Kagemas: The Santa Clause

Ho, ho, ho! Merry Kagemas. I wasn’t going covid stop me from writing a lest one review for Kagemas.

I first saw this movie in cinema’s with my family back in 1994. It was a hell of a funny movie then and still holds up pretty well now.

STORY: Dude kills Santa, becomes Santa, hilarity ensues.

CHARACTERS: Pretty well developed. I think they would of worked with any actors playing them. You have a diverse ecosystem of characters and while you don’t feel like you know any of them well enough to be friends, you can understand who they are and it works.

ACTING: Fantastic in most instances.

STYLE/VISUALS: Fantastic and interesting enough, not overly dated.

WRITING: Very good!

DIALOUGE: Mostly good, a few cringe moments like a middle age man saying “Santa”.

MUSIC: Ok, minus the dated and clearly 90’s boomer obligatory, ZZ top reference.

SUBTEXT: None. It’s a fuckin’ Christmas movie, so of course it cheery as fuck, IPA style of in your face holiday flavor is devoid of subtext.

CONCLUSION: For a film that starts of nihilistic fuck, it gets it’s Barings and become a full on sappy holiday film, just like Scrooge himself, but it works and I enjoy it. The sarcastic aspects still speak to me and while some of the references that elude to 60’s drug use or pedophilia, are weird to see in a children’s film, it all comes together to form a “classic” that at least tries to make something different than your billionth viewing of “It’s a wonderful life”.

4 out of 5 stars.

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