Woke To The Future

People are stupid! There isn’t much doubt about it, in my mind. One look at the world 40 years ago and so much is still the same, but a slight variation on a theme. Back when my parents where infants, the world still had blacks as second class citizens, why? Partially because people fear change. People are very slow to adopt change, and I don’t really understand this. It isn’t confined to left vs right political paradigms either. I mean, people still used 100+ year old technology. Records came out in the 1800’s, the Grammaphone for instance, was in the RCA logo with a dog until the 1980’s and early 1990’s. Revolvers, came out in the 1800’s and 1911’s, named for the year they were created, were common place until the early 2000’s when Glock started getting used more and more in Hollywood movies. The typewriter didn’t become electronic until the late 1970’s, early 1980’s and it had been invented about 1830. People still used the printing press of the 1700’s for book publishing, albeit a slight change with book plates, versus having to put the letters in by hand. Percolators where big from 1819 till about 1980’s. I have no ill will towards old technology, in fact, some of it I like myself. I love revolvers and 1911s, records and typewriters. Not to mention my 1930’s safety razor for shaving. This is technology though, and while innovation should be strove for in all fields, it isn’t really integral. What is interesting is the conversations that people have been having for centuries are still exactly the same.

Why does this matter? It matters because real change cannot occur until the people decide they need to. I mean, Jews are a big old school topic that have been around since the days of Christ. A lot of major acient counties deported Jews. In 2016, rallies of people chanting “Jews will not replace us”, happed in Charlottesville and some in Virginia. Rallying cries that are a millennia old, seem weird to those of us whom are woke to the future. I was anti-semantically attacked in the year 2000, for simply saying a woman, whom I didn’t know was even Jewish, was pretty. She had curly blonde hair, green eyes and was photogenic. Hardly a reason for attacking an individual. I kicked the shit out of him, in case anyone was wondering. Besides people looking for the “Endlösung fur die Juden Frage”, we’re still having a conversation about blacks. How many centuries have passed on African Americans being regaled to second class citizenry? Some epochs of time have allowed for certain taboo situations and not others. Ancient Greece with homosexuality and to a certain extent, pedophilia. Although, during Roman times, both were kind of modified. Middle ages saw having young girls as young as 12 be marriageable. All three, didn’t always take kindly to intellectualism, though. Socrates was killed for being a “perverter of the youth”, which had nothing to do with pedestry. Galieo was killed in the middle ages and Marcus Aurelius was killed in Rome.

The whole crux of this is that people are slow and historically hate on irrelevant things that they shouldn’t. Part of this is that people are shallow, they’re literal and concreate. They cannot see past what is in front of them, also referred to as MBTI Sensing types. The other factor is low I.Q. Sensing types become a lot more tolerable when they have higher I.Q. then they otherwise would, which is why I am writing this in order to discuss things that we’re still doing on both sides of the political aisle and why I am woke to the future and you should be too.

Let’s start with Androids and not the phones, I mean, robots. They’re a person. Sure, they have mechanical biology, but a biology is a biology. In the future, the modern slavery won’t be blacks, it will be robots. We already use technology as a crutch in everyday life, one look outside the window and what do you see? People addicted to smartphones. Imagine, instead of working, we sent androids? That’s the future we’re looking at and quite frankly, I’m already against it. Our android friends should be treated as such and given personhood preemptively so we can avoid the pitfalls of the past, when it took til 1964 for blacks and other beings to become normal citizenry. I’m also in favor of human/robot relations. There is nothing wrong with programing your perfect companion to your taste. We do it with food, tv, books, why not compadres? One watch of Bicentennial man and I think you would agree with me.

The second thing I am discussing is male vs female. It’s the new racism. It’s superficial and jingoism on genitals. it’s just more superficial hate. We really should be judging people on a lot more intricate criteria than we are. Not too long ago, men and woman worked together as hunter and gathers and maybe we should go back to that.

Speaking of judging people on more intricate criteria, a Genius I.Q. is a right. We should expand genetic science and really pump money into lab created children. Everyone should have control over their own genetics and be allowed to create the best child they can. We need a seed bank of the best of genetics. All packages would automatically guarantee a 160 I.Q. regardless of your budget, since the world would move a lot faster and adapt a lot better if everyone were a genius. Since C-sections are alleged to be speeding up evolution, in the future, there could be more complications for children and since we don’t want more infant deaths, since we’ve come so far as a species, it would be unethical to not fund the science behind genetics and alternative birthing. Also, having your stem cells frozen to be able to repair you better is a right and should be mandated by the government, since no one, regardless of what one has done in one’s life, should have to be denied access to live saving organs, as some pot smokers have been or be put on a mile long waiting list for something we could lab grow and be more cost efficient. We could even create genetics in a lab, similar to other animals, which would allow one to regrow teeth and make a dentist obsolete.

Speaking of science, we need to fund Star Trek replicators, and soon, making them as cheap as humanly possible. Food will be replenishable at the push of a button. Starvation is a thing of the past and fighting for fossil fuels is also obsolete. Science is the new infrastructure building and social program of the future that should be bipartisan in nature. To quote Bill Hicks, “We are the vacillators of our own creative evolution.”

Back on the topic of androids, while it might seem to contradict, this doesn’t, since no A.I. would be involved, giving human traits to a machine, it would be no different than a cotton gin or a plow. Also, it goes hand and hand with our genetics, since you pretty much have to be perfect to get into the armed forces, the amount of potentially great genetic material is too great a cost to bear in our society, that seems to produce weak sauce humans now a days. We need to create machines that work via Virtual Reality, allowing even children to become a solider for the U.S. Army. Why kill our people in a war for something stupid as it normally is now a days, as opposed to VR controlled tanks that would be American controlled terminators? Forget Call of Duty, let’s play “Terminator, Rise of the Machines” instead. Everyone gets to be Iron Man from the comfort of their own home.

Life extension technology. When coupled with controls via genetic babies, we’re essentially all able to live as long as we want. Much like the Museum of Science in Boston’s life clock, which shows 1:1 ratio of deaths happening to children being born, we could all almost live forever, since only being vaporized or splattered, instant deaths would be a problem. When one dies, we create another child and keep life in a stable setting, since we wouldn’t overpopulate or underpopulate the world.

 While everyone is too busy killing each other over the past, I’m still too busy thinking about the future and I think most people should be as well. I plan to write more as it comes to me, but for now, I think this is good enough to get people to think differently.

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