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Social Justice Warriors are Autistic

     I’ve worked with Autistics when I was in High School. I was good at academics and asked if I would mind helping people with their work. I said I had no problem with it and did the best I could. Dealing with autism is no easy feat, especially when they’re not considered “high functioning” autistics. While I am no expert on autism, I do have the ability to analyze better than most other non-educated people and know what I am looking for when I am out and about in the world at large. It also is painfully obvious from the internet that the average social justice warrior is indeed, autistic.

     If you, like myself, have wondered why the world has all of a sudden become a major cesspool of bullshit, one need look no further than the average SJW. They’re what is called, when it relates to autism, monotropic. This, in years past, has been referred to as tunnel vision, informally speaking. Monotropism is defined as:

Monotropism is a cognitive strategy posited to be the central underlying feature of autism. A monotropic mind is one that focuses its attention on a small number of interests at any time, tending to miss things outside of this attention tunnel

     This seems very much like your average SJW, I would say. At current, it seems to mostly plague only the left as legitimate monotropism. The alt-right obsession with Jews and the Zionist conspiracy, coupled with “white genocide” does not fit this bill as being monotropism. It is my belief that they are following basic and archaic laws of power in order to create an us vs them mentality, that still seems to have sway. I also think the white power aspect stems from an inferiority complex, that is a byproduct of little to no success within the real world. When you feel inferior to people, you’ll look at anything to build yourself esteem and when it comes to skin color, it is the easiest way to prove to yourself that you are as superior as you claim, when the reality is, superiority comes from higher standards set for oneself and achieving them. Skin color can therefore never be benchmark for supremacy, as it allows anyone to claim it with little to no proof of such and such shallow criteria is none at all. When everyone is “superior” no one is.

So what are the traits associated with monotropism?

1. Strong focus on few things
2. They miss things outside of their tunnel vision
3. Attention deficit
4. Hyper focus
5. Difficulty doing more than one thing at a time
6. Inability to read faces

Since the amount of attention available to a person is limited, cognitive processes are forced to compete. In the monotropic mind, interests that are active at any given time tend to consume most of the available attention, causing difficulty with tasks that demand a broad attention span, including conventional social interaction. Language development can be affected, both through the broad attention required and the psychological impact of language providing a tool for others to manipulate a child’s interest system. As Murray et al argue: ‘Disruption of the attention tunnel is a painful experience. Language may suddenly become unattractive for a deeply monotropic infant.’-WIKI

In the monotropism account, theory of mind difficulties seen in autistic people are not a ‘core deficit’ central to autism, but rather follow from the attentional demands of social interaction. As the autistic sociologist Damian Milton puts it, ‘recognition of others may only occur if connected to the fulfilling of interests that the autistic individual has, otherwise the existence of others may not be registered at all.-WIKI

     Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Everything from the inability to deal with others and diffrences, right down to the words are violence aspect, which is a key phrase heard from the common SJW. Their platitudes are as banal as their thinking, but unlike the racist alt-right, they might have a legitimate excuse for their insane behavior and might actually be legitimately triggering, given that social interactions would be far harder for the brain to process, which is probably why these things always seem to happen in large groups. It is difficult for one to understand the mind of these people, even if you would like to. No matter how good you are at understanding from others perspectives, it is hard for anyone not suffering from monotropism to identify or have sympathy for the SJW.

     One way to combat this is to help the individuals in question to go back to other realms of interest that may alleviate the problem of monotropism as seen in the quote above. This is something that colleges should start looking towards as the ever increasing snowflake brigade tends to hijack and otherwise impede the desires of students, whom are there to learn and have thoughtful dialogues with teachers, in order to make themselves better people as opposed to a group of triggering, ineffectual, SJWs that get nowhere but on the news. SJWS make up a small amount of the overall electorate anyways and this would also tend to go hand in hand with autism levels in general.

     So what could be the cause for this? Some studies suggest that having older parents when they are born could result in higher levels of autism and that would be why this is a new phenomenon with the Millennial. A lot of Millennials tend to have parents that had them older, with the average age seeming to have been 40-50ish. The studies suggest this causes an increase in the likelihood that the progeny will exhibit autism as opposed to younger parents which is a far rarer occurrence. While others Millennials exhibit more signs of sociopathy, the typical SJW show signs of autism and monotropism, which is why they differ, not just in perspective, but engaging the world. Most of them seem to have higher levels of neuroticism and agreeableness as well, which may be why the numbers seem higher than they are, which brings me to the fact that I would not be shocked if entire groups of SJW have been led by and or have been high jacked by sociopaths, as may be the case with well-planned internet attacks on individuals and groups outside the realm of the SJWs interest. Being highly agreeable brings less bullying and more herd conformity along with it. This may be why SJWs have a tendency to use violence. Although Antifa doesn’t fit the bill of the average social justice warrior, as they’re just mearely the left version of the alt-right and it comes from a place of inferiority.

     While I don’t have all the answers and I cannot say for sure how to deal with this problem, there is a list of ways to deal with the average SJW and if we want to stop the insanity that is happening in the US, we might be wise to try these out for ourselves. We have nothing to lose and everything to gain, so why not?

To help autistic individuals in understanding and navigating the world, Murray et al propose that certain steps could be helpful. These include:

Increase connections with other people through the child’s interests: ‘start where the child is’.
Allow them to pursue their own interests, and build understanding that way.
Improve understanding in order to correct false or partial connections.
Make tasks more attainable by decreasing the number and complexity of them.
Make tasks and connections more meaningful.[1]

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