Edit: I do not support them any longer. I haven’t been a member for several years now, but still was fine with my original review. Now I can no longer do that. See why here:

Start old review, now redacted


Im back and on a brand new and fully functioning laptop. Writing by tablet was interesting but not a route I ever want to have to go, unless pushed, in the future. Writing on a laptop is so much more fluid and functioning. I downloaded my word processer and am ready to pump out a new article for, this one is on a product I use, USCCA.

In April of 2018, I picked up my first actual gun. I grew up being able to use BB guns and had a plethora of toy guns, but a side arm wasn’t affordable until I was 30 years old. I got the Smith and Wesson SD9VE for $270 dollars with FFL transfer fees. I may not own a lot, but I know for sure that I was going to need insurance. Now, I’m a stickler who is normally anti-insurance, because it is a borderline pyramid scheme. I looked around at all levels of insurance to find what I deemed the best and that was USCCA.

It has fantastic costumer service, it’s members are top notch, the magazine is amazing, it isn’t really insurance, so much as it’s a country club for those of us who invoke our second amendment rights, it just also happens to protect us, should we ever have to exercise that right on a bad guy. I wish all insurance companies were like this, as I would proudly pony up the money. The best part of it all, is being a crazy constitutionalist isn’t considered a pre-consisting condition and if even if it was, they won’t reject me for that. All they ask is that when I need to invoke my 2A right, I am 100% legal, you can’t ask for more than that.

*Full Discloser though, I was given the shirt but not for this review. I won it on Twitter and I have been a member for almost a year at that point. It really is that great!

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