Aromatic Mixture (Altadis)

Blend: Aromatic Mixture
Kind: A Traditional Mix of Virginias, Orientals and Latakia.

Ok, this one is going to get a higher mark, just for the fact it fills me with nostalgia. This smells almost like the one my Great-Uncle would smoke. I can remember my family and I going over to his place for a Christmas Party(or anytime we visited him) and he would light up his pipe and it smelled fantastic.

Once again, gravity filled. this one needed to be lit a bit more than the Black mix.

The taste is mild and smooth. I am not really sure as to what flavor it was, but it was pleasing non the less and I enjoyed it to the very end. the nostalgia had me to wrapped up to really think about the flavor.

Clearly the room note is amazing, another one of those lady killers.

This I would buy in bulk, just for the nostalgia factor alone.

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