Type: Va/Per

Cut: Flake

Prelight Smell/feel: Very sweet smelling. Like a Virginia. Very dry, folded up nicely. Of course, humidity will depend on where you bought it and how they kept it, since this is a bulk blend.

Type of Pipe: My Peterson System Pipe

Taste: Grassy, sweet, spicy at times. Thought I tasted a bit of chocolate at one point, could be mistaken, but I did think it. Tangy, creamy and sorta full taste to it. its funny that it should have a fuller taste, since Escudo, which is now produced by Peter Stokkebye, is said to be fuller on their site.

Bite: No bite for me, but I do use the System for Va/Pers. Proceed with caution on any blend with Va, as it could bite.

Aftertaste: Pleasant aftertaste. Grassy and a ta dry.

Room Note: Pleasant to tolerable.

Nicotine: Barley noticeable, for me.

Conclusion: Pretty soild tobacco and one I perfer to escudo, in a lot of ways. Worth getting, since it is pretty cheap for an oz. If you’re a Va/per fan, you should find you like it. If you’re a smoker of other blends, it might be too light for you, but you might still enjoy it anyways. Worth a shot.

Final Rating: 3 outta 5

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