Depression (2008)


My silent screams, never fading
From my tortured soul, ejaculating
Never free, always waiting
For death to come and ease my pain

When it comes, I will be ready
Nerves clam, feeling steady
Trusty razor at the ready
To free me from my mortal form.

Crimson rain, horizontally fleeing
Taking every fiber of my being
To finally destroy this anguish feeling.
That infects my very core.
One more arm, must go deep
Perchance to dream in endless sleep
Feeling tired, feeling weak
To find myself in defeat
Upon my brow which is beat
With beaded fear, falling upon my cheek
Am I selfish or am I meek?
Arm now heavy, feeling weak
My angst is gone, I feel so alone
Taking a chance and feeling bold
Once flush feeling, now is cold.

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