Against PC Culture (2008)

The best thing about America is that I never run out of targets for me to verbally assault with my diatribes.

This retard wants people to not see Tropic Thunder because they use the word Retard too much and it’s hurtful to…well, retards, much like Mr. Shriver here.

First off, I highly doubt the retards are a big part of the movie going public…wait, scratch that. I need to rephrase this, because well, 90% of this country is retarded and a lot of them are the movie going public, hence why Hollywood spews forth shitty remakes and crappy movies year after year.

Revised: I highly doubt that the “Mentally Challenged- there we go, that is specific to the type of people I want you to in vision while reading this.- are a big part of the movie going public, and I wonder why?

Most probably would not even get the plot of anything that requires more intelligence then a sight gag. The type of movies that would be more suited to the mentally challenged would be something along the lines of “Meet the Spartans” “Scary Movie 4” “Epic movie” “Date Movie” and the new “Disaster movie” which is a most appropriate title given the line of crap movies that came before it.

The mentally challenged probably won’t go see Tropic Thunder unless they go with a non mentally challenged friend or family member.

Why should I, as a fan of the stars of Tropic Thunder (Although some may argue being a Ben Stiller fan may make me a retard) not see this movie because it’s offensive to some? It does not offend me, and the entire side of my mothers family is retarded, baring her, of course.

I watched the Klumps and laughed my ass off, and some could say thats offenive to the fat fucks out there. I really don’t give a shit. Guess what, the joke isn’t being made about me, so there is no reason to get upset. Same for you retards out there. The joke isn’t being made about you, so GET OVER IT!

Mr. Shriver even says we should “Ban” the movie. Wow, a fascist statment coming from someone who, in my opinion, looks like a Republican, latent homosexual, Mormon, wife beating, alcoholic, douche bag. Shocking!

Once again I point out the first admedment. Is it that fucking hard to understand? It protects all speech, weather that speech is popular or not. You don’t have to like it, and you can use your free speech to say you hate it as well. To suggest banning the movie, as well as the word “retard” is just dumb.

You make the argument that people could use those lines and make fun of the mentally challenged, well sure they could, but that’s what is so great about the first amendment, is shows you who the real douche bags are, much like Mr. Shriver.

Mr. Shriver, take your PC loving, leave it to beaver style ass and cram it. Take your victim act somewhere else, because no one else gives a shit.

A movie is a movie, and what people take away from that is up to them. I will not delve too much into this topic given that I have done so in the past, but man do these douche bags piss me off.

P.S. Wow, a whole rant on retards and I didn’t once make a joke about how the country is run by one…whoops, just did. 😀

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