Shallow Thinking

Shallow thinking versus deep thinking, what does it ultimately entail? Well, I did a Google search and decided that the best possible answer I could find was that shallow thinking is reflective of merely that which you can visually see or glib understanding of a topic, while a more complex angle or more original view point is deeper thinking. The world we live in thrives on shallow thinking, Youtube does not exist without it and its “hottakes”, which people love, because depth in this world is genuinely hated. Consider professional wrestling, Heel (Bad guy) who are intellectually inclined are almost always intelligent based, occasionally this pattern changes, but a babyface (good guy) is almost never intelligent. This isn’t the only place in our culture that ostracizes the intelligent. Take Superman or comics in general for instance, Kal-el is dumb as rocks and really has nothing going for him, Batman and Louis Lane essentially have to do his thinking for him and Lex Luthor, a scientist, classical music lover, thinker, strategist and all around badass is his arch enemy. Why must complexity be so demonized? Well, shallow thinkers have a hard time understanding the deeper aspects of the world and this causes them distress in some cases, like a reverse form of empathy, except it hinders the person in question as opposed to helping them make a decision that is worthwhile. For instance, my love of Professional Wrestling is often a button for scorn and ridicule, because “How could someone as smart as you like such filth?” which was a popular phrase said to me as a child or how now a days, the concept of me thinking deep in general earns me the ire of individuals with such phrases as “Why do you deserve to be so smart?” which clearly is steeped in envy of the fact I have higher general intelligence than that particular individual. Now you’re probably wondering why I am bringing this up as all and to be fair, I wasn’t quite sure myself, until I started writing, but I felt a need to let out some frustrations of life living in a town of shallow thinkers as my primary motivation, even though I know I am not alone with those of you plagued by the SJW and Alt-right and there shallow thinking that is still causing issues in our society at present. I currently don’t have a solution for the world’s ills but I do know that deeper, more complex thinking is a must and we need to change society to herald the intelligence and stop rejecting them.

P.S. If you’re wondering why this piece is dense, it’s because such a thicket of dense writing is normally considered complex, and I want you to feel how these people do when they’re engaging those of use with the ability to see pass the superficial, while, in and of itself, being shallow thinking on such.

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