Star Wars Ep. VII review

Episode seven was a massive let down. This is not the fault of the George Lucas, Disney or even J.J. Abrams, this is the fault of fanboys!

Yes, you Jar Jar hating, fat and underweight losers that are overly entitled to another person’s story. This is on you!You hated the prequels so much, George Lucas sold the franchise and now we are stuck with a movie that isn’t Star Wars, it’s a fanboy’s crappy youtube video!This is not the sequel we’re looking for, in fact, it is worse than Lucas’ prequel trilogy!I may not have liked Jar Jar or a lot of Episodes 1-3, but what we have here is nothing short of disappointment.

What starts off as a Star Was flick, with the opening crawl about the search for Luke Skywalker, and the traditional pan down to the planet from the stars, quickly becomes a very lackluster movie!
The dialogue is still horrible, so J.J. did a great homage, there. The character development is weak and mostly non-existent. Finn is without a doubt one of the more interesting characters in the film, along with Poe Dameron. Kylo Ren is the worse villain of all the films, with only General Grievous being about even with him. He is a cookie cutter Anakin wannabe!

The story is weak and does not flow well at all, it really is missing it in all the wrong spots, as well as leaving so many questions unanswered.

The Movie couldn’t decide if it wanted to be A New Hope or The Empire Strikes Back and leans more towards Attack of the Clones. It is stylistically on par with the Special Editions.

The fights are very Star Wars and felt right, but that is about all that was very Star Wars to me, with the exception of Harrison Ford not missing a beat, playing Han Solo. Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher might as well not have been cast in the first place, as their roles were so paltry, that if you blinked, you missed it. Tad bit of an exaggeration, but not by much!We also only get one light saber battle in the entire movie and it was very weak.

This is not the way to start a new trilogy and it makes a poor bridge from Return of the Jedi.

Overall, I rather not even acknowledge this movie was made. When it comes to episode eight, I have a bad feeling about it, and do not have optimistic hopes for the franchises future, if this is the best that Disney can do!

Of course, people will still see it in droves, but this movie has made me renounce the franchise for good. Four sub-par films is more than enough and I will be joining George Lucas in divorcing myself from the series.

It was fun while it lasted, but now we need to movie on. We’ll always have 1977-1983 as the prime years of love, but you’re no longer the movie I married.

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