Top 10 Ambient Songs for your Haunted House

So I wrote this article about 10 years ago when I first started to make it as a writer, professionally. View wise, it was my most successful article in my early 20’s,drawing in 10,000 or so views per year. Truth be told, though, it felt like abject failure, because in my mind, I wanted to be a serious writer, not the dude who wrote the fluff filler pieces you saw flashy graphics on the cover of People or Teen Beat. I mean, how artistically bankrupt did I have to be to do a top ten? Even for one of my favorite topics, like Halloween? I could do an entire book on Halloween and have been happier. Within the last decade since I wrote it, I’ve come to appreciate the brevity and insight a top ten list could allow for. So presented here, is a new and undated edition of my “classic”.

1. Nox Arcana-The Darkness is Coming

This is a fantastic piece to start off, because it could easily be the intro to a horror movie or a Tim Burton film. The piece has an even tempo, giving us the eerie impression something is coming, but what exactly that is, is mysterious to us, yet alluring like a siren’s song. It’s haunting, but melodic. Tragic, yet with a tinge of optimism.  It’s a fantastic starting off point for any haunted house or Halloween party, to set a spooky, but ambient tone.


2. WWE-Undertaker Classic Theme

This song was on the original and still to this day is my favorite theme to include on this list. Growing up a lifelong WWE fan, I always loved the man from the dark side, who lived around caskets and used bodybags on his opponents and in some cases, actually burying his opponents. Even if professional wrestling isn’t your bag, you will still want to include this song. Not only is it as Iconic as some horror themes, but it’s creepy and ambient, setting the right tone for your haunted house or Halloween party.


3. John Carpenter-Halloween Theme

Speaking of Iconic, it doesn’t get much bigger than this bad boy right here. It was so simple, yet so powerful. It sets in the right amount of anxiety at the right time and it doesn’t let you go, even long after you left the movies. Micheal is the boogeyman of so many generations and this song so iconic, it will thrill anyone just to hear it play, but spook them too, because they know the shape isn’t too far behind.


4. Charles Bernstein-Nightmare on Elm St.

Freddy Kruger, child killer, man of your dreams, bastard son of a 1000 maniacs! This song was written intentionally to make the listener uncomfortable and I don’t mean just because it’s a horror theme. The song was skewed to send chills up your spine by making the melody line off and born and another iconic horror theme is born. Perhaps we should be thankful they wanted to chill us, instead of monkeying around with the fabled brown note.


5. Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells

This song is everything your Sunday school teacher warned you about. I’m pretty sure just listening to it will summon Lucifer to your door way.  One more on the list of major Hollywood songs that have scarred children for life, for generations to come. What Jaws did for going to the beach, the Exorcist does in reverse, by making you want to go to the nearest church and repent!


6.Adrian von Ziegler-The Sealed Kingdom

Melodic, haunting, mystical, fantastic are just a few words to describe this piece by YouTuber Adrian von Ziegler.  Very reminiscent of Nox Arcana and Tim Burton, what is a beautiful neoclassical piece that could easily be a lullaby for a vampire. To listen to it, is to understand just what I mean as it speaks for itself.

7. Adrian Von Ziegler-Nocturnus

The above was so good, I looked to see if I could include another on this list. Give it a listen, it also speaks for itself.

8. Mark Snow-The X-Files Theme

Fantastic show, creepy theme and voila, you have the beginning of a fantastic series on Fox in the 1990’s and a classic theme from mine and many other childhoods. This show is so popular, it’s been brought back, twice for two mini seasons.

9.Nox Arcana- Blood of Angels

While sounding closer to something you might find on an Elder Scroll’s soundtrack, this song shouldn’t be counted out. It gets the adrenaline throwing, right when you’ll need it most, to get your patrons through your haunted house or to psyched when things are starting to lull at your party.

10. Clouser-Saw Theme

Do you want to play a game? Nothing will put quite a finishing touch on the exit to a haunted house or to wind down a party quite like this them. Nothing says GAME OVER better than playing this, which is why it closes out this article.

And so we come to the end of this now updated top ten list. I hope you found what you were looking for, but before you go, let me toss you a couple bonus songs I like.

Bonus song



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