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Good Girl!

Regardless of what “Men” like to think, THOT patrolling is not masculine behavior, it is feminine behavior. Why then do “men” seem to engage in slut shaming behavior? Well, masculinity has been on the decline for years, so it is no surprise here that men are engaging in more chick like behavior than ever before. It isn’t just a lack of testosterone from soy, either, which is completely unfounded, but rather a multiple spectrum shift that has happened within the last 40 or so years, resulting in the decline of men being men and why a return to toxic masculinity is more beneficial than continuing on this current trend.

Gossiping is or has ever been a masculine endeavor, this is quantifiable with multiple studies. Now while there are men who do engage in such, those men are often more feminine and lower on the totem pole in terms of masculine hierarchy. Regardless of what men think, given they’re prone to fragile masculinity, they’re not all alphas and they’re sure as fuck not all fantastic as a lot like to think they are. One look at Harvard transgender studies shows that men can in fact have chick for brains. The internet and real life is prone to men enganging in such bitch boy behavior that you can easily see this in the enviroment to know it is true.

Now with that out of the way, we’re going into psychology with the MBTI, which I know, some do not like. Regardless, certain personalities tend to be associated with more masculine people and more feminine people and a lot more men are exhibiting feminine personalities than ever before, one look no further than InCeldom to find very chick like personalities, nitpicking over their looks and everything. Personality types may be aligned with the natal environment and genetic, albeit this needs to be proved first. It would seem that part one and part two tend to go hand in hand.

Lastly we have what should be normal for most men, regardless of their I.Q., given that it is innate in men, to be competitive. As we have seen in the above, though, woman can be as well, but men are prone to do this in a different way. One reproductive strategy for females that has been well known for years, is what in men, we would call a Dad type. Selective nature and attempts to mate with men result in a woman which still retain their apparent prudish nature but become more desirable, because every man who has attempted to “copulate” with such a woman, is essentially a genetic failure, due to having to use condoms in order to avoid child support, or STI within our modern environment. The only problem with this is that there is no set limit for a woman to have failed with, thus even the prudish woman, could be deemed a slut, if she has had multiple partners throughout her fertility cycle. The concept of slut shaming a woman, seems out of place if men were still inherently masculine, as ones virility would go up and well that is a good thing, if you manage to sire progeny with a “slut”.

When could slut shaming be a good thing and why then does it happen to both men and woman? You’re thinking, but men are never slut shamed? Yes, they are. If a man was about to bareback something that is in fact a nasty cesspool, no one is high-fiving that man. Why? Because self-preservation is one of the highest aspects of human nature and a man doing a chick with blue waffle, is not self-preserving behavior. We all know plenty of people who had made judgments on people a certain man has sleep with, just as much as woman. The wrong woman on your cockfax is just as bad as the wrong man on your vagfax. This is where we get phrases like “You can do better” and why, according to The Selfish Gene, mother in laws are such cunts to their daughter in laws, in regards to ensuring puritanical behavior, so their sons are not cuckholded. So why then, do we slut shame? In my mind, it has developed as a way to steer people who are prone to pro-social behavior in the right direction for the environment they are in. Which is why pro-social behavior is always considered a good thing and anti-social behavior is seen as a sign of psychopathy. If you’re an introvert, you undoubtly seen people considering your need for self-time to be psychopathy or have shamed you for it. This is due to it being the seen by the id as anti-social.

So, since this current environment seems to be ripe with toxic femininity, one look on the internet shows all the similar patterns we have talked about being expressed, how do we combat it? We cannot, since we are in too deep at this point, but lucky for all of us there is a way and most men will be too perturbed by it to bother, so only the most masculine of us will bother, but it is breed every slut imaginable. I do not mean, oh, she has had like two boyfriends, fake sluts due to jealousy, but I mean, woman with 10+ guys. If she has gotten gangbanged, good, breed her out like her vagina is a clown car. Do not stop there either. Is a woman masculine seeming? Fucking breed her out too, do not worry about people thinking you are a beta for it, because the environment needs “Toxic” masculinity, it is the only fair system we have to keep human nature intact, otherwise this toxic femininity system will continue to result in bullshit like the alt-right rallies resulting in innocents dying and antifa attacks on innocent people on top of all this passive-aggressive claptrap on the internet. Woman need to stop breeding with effeminate men too.

We all know that “nice” guy you are dating is a safety net, since most woman are prone to being risk adverse and you’re just waiting to jump on that chad dick as the incels love saying. Do not just jump, ride him until your uterus burst with man cream and you have a liter of alpha males. If he is a feminist, he is your nemesis. If you think this is in jest, I can assure you, it is not. There is a far cry from woman respecting like a soyboy cuckhold and live and let live. Encouraging woman to use Planned Parenthood is not feminism, it is a downright fucking duty for men to ensure the environment does not go to the incel and soyboy bitches. Right now, Incels are getting plastic surgery to make themselves able to get laid. The irony is ripe here, given they see make-up as false advertising. I personally am of the belief that this should be banned so the cucks do not basterdize the genepool with their false advertising, resulting in inferior progeny. Someone needs to make a male Planned Parenthood and call hysterectomies a “war on woman”, just to make sure we can dole out free vasectomies to the shallow end of the genepool and keep them from destroying our world. Not drinking and drugging during hook up culture should be encouraged, so woman make better choices sober. I think abortion would be a non-issue if men had better genetics and were not fem as fuck. Regardless of what the thot patrolling alt-right incels think, these soyboy antifa cucks are doing great work in preventing both sides of the aisles from breeding inferior genetics, one look no further than the current baby bust going on to see that. Good riddance too, because maybe the environment can still be salvaged enough to be worthwhile. Feminism might be shit, but effeminate men are CANCER!

In conclusion,

Make America Toxically Masculine again!

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