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Roe V. Wade and Why Overturning it, is Not the End of The World.

A lot of hoopla out there on the internet today about the overturning of the 50 year, technically 49, year precedent it has set and why there is a silver lining here and it isn’t as bad as the left wants you to think it is, nor is it the win that the right wants to think it is.

Ok, so back in 1973, the Supreme Court of the US decided that abortions where to be openly available to any and all whom sought one. This however, never made abortion a right, rather set a lawful precedence that abortion was not murder and was justified. From my understanding, the opinion of the court today, actually makes it more of a right than it ever has been before. Before I get into that, let me take a moment to show you why I think it was always a right to begin with.

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.-U.S. Constitution, 4th Amendment.

I personally believe this quote right here, solidifies abortion as a right. Person’s should be seen as body, what other type of persons is there? And attempting to restrict a person and their sovereignty could constitute the seizures clause. If I recall correctly, this also prevents against unlawful cavity searches. You see where I am going with this? You could interpret it as a baby being protected inside the womb, but you’re probably illiterate.

So, the Supreme Court is using this as their guide for their abortion take.

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.-U.S.Constitution, 10th Amendment.

This, is the irony of overturning Roe, in that the Supreme Court strengthened it by mistake. Their political arm stretch actually makes abortion a right, finally after years of people pushing for it. Just like gay marriage was never illegal before 2014, when all the court did was force people to actually recognize gay marriage and nothing more. Rescinding Roe doesn’t make it illegal, it just allows the states to do what they could already do and attempt to restrict it. One could misinterpret this as saying because Roe is overturned that the states have more power because it is now prohibited. That isn’t what that clause is and even if it was the correct interpretation, that fact that a half century of legality would just put a bigger dampening on the states in their restrictions.

Once this goes to lower courts, I think you will see forced judicial precedent to keep abortion legal as it is and pretty much was. I do not think red states, short of activist judges, will get away with very many restrictions. Even if they did, the fact that, once again, it is now a RIGHT, would end up, oddly enough, causing a new and potentially stronger version of Roe V Wade to make it to the Supreme Court, where they would be forced to,reestablish abortion rights federally.

So while it may be killing philosophically speaking, the RNC and their strong arm of the court have, naively and stupidly, shot themselves in the foot, so to speak. This is nothing more than a temporary burst of team playerism and will result in the same aspect that it did in 1973. No one has anything to worry about.

Till next time, Intellectualize and not emotionalize.

Abortion: Human Extinction

What argument hasn’t already been made against abortion? What new territory could be broken in a debate that has been raging for over 40 years?

The typical argument from both sides look a bit like this:
Left: Woman’s body, woman’s right. Right: But God!

This went for a while, when the argument looked like this: Left: Woman’s right to choose. Right: It’s a life!

With nothing really new from either side, the debate pretty much dwindled into this:

Left: Back alley abortions will kill Millions! Right: Legal Abortion will Kill Millions!

Both sides are now apparently “Pro-Life” in the debate, but at different end of the spectrum. Now, his is a relatively simplistic version of what the debates look like, but there are decent arguments to be made on both sides of the aisle, but I won’t rehash them all here. What I want to focus on is more about the benefit for the species and if abortion is, in effect, making the gene-pool shallower and given way to the modern problems we are seeing now.

Some studies indicate that the first born child of a couple is imbued with a higher I.Q., but what does that really mean? If the average I.Q. across all races is about 100, give or take, then a first born with 115 I.Q. is born above average, but that doesn’t really help the species, because, unlike a Stephen Hawking or a Christopher Hitchens, the I.Q. isn’t really high enough to confer substantial benefits on the population. With that in mind breast feeding can also confer higher boost of intelligence, on top of that.

The question now becomes, what is a “First born” child? This was a straight forward question in the ancestral environment of our species, but has been murkier since about the 1960’s, when the birth control pill first came into being. Essentially, the pill tricks the body into thinking it is pregnant, when it isn’t. Would this count towards the first born in terms of biology? Would the body register it that way at all?

Then we come to miscarriages nature’s form of abortion, when the fetus doesn’t make it to full maturation and is essentially flushed out of the body. Does that register as a first born? Would the body even be able to tell the difference between birth and miscarriage? I do not have the answers to this at present, but my general bias is towards no, it wouldn’t be able to tell and in effect, the first true born, might be considered, at least in the natal environment, number four, or even five.

Now, if it holds true that the first true born would indeed born with a higher general intelligence, then essentially, abortion, would be destroying a much need necessity in our lives. Without evolutionary novel things, building computers for instance, or creating new medicines or biotechnology to cure cancer, aids or other horrible diseases, our species is going to destroy itself.

Which brings me to my next part, just my general thesis is that abortion might be really negative for the human race in general, we have to look at sexuality. The brothers hypothesis, which I am no fan of, but regardless, I could be wrong here, is that the more brothers a person has, the more likely the next one down the line will be homosexual. Whilst there is nothing wrong with homosexual activity, if the world was nothing but gay men and woman, our species wouldn’t survive, unless they were to adapt. Right now you’re thinking, but we can create children in a lab, everyone being gay wouldn’t be a problem, expect you forgot the above. Designer babies are evolutionary novel concepts, so is science and without the higher general intelligence to work on biological engineering, the species faces certain extinction, as the world will be filled with dumber human beings.

This is all assuming that we as a species even survive to that point, as I am looking centuries down the road. It’s not like human beings are already particularly intelligent, but general intelligence has tended to gone up as the aeons passed and this could set our civilization back millennia, only on par with the dark ages in human advancement.

My personal point of view, in regards to the future and child breeding, should be getting people to see the negatives in breeding arbitrarily and to look to designer babies a lot sooner, in order to combat this future were the species will go extinct. We need people to be comfortable with breeding all children with a 160 points, minimum, of general intelligence. Only designer babies will truly create an egalitarian playing field for all those involved, since genetics wouldn’t be doled out randomly.

Now, you may think such is on par with eugenics, which seems to be a dirty word, since the Nazi’s perverted it, but really, all it is, is nature in a more controlled environment. Woman already do the subconscious math when it comes to picking the man they would like to sire progeny with. The difference comes in the laboratory control, allowing for superior human beings in general to be born, of all races, creeds, sexuality and more. With birth out of the way, abortion becomes a non-issue, woman still get choice and sex is now just accomplished for enjoyment, instead of keeping the human race in existence. Those general intelligence boost will create a collective nation that looks to conceive a universe that will resemble Star Trek instead of Mad Max. We will have a generation that never knew disease, complete inequity, rape, Incel men and maybe even poverty, as all new industry will be created and in a world that is slowly becoming more robotic in terms of jobs, that social currency conferred to this new generation, will give them everything they need to survive and keep the species alive for eons to come!


This is truly the only way to bring the species together and works towards a more perfect union, a more perfect species and protecting your legacy, because the sun is about to go nova or become a red drawf within 5 billion years, wiping out the solar system in its wake. All that will remain of your legacy, will be star dust and atoms and larks of what you and others once were. Instead, the future could be another Goldilocks zone and to explore the final frontier, to seek out new life forms and civilizations, to boldly go were no species has gone before.