DeadTectives from Shudder, Review

INTRODUCTION: Deadtective’s is a great horror comedy in the vain of Ghostbusters. It isn’t a very unique premise, but it is still an interesting flick.

SYNOPSIS: Ghost hunters, whose show is usually faked, get sent to Mexico for one last attempt at a rating boosting show or risk being canceled. Unfortunately, this place is actually haunted.

CHARACTERS: No a lot of depth, but unique and different that we can enjoy them for who they are.

ACTING: Fantastic, from all of them. Some off moments, but not many.

DIALOGUE: Very good!

VISUALS: Surprisingly, very good!

MUSIC: Not bad, but nothing spectacular.

TENSION: Strong enough, but not enough to get you there.


CONCLUSION: This is another win for Shudder with their exclusives. I really like Shudder and what they offer and the movies they’re doing are different, but familiar at the same time and quite a few of them are a win. It’s a lot better than your straight to DVD fare from back in the day. This is funny, scary in some parts and a good way to kill an afternoon. Recommended.

3 1/2 out of 5

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