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My Experience with the Covid-19 Vaccine.

The summer is dwindling down to a close and I find it is important to write about my experiences with the Covid-19 vaccine.

My 2021 started off in the shitter and didn’t get much better from there. I started growing my own food, something I’ve wanted to do for years and got a nice, but small crop of spring garlic. They were very good and I moved on to planting Habanero. Sadly for me, 2021 isn’t a very good year for Habaneros on the north east. Several major storms and 4 of the 6 plants I had are dead and the two left are 8 weeks in and they’re still tiny. I may have to bring them in and try growing them in the winter, or try again in the spring of 2022. I have managed to make some very good, fresh hot sauces in my own house and will have to post about those at a later date. What I really want to bring up most though is my experience with the Moderna vaccine.

June 15th was my first shot and everything went well. I watched the entire 5 seasons of Breaking Bad, plus El Camino. I haven’t reviewed it yet, regardless, that isn’t the point, which is to say, I had to fill my time awaiting the next dosage and trying to go outside as little as possible. The beginning of July sucked, as I slept for nearly an entire week straight, quite literally, and could barley eat. I had all the symptoms of Covid-19, except it wasn’t. My parents and siblings all got the same virus and 3 of the 5 of us got the covid shot and turned up negative. My siblings, at the time, had not gotten the shot, as we each did it in waves. My parents are approaching their 60’s, so they’re the most venerable and got it first. Then I got it, then finally my siblings. Now we’re all vaccinated. The second part of the shot went off without a hitch and I’ve been very good ever since, although I’m thinking I will get the booster when it is available.

Now, I believe vaccinations work and are fantastic, have had all my shots and the only time I don’t is with the flu shot. When it comes to the flu, normally I end up with it before the vaccines are even available, flu strains are not the weather and are not overly predictable anyways, so even if I didn’t get sick, there is a chance that you could get the wrong strain of flu shot, because no one is perfect. Anyways, this is a newer version of an old technology that was rushed through FDA procedures, with good reason, but still, any reasonable person that was skeptical of the shot, myself included, would have had good reason to be. Science isn’t McDonalds and you cannot rush it, especially when it comes to Virology or anything similar.

So does the shot work? I think it does. I initially got sick in December of 2019 with something I wasn’t quite sure of. It hit me like a ton of bricks, which is a rare thing. Fast forward to January and well, we start to be aware of Covid-19. I had already recovered and so didn’t my family from this mystery illness. I spent most of my time drinking and watching Lucifer, of which I reviewed. Side note, I really need to stop getting sick and binge watching Netflix. I did my part to stay inside during covid, venturing out very little, which is normal for me, since I’m not a partier or anything, I don’t patron many restaurants, since it is cheaper to dine in. I order my books from Amazon and I wait for most movies to hit DVD before I watch them anyways, unless something really interest me. So, short of going out to get laid, or visit the local nerd shop, I am very adept at the whole, stay home and fuck around thing.  

Now, while I didn’t get checked for covid, remember I was fine by the time we knew what it was and there were no test yet, I strongly suspect I did have it. Every six months, I would get very light covid seeming symptoms, though. I didn’t get checked, because it seemed counter intuitive. If I don’t have it, I am exposing myself and risking others to see if I do. If I did have it, it is very mild and not worth the ER or Doctors trip. So I stayed in.

Since I have had the vaccine, the only time my nose drips, is when I have hot sauce and the only cough I have is from smoking a cigarette.  I don’t even get any of the mild aspects anymore. I went around without the mask for a while, before the CDC recommended that even vaccinated people wearing it again and was fine.

While the numbers of people dying to covid aren’t overly drastic, that small minority of people which are not vaccinated would be wise to do so, regardless of autonomy over their own body, because that small number, could be even smaller than it already is and since it doesn’t hurt or cause any issues, on top of the fact it is free, you really aren’t doing you or anyone else any favors by not getting it.

In the future, I think the covid shot might be like a flu shot. You get an annual booster of it and off you go until it disappears or is replaced by something more aggressive than it is. While fears of future complications might not be entirely unfounded, only time will tell about both, but until then when it comes to the shot, I say it is highly recommended.

The Sick Sad Truth of YouTube Exposed!

I’ve never hid my hatred for YouTube and their “Celebrities” from anyone. I’ve been a proud hater since day one, back in 2005. Remember Star Wars Kid and the Euro-pop singer guys? This is how I would discover this horrible site known as Youtube.com, a place for the mindless masses that makes TV seem posh by comparison. The fact remains, it was mostly begin, minus a few douchebags that bullied poor Star Wars Kid.

I honestly saw nothing in this site but it being a hosting site. A rare mistake, but one I am willing to own up to. One of the other horrible mistakes was saying “Illegal Downloading” would never take off, because what asshole has time to wait 8-12 hours for a download? You could drive to the theater in the amount of time it took to download, not to mention $5 bucks for a matinee was cheaper than having internet access to begin with, so you would save money too! “Never underestimate the power of stupid people, especially in large groups” George Carlin once said and he was right, as per the usual. This is what Youtube is, a majority of idiots, all fighting each other for attention and attempting to tear down one another for one reason. It reminds me of the Monday Night Wars between WWF and WCW during the 90’s, except not interesting nor profitable for anyone. The behavior they engage in is downright legally libel and slanderous! The only thing preventing lawsuits is a level of hubris that even a legit celebrity could never muster, I mean Chevy Chase level arrogance times 9000, because they see themselves as celebrity, yet almost all of them could travel anywhere and barley be noticed by a single person. The only one that could be deemed a “legit celebrity” and it is only due to being The Rock level of noticeable outside of YouTube is Pewdiepie.

I know a lot of people will not agree with me, but YouTube is pretty fucking toxic on both sides of the aisle, I mean, short of the Monday Night Wars, which I mentioned above, even television has never given birth to the level of toxic individuals. It spills out into the audience as well. I can’t remember the amount of times I’ve been shit on for non-trolling comments by insecure YouTubers, just for trying to relax and enjoy myself with a beer. I can’t recall a single television show ever telling me to not watch their show, because, presumably I’ve somehow A. Upstaged them. B. Triggered them with a benign comment. C. Insert your own opinion here.

You’re probably wondering, how did I upstage them? Well it isn’t hubris, but rather a toxic case of singer perspective on the terms of YouTuber’s, which I have noticed is massive! You see, in their mind, they’re doing something a lot of people are doing on the same site, therefore you must also be doing it. The paranoia and illogic of it all, is what is also responsible for the fighting between Antifa and the Alt-Right. When I was a kid, such singular perspectives were the hallmark of dangerous people, but you give them an outlet and it becomes normalized behavior. This is exactly how bad ideologies take hold, like Nazism for instance. I’m not calling YouTuber’s Nazi, but I am holding them culpable for their horrible, ever ending chase of the belly rub, via hot takes and other appeals to emotion, in order to get you to pay attention to their horrible video.

That isn’t even as bad as it gets, given a lot of them, delegate to their fans. I don’t know of a single real celebrity that delegates to their fans. Most celebrities don’t want to take advantage of their fans, some of which they know they have groomed since childhood to enjoy their brand, but not the average YouTuber, they do it openly and with no remorse. I don’t like playing the “think about the children” card, but this is one of the rare exceptions that I think is appropriate. Most people were worried about heavy metal when I was a child, as they worried about it when my father was a child, yet they willingly allow their children to view this horrible shit?

I find most YouTubers to be not be relatable. Maybe it was because I was a good student growing up, or, even at the expensive of being arrogant, being one of the pretty people. Regardless of if it is one of those or something else entirely, I can’t relate to the desire to have human attention. I got more than enough healthy attention growing up, so for whatever reason, I don’t nor have I ever craved attention. If I get it for the right reasons, absolutely, I’m fine with it and it doesn’t bother me. If I don’t, I am more than ok with that as well. Although I will say, getting a rise out of people, never gets old! Outside of that, I don’t understand the quest for attention. I’m fine with self-promotion, I’m fine with people chasing the bank, I can’t understand the desire for fame or attention. I like to mock these people, but as the old saying goes, you can’t parody a parody and we’re living in a world were, you can’t do that. Remember Eminem, mocking the environment? Blink 182 as well? Doing such now, just gets taken at face value. The solipsism is massive and toxic as fuck! We need a return to understanding other people’s perspective and a live and let live attitude, because the world isn’t a fun place to be in right now and I don’t see it alleviating anytime soon. One silver lining is that Baby boomers are dying off, so there will be less cunts in the world, who think their opinion always matters and cannot understand from others perspectives. Which I know seems contradictory, but it is a fact, most of them suck.

I’ve been writing since I was a child, I do it, because I cannot help myself. I know writing is as I knew it then, not the way to go if you want to make money or have fame. Most these Youtuber assholes, have not been making videos since they were child. Those of us born in the 80’s didn’t have access to it until our early 20’s. Those born in the 90’s didn’t have access to it until their teens. Gen Z has always had YouTube, yet they seem to have far fewer cunts chasing the belly rub, then 80’s and 90’ers. This trend happens differently, though. First, the early 80’s kids, sometimes referred to Gen X kids, but not actually being such, as normally pretty fuckin child. By the time you get to 84-88, the cunts seems to be massive as fuck. Which is interesting, given they’re not technically millennials, yet they choose to act like it. Those of us born between 84-87 are neither or, given their has to be gap years between generations. So if Gen X ends at 82-83, the following 3-4 year gap, much like 65,66,67 would be neither the young boomers 55-64 or Gen X 68-82/84 ish. It depends on who you ask. That said, I’m not quite sure what drives this insanity with them, but I know changes need to be made. I read Instagram will end the like system, forcing these people into actually having to have a marketable skill set to rely on, rather than toxic behavior. Time will only tell if this will help, but it would be nice to see YouTube take a real stance against the narcissism problem, as opposed to suppressing conservative views and banning gun YouTubers. Once again I defer to Scream 4 for its prescience in such bullshit insanity.

This is exactly why I will never use YouTube for anything but hosting or viewing, because I don’t need money that badly, to chase belly rubs, I don’t care for the format, the money isn’t good enough to bother with and ultimately it is all too much work for too little gain. In other words, the juice isn’t worth the squeeze. I know some will peg me for implying I am “Too Good” for YouTube and to those people I say, YOU’RE DAMN FUCKIN’ RIGHT! I am too good for YouTube and so aren’t most viewers. I think the audiences deserve better out of their entertainment. You might not be able to entertain everyone all of the time, but you sure as fuck don’t need to start problems where there are none. Here is to hoping the problem starts to correct itself, before these degenerates turn this into a East Coast/West Coast rap battle and this toxic behavior spills off the screen, into the real world, resulting in innocent deaths.

Milf Porn or Why liking Older Woman Sucks (NSFW)

Growing up, I tended to favor older woman, not to say I don’t like younger woman, I am fine with younger woman too, but I favored older woman growing up. This is probably unusual for a man, but I’ve always been secure in it and had no problems. They didn’t all have to be 50 or older, just older than I was. This is all fine and good when you’re 14 and all porn stars are older than you, but by the time I turned 18, I was done with 99% of porn for good. I mean, liking older woman meant I couldn’t watch College girl gets fucked in Dorm anymore, since I was college age and older meant I had to go, late 20s+ to fine porn to jack off too. That’s when finding videos became even more complicated than it should be and a perspective about humanity that is very weird. One search for the term MILF into any search bar on a porn site, yields back a majority of Stepmom and Stepson porn, which is not what I want in my MILF fantasy.


I like older woman for the sake of older woman, not because of some mommy issue I have. Now, while it isn’t incest, it is too close to my liking, why? Because the other 1% of searches usually are exactly that. Why it is that liking older woman has to be the result of some weird Oedipus complex? Can one not find beauty in older woman just because? Yet, the opposite doesn’t occur if you were a young girl liking older guys. Sure the search results yield some weird names, but the titles and the themes of the actual movies aren’t the same thing.


What the hell is wrong with porn? I would suspect the audience is weird as fuck. It gets even worse, given that studies from Pornhub.com suggest this type of porn increases during the holiday season. White people seem to be notable for two things, racism and incest porn and that doesn’t seem to be going away soon and I don’t think it is me, at all.

Now, if you’ve never been woken up by a bj or your girlfriend just riding your morning wood, you’re missing out. I like it and well, I would have no problem watching videos of people who enjoy the same thing. Except there is one problem, all the search results are pseudo incest and overly weird shit.


Needless to say, I don’t like talking about my sex life a lot, unless a interesting story crops up, in which case, sure. I can highly identify with the LGBTQ, given that, not only are my fetishes queer, but when they are shared by others, they’re warped deviant sexual predilections as opposed to the mostly begin things that I like.

Personally, I would like to see more porn without the mommy and daddy fetish attached to it, cause as I get older, the weirder the porn in the things I want to watch category gets and I just can’t relate to parental issues in relation to sexual fetishes. Now while I agree I can watch it without sounds and just enjoy the visual, if you’re like me, you like hearing woman moaning and so, you’re only getting half the experience of the porn. This is exactly why I stop watching porn at 18, and would only watch it when I am too intoxicated to get up off the couch. Not only can I get laid with older woman anyways and not need the mommy fetish attached to it, but I can cater the fetishes to my taste, like cooking an omelet. Maybe one day my perspective will be the majority porn videos, where you young men just like older woman for the sake of it, like an older dude can just watch teen girl porn without a major influx of incest and pseudo incest, but unless I make it, I’m not going to hold my breath.

Oh well!

By the way, Bestinyourgirl.com is now on Pornhub.com. I’ve been wanting to make YouTube videos for a long time, but sadly, YouTube and their restrictions aren’t right for me, so I started a porn hub in order to give it a shot on there. I’ll let you know when and if I post anything!

Against Pornography (NSFW)

Five years ago I wrote a piece called In Defense of Pornography which I still stand by and think was a decent piece, but I’ve been thinking again about porno in general and have an interesting angle that I want to share, which is, if you have a thing for a certain porn star and you jack off to her get jackhammered nine ways from Sunday, aren’t you technically a cuckhold?

So hear me out on this before you decide to stop reading, but I don’t think there is a big difference. One could argue that you’re a voyeur and just happened a long a hot chick getting fucked and since you’re nowhere in a position to fuck her by yourself, nor would you want to share a chick with another guy, so you watch and just have yourself a merry little wank. That is fair enough and maybe that was true back in the early days of men watching porn, but nowadays, when men are lining up at conventions to meet and greet their favorite onscreen fuck toy and buy replica cunts from Fleshlight, along with buying DVD after DVD of said chick getting fucked constantly by all different types of men, while you stroke your tiny dick, which seems very cuckholdy of “men.”

Now if you’re an adolescent, you can be forgiven for such behavior, because 1. You’re a teenager and not every girl in school is putting out. 2. Sometimes you just need to let one out. 3. You’re young with zero odds of fucking your favorite porn star until you’re 18 in this industry. Any man past their early 20’s, cushion room for you late bloomers, should be ashamed if you collect pornstar stuff like a scrawny Japanese kid collects anime. I’m not saying you have to get into porn to fuck your favorite porn star or even marry them, but I think at some point it is time to hang it up and say, enough is enough, I am going to get gash instead of porn. I watched porn online as a teen, clicking the yes button to being 18 when I wasn’t or typing shaved pussy into Google and looking that way. As I got to the age of 18, I pretty much stopped looking much outside of the occasional view when I am drunk as fuck and going out would be a bad idea, over staying in and having a wank and I don’t regret it one bit. I understand porn stars have to make money obviously, so I’m not saying you couldn’t buy the odd PPV showing of In Diana Jones or Shaving Ryan’s Privates, two classic comedy titles of cinema, but you have to admit there isn’t a big world of difference between being a cuckhold and being a major consumer of pornography. I mean, both are very passive acts, which isn’t masculine. Either one encourage reproductive success, even if you don’t want kids, the libido still wants to. Everything about too much porn seems to concur with my assessment.

When it comes to the real world, one could argue that an alpha male doesn’t exist and everyone is enjoying someone else’s sloppy seconds and I highly disagree for three major reasons. 1. Woman who have had more male partners without reproductive success, boost your male virility up if you’re the one to impregnate them. 2. Not being the one to bear the reproductive cost of another man’s reproductive success is the complete opposite of cuckoldry. So even if she has a boyfriend or husband, you’re not wife swapping or sharing in essence, you’re the cucker, because you’re the one going for reproductive success in the arena. 3. It’s not like you’re going in 10 seconds after another man was already there.

So at least from my perspective, I personally think, too much porn does indeed a cuckhold make and men should look towards toning down their annual consumption, because in my mind, this


might as well be this.


What Giving Up TV and Video Games for 7 years, taught me.

     The year is 2011, I’m twenty-five years old and I am absolutely sick and tired of media and consuming it. Every other movie is a remake, every other video game is a sequel or update and television is filled with even worse television than some of the stuff I imbibed as a child growing up in the 1990’s. What is a person to do when you’re bored with the same claptrap day in, day out, year after year? You give it all up and see what happens.

     First, lets put it all out there so that we know what led into this, since it wasn’t just waking up one day and quitting. The last video game I chose to play was Modern Warfare 2, I bought a used copy of Skyrim in 2013 and beta tested The Elder Scrolls online. Before Modern Warfare 2, I had bought was MLB 2k6 in 2007, when I was 21. I finished Elder Scrolls 4 in 2011, five years after it was released, one winter, whilst having a few beers. I rented Ghostbusters: The Video Game and loved it! Gears of War was also the last series I found intriguing.

     These are all major gaps in my video game history, as an adult. So already, as I was getting older, I was moving away from video games as they were just a waste of time, constantly the same thing they yielded nothing in return. Basically, video games were a slightly healthier version of cigarettes.

     Next came television, which started at about 20. I never watched much past 18 and when I did, it was Monday Night Raw or Smackdown as well as the news. I watched the first season of Lost in 2004 and said screw this, it wasn’t good enough to keep me watching. Part of that was the poorly done, lack of tying up loose ends at the end of the season. I tried the first season of The Walking Dead and said the same thing, for similar reasons. I did find myself enjoying How I Met your Mother, but little else that I hadn’t already liked as a child or teenager.

     Movies, the last one I saw prior to Star Wars The Force Awakens was the remake of A Nightmare on Elm St , before that, The Dark Knight, Toy Story 1 and 2 3D and Friday the 13th remake, Clerks 2, Superman Returns preceded by Revenge of the Sith.

     As you can see, my desire to consume media was waning and the older I got, the more it thinned out into a watery clearness, like a glass of wine. So it wasn’t like I just got sick and tired one day, it was a long journey and the build up to freedom.

     First thing, I went back to writing a lot more like when I was a child and teenager. I quadrupled my book buys and had a lot more to discover new enjoyment. I exercised, gain weight, lost weight, gained again and lost again, and will lose weight one more time. I rode my bike again, something I hadn’t been able to do since I was a child, since we lived in areas were doing so was tough. I ended up giving my bike to a homeless man, who needed it to get to and from work and he thanked me with a hug. I brushed up my skills on middle school Spanish and learned German as well. I’m currently planning to learn three more at the very least, plus sign language. I finished multiple novels and Pre-Crime, as well as starting Bestinyourgirl.com, along with exercising my right to dissent against local politicians and making their lives an outright living hell, for their ineptitude.

     I accidentally started smoking in 2011 around the same time and actually drinking, but those are going to be easy to extirpate from my life. Well, maybe not booze entirely, but cigarettes, absolutely. Life has been really, really good in what I have been able to accomplish in such a short amount of time, within the last seven years.

     I have since decided to give some entertainment a try, after a long time away, but I don’t miss it and I am very selective on what I am willing to waste my time on. I rarely watch Netflix, but will visit the movies, I play some games from my youth, but could see myself adopting Virtual Reality games when they get more honed and I don’t think I will bother much with traditional television ever again.

     I think the journey was one of the more interesting undertakings I have ever done and would do so again in a heartbeat. You can learn so much more about yourself and I always favored a more active style in what I do as opposed to passively sitting there watching one more crap movie, one more crap show, play one more crap video game just to not even have the energy to review it, because it sucked your soul out, like a dementor at Hogwarts.

     I’m not saying what I did was right for everyone, but if you’re so inclined to give it a go, I would highly recommend it, as I think you’ll find so much more pleasure away from the mindless monotony of zombified entertainment.

Why I Hate Modern Prose

     The only thing tougher than being a writer sometimes, is being a reader. I’ve had the chance to read some blogs, articles, poems and the like and find those to be pretty well done and in some cases, writing far better than my own. Don’t get me wrong, I still adore books and reading, but the last 10 years have made me really sadden and depressed when it comes to the novel, primarily.

     In no period of human history, short of the 1800s until about the invention of the television set, has the novel been the primary form of a person’s love and adoration, baring the few of us who really enjoy it, to the point our rooms look like Belle’s Library in Beauty and the Beast. The irony here is the amount of people who want to write one at some point in their lives far outnumbers the amount of readers.

     It doesn’t take much to find books in today’s day and age, but the amount isn’t the problem, it’s the prose that is and with that, I am depressed, because with so many more options, there could be so much better writing.
I don’t pretend to be the William Shakespeare of my generation, only with a modicum of luck and ingenuity, I may be able to make such beautiful works myself. That said, I still think most of what is floating around out there is rubbish. It makes it hard as a reviewer sometimes to find things that I would love to write about, when every other book is a 50 Shades of Gray.

     I look at The New York Times bestsellers list and I still see a lot of the same authors adorning it as when I was a child. I’m a 32 year old man, in 6 months I shall be 33. While 33 years on this planet may not be the longest amount of time to have lived, it is long enough to know that it is a problem when I can only come across the same authors, some who have been writing longer than I have been on this planet, on The New York Times bestsellers and wonder why these are the only authors I can come across. When it isn’t the same author’s, sometimes it’s their children. Is there no one new?

     Not a single person on that list doesn’t deserve their success, they merited it, but I can’t help but think of how much that success is partly owned to gauging the work by the amount of money it makes as opposed to the prose. Don’t even get me started on the awards, I don’t believe for a second an award has any meaning anymore. Game of Thrones has a Nebula award, I shit you not. How does something like this happen? Do reviewers not even know how to do their jobs anymore? There once was a time when the critic meant something, they were people who understood their niche in reviewing. They understood beautiful prose and exquisite story telling. Now everyone is a critic, but not a good one. Critics remind me of the age old adage about everyone having a novel in them and in most cases, that is where it should stay, except replace novel with criticism. Being a critic is no longer for the sake of intellectualizing about books anymore, but serves only to exist for one more asshole to attach Stephen King, George R.R.Martin, Ann Rice, J.K. Rowling, Vince Flynn, James Patterson, Dean Kootz, Joe Hill or some other more successful writer than they are for SEO and chase that $0.01 blimp from drawing someone into their blog. It works too! I don’t blame people for doing this, it is human nature, looking to capitalize and make money, but we’re people are struggling over pennies, when most of you couldn’t even be bothered to bend down on the street to pick one up. Irony is when not even 10 years ago, the government seriously considered phasing out the penny, but when the same object is digital, it is gold!

     Writing is hardly the only spectrum to be hit with this, one look at the trends on Youtube and we can see a generic no name rapper attacking a well-established star to get themselves over with the crowd.

     The new age where anyone can now go out and do whatever they wanted hasn’t helped much to alleviate this at all. Now there is so many more options, but who am I going to read? You have to do so much more footwork now a day, because an award is as meaningless as doing household chores, critics have no fucking clue what they’re talking about, they just want to be blow hards for the sake of being blow hards, your average fan with no special knowledge of writing doesn’t know shit from shinola, but they know what they like and with any typical fan they will gush about you from here to Alaska without missing a beat, because of how you made them feel.

     I know having guardians that can decide to can and cannot publish isn’t a great thing for most people, because they too, are all about marketability when it comes to books and each year, we lose out on amazing potential authors who deserved to have their book published, but when the opposite end of the spectrum offers the same set up, are creators and consumers really winning? Is there no happy medium where we can concentrate on beautiful prose and still have the occasional 50 Shades of Gray, instead of attempts to rank in Google searches, monetization, attack artist you once enjoyed, boycott things, frivolously on Twitter, because they threaten you, not because you actually believe in the bullshit you espouse? Just to get that pittance of money? I don’t think so, and to quote Bill Hick’s, “All my heroes are dead!” I’m glad too, because I couldn’t imagine how I might feel if they were alive and doing this shit!

     I’m not free of absolution here, I am just as complicit as anyone, because of my desire to write and communicate my thoughts so they can be understood from a wide audience and you do not have to have a Ph.D to understand my writing. I sold out, a long time ago and I don’t know if I am better or worse off for it.

     After reading Dracula the other night and coming away from it, feeling as I did when I was a kid, just discovering books for the first time, I had this epiphany. It wasn’t even just the book that inspired this piece, it is partially brewing for a while, because of critic’s ineptitude and then there is the fact Twitter has also allowed me to see deeper than any other social media. Looking at random accounts, some with blue check marks, and not for real world success. There are people who have fans, just for being fans. What the fuck is wrong with this world? 20k followers just for enjoying things. Meanwhile, I watch people who have actually worked in Hollywood, with fewer followers than your random blogger and have to wonder to myself, what the fuck! Who would want to write and especially well, when your fans will end up with a better following just for loving you?

     I don’t profess to have all the answers in regards to this, but I do know, I don’t like this new world, one that is championing mediocrity and promoting idiocrasy. Up until now, I wasn’t like a lot of people with nostalgia for the past, because I don’t miss it. I do miss discovering good lit though and that, if anything, is what truly has be nostalgic. I defer to Kylo Ren when he said “Let the past die, it’s the only way to become what you were truly meant to be.” Couldn’t that be at a higher plane than we are now, though?

Slight edits to text 14 OCT 2018 9:29 AM