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Is Disney Secretly Alt-Right?

I have an interesting new take on Star Wars: The Last Jedi that I don’t think anyone has seen before and I intend to prove, as I did with my essay on The Empire being the good guys, that The Last Jedi is really Anti-Semitic as opposed to inclusive, like Disney and Rian Johnson want you to think it is.

Now I know what you’re thinking, “Kage, Disney is Hollywood and Hollywood is run by the Jews, how and why would Disney allow for such?” the answer is simple, subtext and cockiness on behalf of Disney, on top of a sordid past that has seen accusations of anti-Semitism thrown at Disney before. Although they claim these were unfounded, due to “hiring Jews”, the accusation stuck with Walt throughout the rest of his life. Let’s be honest, Hitler hired Jews as well and that clearly never stopped him from the holocaust. Disney was never shy to deal with racist characters head on either. Jim Crow in Dumbo, The Siamese Cats in Lady and the Tramp and least we forget the movie Disney never released in the 1960’s, Song of the South, which featured a black slave as the main focal point. Epcot center doesn’t include the Israeli flag in any of its displays, whatsoever. So this essay isn’t really stretching when it comes to Disney’s track record. Now you’re wondering, what does this have to do with Star Wars? Well, now that Disney owns it, the subtext is heavier than ever before.

Let us first look at the Jedi and what they are. The Jedi are a religion, the oldest religion. This is already a reference to Judaism, which most people perceive as the world’s oldest religion. While it isn’t actually the oldest, most people could care less about actual facts. Now look at the word Jedi, it seems similar to Judaism in and of itself. You probably think, well that subtext is shallow and I would agree your point isn’t invalid, until you look at the context of Jews and Jedi. Jews are considered “God’s Chosen People”. The Jedi are also chosen people. Most Jedi are born of force sensitive parents, usually mothers. You only count as Jewish if your mother is Jewish. The Last Jedi is all about how Jedisim should be “inclusive.” The jealously subtext of God’s favorite children is clearly strong here. It goes even deeper than that, when one considers modern force sensitive users have aquiline features, which historically is a way to cover for saying “Jewish features.”

Lets examine Yoda and Luke being together on screen for the first time since Return of the Jedi. Not only do the Jedi never have an ancient text in any of the movies, only in some EU comics, so we can see this as a clear refrence to the talamud, but the very first thing Yoda does is burn a tree featuring the ancient text. Now, you’re like, let me guess, holocaust? Nope, that would be too obvious. It is really a refrence to the burning tree of exodus, staring Moses, who was Jewish, as subtext. Within the story, it deals with the Exodus of the Jewish people, suffering in Egypt and getting them the hell out of dodge, which is very much what Last Jedi is about, in and of itself. Luke can be seen as a self-loathing Jedi, which Mark Hamill was vocal about hating the way the character was written. A clear reference to self-loathing Jewish stereotypes, perhaps?

What about General Holdo? She sacrifices herself for the rest of the crew to escape, but her sacrifice not only feels insignificant, but is treated that way as well. Jesus, self-proclaimed “king of the Jews,” also sacrificed himself and isn’t regarded well by the Jews whatsoever.

Kylo Ren’s mother is Princess Leia, a force sensitive, but not his father. He struggles with the plight between the light and dark, or perhaps with his Judaism?

Regardless of what you think of the movie overall, you have to admit, these, and never mind the obligatory Nazi references for the First Order, seems to add up to the possibility that Disney is on the side of the goyim and not as pro Isreal as they would want to make you think, especially in light of their ever growing monopoly within Hollywood now. Disney has treated the First Order a lot better than George Lucas treated The Empire in the original trilogy. In the holy trilogy, The Empire was very inclusive and very libertarian, vs the theocracy of the Jedi. The First Order doesn’t show similar aspects to The Empire. Perhaps this is subtext to the alt-right itself, a new form of conservitism, as they’re tired of Old.

One could retort that JJ Abrams is director and this excludes the possibility that they’re subconsciously anti-Semitic. Except that JJ doesn’t wear his Jewishness on his sleeve like a lot tend too, in fact, one could argue he is Jew light. Don’t forget, as I pointed out, Jewish friends doesn’t mean you are pro Jewish.

In conclusion, I think the evidence, both past and present are too obvious to ignore and that ultimately Rian Johnson et el are letting the country know they’re kind of alt-right. Given that Rian Johnson is a devil’s advocate means the possibility that his “wokeness” is only for the sake of hiding his anti-Semitism. Least we forget that the Institute for Historical Review,was a cover for anti-Semitism, which featured David Irving as a prominent member, who was convicted of contrarianism for the sake of contrarianism, in the 2000’s.

Feel free to let me know your take and if there is anything I am missing in the comments below!

P.S. I know it is difficult to buy movies now a days when the interent is one big treasure trove of FREE, but If you would like to check the subtext out for yourself and not just take my word for it, please use my Amazon affliate link here and buy a copy of The Last Jedi. Every little bit helps to support this website and keep it mostly free.

Slight corrections and extrapolation to the text: June 25th 2019 at 12:25