An Aside on the Ménage Trois!

     I don’t understand this sex at all! It’s one of the allegedly most common “Male Fantasies” but I have to ask, which type of male is this was created for?

     When you look at the threesome from all angles, this sex act only favors woman and not a single man, yet it is still considered for men. Let me first go into the logistics of the three some. Ultimately, you as the man, will have 4 sets of hands, two mouths, and two vaginas and two rectums from which to use to the fullest. Yet you, the man, have only one penis from which to penetrate one of the females at one time. Oh sure, you could have a woman sit on your face and perform cunnilingus whilst the other female rides you. Total net benefit for the man? Nothing that one chick couldn’t do by herself, since no one needs to eat pussy while inside a chick. You’re doing two times the work. What is the benefit for the woman? Two woman getting more pleasure, especially if their inclined towards playing with one another while this happens.

     So there is the whole double blowjob thing, but let’s be honest, it’s not a double BJ, and it’s a single blow job performed by two tongues. That is ½ a blow job a piece. Even if one is going at the top and the other is stroking the shaft, it is still superfluous. That is counting the men who like their balls being touched.

So far, the woman pull ahead in the threesome and the men do not. Now let us look at lesbianism aspect. I cannot respect a man who seriously finds two woman together attractive. I make no apologies for this. I understand I’m the odd man out, but I’ve read plenty of sex manuals from all different eras and one of the most common reasons men are into this, is wanting to live vicariously through the two woman, since homosexual acts between two dudes is frowned upon, these poor souls can live out their desires that way. This I happen to agree with because we’re about to go into the opposite threesome set up, which is two men and one woman.

     This set up, once again, favors the woman. Why? Because she gets to use two men and has the extra added benefit from both at the same time. Seriously, one in the ass, one in the pussy and if she wants to get even more in, she could add four extra dudes for two in the hand, and one on each side of her face. Where are the men benefiting from this?

     Better yet, what man is so desperate for pussy, they share with another dude? One would think the smell of cock in the room would be over powering enough to stun a straight man. I’ve been inside locker rooms when I was a teenager in school and being able to get and keep a boner around dude smell would be one for the record books by my biological standards.

     Going back to sex manuals of old, one of the reasons for some men wanting to try this, is suggested because it’s a tad bit of homosexuality, because the wall between vagina and anus is so thin, the men are using the woman as a flesh condom to experience an otherwise taboo homosexual act that wasn’t consider kosher in past years. A lot of Male-Male-Female seems homo-centric and well, beta behavior. There is being open to experience and then there is the Kinsey graph of sexuality and those types are further away from the “Predominately Hetero” category.

     So no matter which way we look at a three way, the female is always coming out the victor in such. The only real reason it is consider the “Male Fantasy” in my mind, is because, biologically speaking, woman wouldn’t want two men penetrating her, since she would favor the fittest man to inseminate her. The only way this would make sense, is if it was a form of a test to see who was the fittest. In my mind, it’s the man who realizes the chick made up her mind and even if the pick was you, you’d be best to bounce and find new tang. Really, the only benefit to a man is bragging right, which brings us to my next point.

     Most men who think porn acts are overly common, tend to have lower I.Q.’s then those who realize it is just fantasy. So, just how common is a threesome? Well, 1 in 7 has had one and 1 in 5 finds them appealing. While that isn’t a majority, they’re still have happened enough that one would think it would be as common as a blow job by now and is something that is that “common” by other people’s standards even worth it? Personally, I think the idea of a threesome is as archaic as using leeches in medicine and really shouldn’t be seen as anything but a waste of time, as it has no benefits for the man and the woman reap all the pleasure, even in the Woman-Woman-Man threesome.

     Of course, I will never tell you what you should or shouldn’t do, I merely giving my opinion on the subject and backing it up with data to support my mini-thesis here. You can do whatever you wish, but I, for one, will never quite understand this little sex act, no matter how hard I try!

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