Another Evil: Movie Review

INTRODUCTION: This looked like a quirky, fun flick. It is billed as a horror comedy, but that is misleading, it is more horror with humor than a horror comedy. In my mind, the difference between horror comedy and horror with humor, is that a heavy part of the movie is humor driven if it is a horror comedy. This is such filled with some, dry, but still funny humor.

CHARACTERS: Pretty interesting. The family could be better developed, but the two main characters are pretty good. I found myself giving a shit, even with the less developed characters.

ACTING: Good, but still kind of weak. It’s not the “oh, I’ll hire my friends type of movie” but its more that “oh, I’ve done a few indie flicks, but need to hone my craft a bit still” type.


MUSIC: Very effective and works.


SUBTEXT: Appearances can be deceiving. Mental illness in our country and the plight of our neighbors which can spill into our own lives. Millennial’s inability to connect with people correctly. Take your pick!

CONCLUSION: It’s flawed, but it is quite the gem and really worth giving it a good. I enjoyed the flick the whole way though and don’t think it lagged behind anywhere. It is really worthwhile!

4 out of 5 stars.

One thought on “Another Evil: Movie Review”

  1. Aurora and Philip kiss and embrace several times. A powerful warrior fae smells Maleficent in what seems like a sensual way but it’s repulsion at her scent of humans. Another dark fae saves Maleficent, carries her, looks at her lovingly, protects her. Two little fairy creatures hold hands, kiss on the cheek. No product placement in the movie, but there are off-screen promotional tie-ins to Maleficent-themed merchandise, including apparel, toys, accessories, and games.


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