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Fashionably Late Movie Reviews:All the Presidents Men

Writer’s Note: I know this review is diffrent from the others, but it is less of a review and more about the events the movie is based on, given the movie was so bare bones to work with.

I’m not quite sure how to review this movie, given it isn’t really a movie in the traditional sense. It seems more like liberal schadenfreude as opposed to a desire to create for prosperity a film that documents the 1972 Watergate incidence, where Richard M. Nixon had men break into the DNC headquarters, presumably to make sure the Democrats were keeping their documents neatly shredded in the appropriate folders.

I’ve never been the biggest history buff, but I do know and have room in my reading collection for history, but this is one I have to admit that I am not very well versed in. I know enough about to know it always seemed like a non issue for someone my age, yet people act like it was this major important historical event, which I highly disagree with and for one major reason, where were all these cocksuckers when the patriot act was passed during the George W. Bush era? Oh, they’ll bitch when they have to deal with an idiot who breaks into the DNC to help him in the 1972, but spy on the entire country under the guise of fighting terrorism and well fuck me silly, I’m ok with that. How about Obama taping Trump recently? It’s all a bunch of aggrandizing by overly hubristic baby boomers who felt like they did something, when they really did nothing. Now, this isn’t an endorsement of Richard M. Nixon, there is a reason why, until Trump, the political Lexington had only one word to describes such unscrupulous acts and that is “Nixonion”, but that alone doesn’t warrant a film on such a paltry and unimportant aspect of history. It is much like Bill Clinton in the 90s with his blow job. White water and his execution on the campaign trail in 92 are far worse things to detail in a movie, the bj, was not his finest hour, is a insufficient thing to focus on and so petty, yet we don’t get movies on Clinton getting head, so why did we need this? It is filled with solipsism by people writing, presuming and correctly in the year it was released at least, that you’re knowledgeable about the events. That’s all fine and good, but it makes for a lackluster film when you’re born in the 80’s and have no clue what the fuck is what and why Robert Redford seems intrigued about a name that is never mentioned or a character about him being introduced. This is purely and simply liberal propaganda, make to dig into the Nixon right and make them pay for just voting for a guy they didn’t like. Very petty and very babyboomeresque. The right got even in the 90s and now the right is making us all pay by electing a man that makes Nixion seem like a walk in the park. Mark my words, there will be more of these shit movies to follow on the heels of Trump. Most likely bet, Oliver Stone does one on him, like his 1994 flick, Nixon, which by the way, is way better than this shit. Dick from 1998, is another, albeit fictionalized version of these events that is a lot more fun. All the Presidents Men is nothing more than men gossiping on phones in the 70s, for 90 minutes and then typing about it. Literally nothing happens. There is nothing that makes this seem important. I would praise the lack of dramatization, except they tried to amp it up, but to utter failure. There was no sense of urgency to care. By today’s standards, this movie can be summed as “Richard Nixon tweets something dumb”. Where are all the movies on Regan’s Iran contra scandal? Now that was and is something worthwhile. Why not a movie on Obama being stupid and allowing Iran to have nuclear material? That is a horrible thing that he should be called out for. The acting is good, but it’s Mostly Hoffman and Redford playing themselves and not really acting. The rest of the cast is all right but it is nothing to write home about. Overall this movie is a paltry example of political pettiness at its worse and people wonder why we’re so polarized now a days

2 out of 5.