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A Review of Rocko: Static Cling

It is hard to believe that it has been 20 years since Rocko’s Modern Life showed up on Nickelodeon. Now, not my favorite cartoon of the time period, it was far from the worse thing ever. It had its moment, both memorable and dull, it style was similar but different from other cartoons of the time period, like Ren and Stimpy. So Netflix decided to make a modern episode that is about 45 minutes long and called it a movie. Let us take a look at it.

Rocko comes back to earth after 20 years in space and a lot has changed. He has trouble adapting to the new world and in the process brings back his favorite cartoon to help save o-town from the brink of destruction.

Still the same, except that Filburt is no longer neurotic. There is a joke at the end that seems to come round circle to this and it is brilliant if you pick up on it.

Voice acting:
Still spot on, with minor sound differences here and there, its been 20 years since they voiced these characters so it is a testament to their talent to nail it pretty 100%.

Very Rocco with all the right beats in place and very retro jokes that is filled with fun while having a slightly meta aspect on top of a very fun nostalgia pop.

Rife with subtext, it takes millennial culture to task in the most loving way and also attempts to help them grow as people. Everything is right from the inability to adapt to the modern world because Rocko (Your avg. Millennial) has been stuck in space or in this case, have had their heads up their ass for 20 years and don’t care for anything but things from their youth, like cartoons. It isn’t disrespectful, but a fun ball bust.

Easter eggs:
So many, I have to watch it again. Look for the old Nickelodeon orange tape to make an appearance. Along with other fun nods to past episodes.

This really could have been a horrible nostalgia pop that simply cashed in on the craze of retro everything, because people want to live in bubbles and never grow up. It pay cared to be everything the original show was and more. It felt familiar and yet fresh. I’m glad they did it overall as this seems to be the thing the world needs right now.

5 out of 5.