effort into studying. More common versions of the age ranges put Boomers up to 1964, Gen X from 1966-1982 and Millennials from 1983 until about 1996 or so. These age ranges are easier to work with then the book generations, which is a fantastic work of fiction, with its only equal being L.Ron Hubbard’s Dianetics.

     Here is a venn diagram of generations with overlaps between them and the same tropes they used over and over again, in regards to the generations:

Venn Diagram

     As you can see, a lot of these are easily due to personality types as opposed to rearing. How does independent thinking come about through rearing alone? How about herd mentality? What type of parent would force their child to be a sheep? While some attribute the school system for attempting to force herd think on the child, clearly from one look on the internet, there are plenty of millennials thinking independently. This is falsifiability in action and because we cannot be sure of any one individual’s upbringing, the only conclusion we can draw from the “evidence” is that either the person was born this way or learned the behavior. If they’re born this way, it is most likely from personality type. For instance, the Gen X personality type is made of four different intuitive on the Myers-Brigg’s with the remainder of Millennials being akin to sensing types. Raring would have very little to do with these traits as they would, without a doubt, have been innate in the individual from birth. Albeit, the MBTI is really more of a system, then a collection of traits, but I do think, the system impacts some traits, but can be altered of course. Sensors do not tend to be comfortable with theory, but some can understand it well. This isn’t really a paradox, since a sensors system, combined with say, a higher intelligence, may confer such ability on the personality. No one really bothered to factor in the personality types in regards to generational discrepancy and I think that plays a major problem in regards to how and why people seem to have overlap and confliction in regards to discussion on the individuals that are sampled.

     Now that we have that out of the way, we need to get into the crux of my article, which is, the MBTI is ultimately responsible for the generational discrepancies and the generations should be turned into personality types and dispense with the rearing bullshit, since very little is discernible from the untrained person, in regards to a person’s background.

     Hitherto, we’ve had only someone’s personal testimony to relay on from a second hand source. In other words, no one has bother to check the veracity of the claims in regards to the sampling of people that took part in nonexistent studies. These have never been the backbone of science, nor have they ever contributed to anything outside of the odd whack job article, riddled with typos, written at a 4th grade level and slapped onto the internet with little thought put into the implications of such. Now we have a deeper understanding of how science should work in regards to these types of hypothi, but not a single one on the internet hold ups to snuff. Much like fake news is now abhorrent, we should also look at pseudo-science the same way and extirpate that from our lives as well. If you choose to indulge yourself in such piffle, that is up to you, but do not expect everyone to be peachy keen on your ignorance, nor should it be accepted enmass. Just because you’re unable to think critically, doesn’t mean everyone is like yourself. Solipsism plays a small factor in such atrocities against the thinking mindset and colleges really need to do back to teaching critical thinking, but I digress.

     Furthermore, we should demand more from studies if they’re going to claim to be such and ask for and demand more of these people evidence. I was able to, in less than 10 pages, showcase everything wrong with generational bullshit, but these people cannot even add real data to supplement their experience? The generational gaps being reworked to become personality types as opposed to years of birth, as it would make a lot more sense and even help within the workforce. Not everyone needs to be told what to do and some people work better in groups, these are traits that we can observe, but cannot really have much to do with upbringing and while we cannot always appreciate the nuance in the differences between us, we need to learn to accept them as parts of a system and genetic as opposed to things that can be changed. A tiger cannot change his stripes, nor can the thinker repress their thoughts.

     Now, I turn my sights to Gen Z, whom are just really getting into adulthood, I don’t know shit from shinola about how they were raised and minus the few dullards on the internet eating tide pods, they are all different individuals and should be seen as such. They are a group of people, made up of different backgrounds, different personality types. Some match the core experience, some are outliers who don’t fit the mold. Some of them are young right now and some are mentally old. Regardless of the pattern, let us learn from our past mistakes and correct course while we can, because our future depends on these kids being heard and given an opportunity to shine and the only way to do that is give them a hand up, because they seem to have quite a hand on what is going on and an ability to bring that message to the world, let us give them the chance no one was willing to give the other generations and hear them out whilst wishing them luck, so they won’t be stuck betwixt a rock and a hard place in their adulthood!