Trigger Warning (2008)

     A hand swung down out of the darkness like a bat in the night, striking its victim across the head and pushing here forward into a small area lighted only by a yellowish spot light.

     “Get up, bitch” a man’s voiced screamed from the black abyss surrounding the young, freighted, blonde hair woman.

     “I said get the fuck up” This time the voice echoed. The young woman lay bound and gagged on the floor, sobbing uncontrollably, unable to obey.
A hand thrust out of the darkness, hoisting the woman up on to her knees. “Fucking bitch” the disembodied voice called from the void. “Do you know why you’re here?” The young girl shook her head, and let out a muffled cry. “You’re the biggest slut on campus, that’s why.” The girl tried screaming, but it was downed out from her gag. A fist flew and hit her again, this time striking her cheek. Muffled screams poured forth like a damn breaking and releasing its water.

     “You fuck everyone…everyone.” Said the voice, anger filled his words. “But you never fucked me.” Out of the darkness, the barrel of a pistol came into view, level with her face. “You like being a slut so much, let us see how well you suck dick.” The disembodied figure rubbed the gun barrel over her checks. The girl threw her head back and streams of tears poured forth.

     A hand reached for the girls gag and removed it. The girl screeched. The butt of the gun was brought down hard on the girls cheeks, silencing her. “Do you want to live?” Asked the voice. Trembling, the girl tried to scream yes, but silence was all she could muster. “Do you want to live?” The voice asked in a louder, angrier tone. The girl finally managed to scream yes.

     The gun reappeared, this time in front of the woman’s face. Gently, the man rubbed the barrel of the cold, hard steel over her lips. “Start sucking” came the man’s voice. The girl did as she was told, wrapping her lips over the shaft of the barrel, bobbing her head back and forth, vigorously

     “Not so fast” the man said. “Wouldn’t want me to prematurely shoot now, would you?” A whimper came from the girls gun filled mouth. She slowed her pace. “That’s more like it” Said the voice. “Nice and slow.” A finger wrapped around the trigger, and started to pull on it. The hammer slowly went back, and the forth. On and on like this a few times, as if coming to a head. “Wow, keep this up and I might just blow in your mouth”

     A hand reached out and touched the young blondes head, as if to steady itself. The man’s voiced let out a moan of ecstasy. “I might just let you live after all” The man said to the girl. “Be a shame if the world lost a good little cocksucker like you.” The hand began to rub the girls head. “Ah, shit” the man said. “I’m going to cum” and followed by a groan as he pulled the pistol from and squeezing the trigger blowing a shot in the girls eye. “Whoops” laughed the man from the darkness. The girl’s body fell to the floor, dead.

     “Here you go bitch, clean yourself up” the man said, tossing a towel onto the dead body. Satisfactorily he chuckled to himself, and it echoed in the darkness.

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