Macanudo Hampton Court

kind: Maduro
Name:Hampton Court
Price:4.99 (subject to be different since my were bought second hand)

I’m not sure if these cigars are aged or not, but for a mild smoke, they are really good. It kinda have a woody;nutty;creamy taste to the smoke and very pleasant on the palate. No real lingering after taste on the palate either.

The wrapper is nicely constructed and good looking. No flaws, or very few, if any, here.

This isn’t a really memorable cigar if you’ve smoked med to full bodied ones, but it is still an excellent smoke for the experienced or beginner none the less. Would make for an excellent afternoon smoke…maybe even morning, if you want.

Verdict: Worth a gander if you have to pick one up. You could do worse for about $5 dollars.

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