Black Mixture (Altadis)

I got these samplers in the mail and I figured I will review them and add them to the list.

Blend: Black Mixture
Kind: A mix of Virginia, Burley and Black Cavendish.

The smell to this blend is sweet and kind of bitter when you first smell it, but it’s one you know you must try.

I gravity filled the tobacco, just because I felt lazy and didn’t want to three layer it.

I will say the feel to the tobacco was a bit moist, but it lit well and needed a few relights.

the taste was mild and not to much flavor, but the flavor that was there wasn’t bad at all. it left a nice taste on my tongue and it doesn’t linger very long. it was very creamy. Much like Captain Black white, except it doesn’t taste like cardboard like Captain can.

The room note is nice. Gentleman, this is one that will please the ladies if you light this up.

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