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Good Girl!

Regardless of what “Men” like to think, THOT patrolling is not masculine behavior, it is feminine behavior. Why then do “men” seem to engage in slut shaming behavior? Well, masculinity has been on the decline for years, so it is no surprise here that men are engaging in more chick like behavior than ever before. It isn’t just a lack of testosterone from soy, either, which is completely unfounded, but rather a multiple spectrum shift that has happened within the last 40 or so years, resulting in the decline of men being men and why a return to toxic masculinity is more beneficial than continuing on this current trend.

Gossiping is or has ever been a masculine endeavor, this is quantifiable with multiple studies. Now while there are men who do engage in such, those men are often more feminine and lower on the totem pole in terms of masculine hierarchy. Regardless of what men think, given they’re prone to fragile masculinity, they’re not all alphas and they’re sure as fuck not all fantastic as a lot like to think they are. One look at Harvard transgender studies shows that men can in fact have chick for brains. The internet and real life is prone to men enganging in such bitch boy behavior that you can easily see this in the enviroment to know it is true.

Now with that out of the way, we’re going into psychology with the MBTI, which I know, some do not like. Regardless, certain personalities tend to be associated with more masculine people and more feminine people and a lot more men are exhibiting feminine personalities than ever before, one look no further than InCeldom to find very chick like personalities, nitpicking over their looks and everything. Personality types may be aligned with the natal environment and genetic, albeit this needs to be proved first. It would seem that part one and part two tend to go hand in hand.

Lastly we have what should be normal for most men, regardless of their I.Q., given that it is innate in men, to be competitive. As we have seen in the above, though, woman can be as well, but men are prone to do this in a different way. One reproductive strategy for females that has been well known for years, is what in men, we would call a Dad type. Selective nature and attempts to mate with men result in a woman which still retain their apparent prudish nature but become more desirable, because every man who has attempted to “copulate” with such a woman, is essentially a genetic failure, due to having to use condoms in order to avoid child support, or STI within our modern environment. The only problem with this is that there is no set limit for a woman to have failed with, thus even the prudish woman, could be deemed a slut, if she has had multiple partners throughout her fertility cycle. The concept of slut shaming a woman, seems out of place if men were still inherently masculine, as ones virility would go up and well that is a good thing, if you manage to sire progeny with a “slut”.

When could slut shaming be a good thing and why then does it happen to both men and woman? You’re thinking, but men are never slut shamed? Yes, they are. If a man was about to bareback something that is in fact a nasty cesspool, no one is high-fiving that man. Why? Because self-preservation is one of the highest aspects of human nature and a man doing a chick with blue waffle, is not self-preserving behavior. We all know plenty of people who had made judgments on people a certain man has sleep with, just as much as woman. The wrong woman on your cockfax is just as bad as the wrong man on your vagfax. This is where we get phrases like “You can do better” and why, according to The Selfish Gene, mother in laws are such cunts to their daughter in laws, in regards to ensuring puritanical behavior, so their sons are not cuckholded. So why then, do we slut shame? In my mind, it has developed as a way to steer people who are prone to pro-social behavior in the right direction for the environment they are in. Which is why pro-social behavior is always considered a good thing and anti-social behavior is seen as a sign of psychopathy. If you’re an introvert, you undoubtly seen people considering your need for self-time to be psychopathy or have shamed you for it. This is due to it being the seen by the id as anti-social.

So, since this current environment seems to be ripe with toxic femininity, one look on the internet shows all the similar patterns we have talked about being expressed, how do we combat it? We cannot, since we are in too deep at this point, but lucky for all of us there is a way and most men will be too perturbed by it to bother, so only the most masculine of us will bother, but it is breed every slut imaginable. I do not mean, oh, she has had like two boyfriends, fake sluts due to jealousy, but I mean, woman with 10+ guys. If she has gotten gangbanged, good, breed her out like her vagina is a clown car. Do not stop there either. Is a woman masculine seeming? Fucking breed her out too, do not worry about people thinking you are a beta for it, because the environment needs “Toxic” masculinity, it is the only fair system we have to keep human nature intact, otherwise this toxic femininity system will continue to result in bullshit like the alt-right rallies resulting in innocents dying and antifa attacks on innocent people on top of all this passive-aggressive claptrap on the internet. Woman need to stop breeding with effeminate men too.

We all know that “nice” guy you are dating is a safety net, since most woman are prone to being risk adverse and you’re just waiting to jump on that chad dick as the incels love saying. Do not just jump, ride him until your uterus burst with man cream and you have a liter of alpha males. If he is a feminist, he is your nemesis. If you think this is in jest, I can assure you, it is not. There is a far cry from woman respecting like a soyboy cuckhold and live and let live. Encouraging woman to use Planned Parenthood is not feminism, it is a downright fucking duty for men to ensure the environment does not go to the incel and soyboy bitches. Right now, Incels are getting plastic surgery to make themselves able to get laid. The irony is ripe here, given they see make-up as false advertising. I personally am of the belief that this should be banned so the cucks do not basterdize the genepool with their false advertising, resulting in inferior progeny. Someone needs to make a male Planned Parenthood and call hysterectomies a “war on woman”, just to make sure we can dole out free vasectomies to the shallow end of the genepool and keep them from destroying our world. Not drinking and drugging during hook up culture should be encouraged, so woman make better choices sober. I think abortion would be a non-issue if men had better genetics and were not fem as fuck. Regardless of what the thot patrolling alt-right incels think, these soyboy antifa cucks are doing great work in preventing both sides of the aisles from breeding inferior genetics, one look no further than the current baby bust going on to see that. Good riddance too, because maybe the environment can still be salvaged enough to be worthwhile. Feminism might be shit, but effeminate men are CANCER!

In conclusion,

Make America Toxically Masculine again!

P.S. Help fight anti-thot idiots with this nitffy shirt. When you’re being a slut and they don’t like it, just remind them you’re not a whore, you’re a Good Girl!

Boys 2 Men: Sexual Socialism and you!

 I’m tired of weak ass niggas whinin over puss
That don’t belong to them, fuck is wrong with them?
They fuck it up for real niggas like my mans and them
Who get it on on the strength of the hands with them, MAN-DMX

     I’m a misogynist! Granted, not in the traditional sense of the word, but the modern evolution of the term. It used to mean “Hate” of females, with the opposite being misandrist. In modern America, it seems to be a carnality in regards to woman. What can I say, I like tits, pussy and ass and make no qualms on my desire to visually quaff the beauty that is the female form. Albeit, When it comes to hate though, I have plenty reserved but it isn’t based on genitals, skin color or otherwise. I’m misanthropic, which is the antonym of philanthropist. I’m not very fond of our species and I find myself having to sort through the bullshit of your average troglodyte on a daily basis. I can claim no special omniscience, even though I can be perceived that way. I merely pay attention, imbibe on the libations that are the words of intelligent authors before myself and through due diligence of thinking, fact checking or more, to the best of my ability, be able to draw a conclusion with what is available.

     What I don’t tend to understand is this weird return to a time when “adult men” were waited on, hand and foot, by a woman, simply because. There is something emotionally stunted with it and I cannot wrap my mind around being ok with the equivalent of a mother, whom is also my sex partner. Never mind Freud and psychoanalysis on such, just the very idea that impinges on the fabric of my being.

     I know I’m being judgmental here and I am ok with that, in fact, that is my desire, to judge thusly those imbecilic, vacuous and insipid “humans” that are into this inane idea of perpetual adolescent and a weird Oedipus complex they need to work out with a shrink.

     Now, anyone who wishes to work out whatever arrangement they desire, is ultimately up to them. I’m not one to talk, because a lot of what I enjoy could be taken out of context. Here though, that isn’t what I am doing. It is the idea, concept, and through having listened to braindead people who enjoy this abject bullshit.

     Men and woman were always meant to be a team, working together, not a child with a mommy watching over the dullard. I believe that toxic masculinity is a positive thing. A man being independent, educated, pulling ones weight on the team and ultimately bringing something to the table is a must. The same must go for woman, because what good is a childlike woman for an independent man?

     Now, I write this in part, due to the insanity of InCels in the modern age. The repugnant concept that anything but natural selection will do is beyond me and incomprehensible to a thinking brain, which, if you’re reading this, you most likely are! The pedestrian brick a brac of internet troll dwellings are strung with vitriolic attacks about woman owing this idiots some gash, is enough to consider forcible sterilization at best and turning them into eunuchs at worst. The entitlement is strong and attacks at “Chads” and “Stacy” types spills across the digital landscape with the same vigor as an impotent, spurting a tad bit pre-cum, overly excited that his penis is slightly functional still.

     I have never had an issue with getting some pussy when I want some. It is quite simple, yet this pariahs complain and complain, never taking personal responsibility for themselves, and bitch that the government should give them free cunt. What in the great blue fuck, is all I can muster at these types! Sexual socialism and the redistribution of pussy. Even a double face palm is an understatement in an attempt at expression of unbearable dismay.

     Now, while I undoubtedly believe that prostitution should be legal, since a woman has the right to sell what she can give away for free and putting woman in jail for it is absurd. What I cannot agree to government subsidized sexual deviancy, in regards to woman being given to men, because they cannot get vagina themselves. Not only would we be allowing horrible genetics to breed itself into society, continuing to damn the genepool with inferior specimen, but we’re not teaching them how to be self-sufficient adults.

     These morons lack the capacity to be self-critical and reflect in order to do better in the world. It is always someone else’s fault. Now, I know some InCel men critique their looks and obsess about it like a woman looking at her thighs in a mirror, after a slice of pizza, because God forbid they indulge in a decant treat, least the bottom of the barrel cuckhold no longer wants to stick his microdick in her twat for copulatory actions.

     When I was a child, my middle-school was rife with sexual assault. I favored older woman, anyways, not prepubescent girls. Regardless, I didn’t indulge myself in such cuckoldry. Men are born to be douchebags, it gets us tang and I brazen do whatever it takes to enjoy the fruit of her loins, but Sexual assault is the hallmark of inferior genetics, using such as a reproductive strategy in an attempt to sire more progeny that will go on to cuck the species through horrible violent, entitle outburst at the hands of InCel tyranny as they attempt to install a patriarchy of TIMMAYS and engage in, what Nabokov called in Lolita, a parody of incest.

     Unlike the beta bitch of yore, this type was excessively groomed from day one to grow up to be the entitled little cock sucking faggots they are. The big bad world showed them they aren’t special little fuckers and they’re pissed about their overall banality. Unlike the old beta bitches, they’re also aggressive and will kill innocents over their lack of penile penetration into hot, juicy, cunt. Hey, don’t fret, you can always fuck a piece of lasagna, not like they could tell the difference anyways.

     One of the worst things is the intensity of the hatred for woman doing anything sexual at all and the queer ideas these ignorant assholes come up with. The idea that every woman is getting gang-fucked by 10 to 15 chads. If they are, kudos to those woman for being able to get their boxes fucked out like that and still make it into work the next day. It should be common knowledge by now that men who think every chick is having porn star style sex is normally of a lower I.Q. strata. Also, woman are very unlikely to be into such, since it would be bad reproduction strategy for them.

     Speaking of horrible reproduction strategies, the idea that woman are out their seeking polygamous lifestyles. This couldn’t be further from the truth and here is why: woman look for a man who is fit for reproduction. During times of income inequity, woman will seek out whom are superior, but the difference is, smarter woman, will be more likely to share a man with other woman, because it makes more sense for them to allow a man to have more partners than it does for him to bugger the fuck off. Given the average I.Q. regardless of sex, race or anything else is about 100, I highly doubt too many of these woman are making mini Huge Heffner’s out of the local chads, even once they get a taste of that sexy, sexy chad spunk. Mmmmm, Chris Hemsworth!*Homer Simpson drool* I digress, but a slight interjection on Thor’s huskiness was much needed. That said, those saying that return to more monogamous ways will end the bullshit with Incels, because then woman will have to settle for one of them, settle down and just like yesteryear, all will be good. Except for one thing, we still live in a predominately monogamous society, there isn’t a million wannabe Hue Heffners with harems out there and such a feat will be few and far between.

     Perhaps maybe the reasons these guys don’t get laid is just a blatant and horrible ignorance to the females of our species? I don’t know, but accusing every chick of being a Friday night episode of Debbie Does Dallas on Chaturbate.com isn’t really a way to get your nuts off. Maybe try treating them like people that would be a start too! Also, the THOT shit as denigration for wearing a dress and man-spreading herself is dumb. It is simple jealously of being more secure in their sexuality. If you’re a woman and want to show off ya twat, please do! No amount of pussy ever gets old! In fact, I encourage topless’ on the beach or anything else that will trigger these abnormal snowflakes into hysterical fits of rage quitting on Reddit and other websites. Just do it for the lulz!

Clingy Bitches (2008)

If there is one thing that I have noticed in my time on the internet, its stupid fucking bitches who update their MySpace status, or their away messages with comments like “I miss my man”, “I miss my boo” or “I miss[insert dumb fucking pet name]” News flash, I don’t give a shit. I also bet your man don’t appreciate his girlfriend making him out to look like some pansy ass mother fucker.

You know those woman, the ones whose “man” just pulled out the the drive way and they all ready “miss him” These are the woman that need constant attention from their man, and if they don’t get it, they become depressed and their life is meaningless, because they’re emotionally ruined from past experiences. Maybe their daddy left them when they where young, or they been cheated on. The ones that no man seems to want and when they finally dupe someone to give them a chance, they do whatever they can to keep them. They do everything, from whining to emotional blackmail. They run the gumat on ways to make you stay with them.

Another observation I have noticed about these woman, is that they normally fall into one of the following catorgories. Fat, Ugly, Crazy or Slut, altough not always so. Some, presumably normal, woman can be this way as well, but the majority fit into one of the four above mentioned slots, and sometimes all of them.

When you look at the kinds of people these woman are, it’s no wonder they are this way. Why? Cause they are all insecure and have low self esteem. They will usually like anyone who gives them the time of day and is nice to them.

Another thing to note is these types of woman are usually frequenting “internet dating sites” This isn’t to say all woman on internet dating sites are like this either, quite the contrary, I have met at least one level headed girl in my online journeys who is smart, funny, intelligent and anything but the kind of woman I describe. She knows who she is too.

Now men, if you should ever find yourself in the company of a woman like this, or maybe you are dating one all ready, my advice to you is to run while you still can. Trust me, in the long run you will be much happier.

Woman, if you are like the above mention, KILL YOURSELF! Do the world a favor and just end it all ready, seriously. No one wants you to begin with, and you’re just sad and pathetic by trying to hold on to something, or someone who doesn’t want to be there. Trust me, you will be happier.

For the rest of you who miss your man, but do it normally “I.E.” you don’t feel a need to share it with us, I want you to know that’s OK. Its normal to miss a loved one, but not the way most these woman miss their man.

Now, it should be noted that this diatribe is not an attack on anyone in particular, but rather an attack on a “Sub-Culture” of woman, if you will. It should also be noted that woman are NOT the only ones who can be like this. Men can too, and if you’re a man reading this and are like what I have described, you too should end it now.

Woman riled up over fat princess in video game (2008)

nk to the article: http://videogames.yahoo.com/feature/feminists-cry-foul-over-fat-princess/1232315

Woman need to get over the fact that they think they can’t be “fat” too.

A bunch of retarded feminist have launched complaints over a game called “Fat Princess” in which the objective of the game is to try and fatten up your princess with cake, so the opposing team then has to struggle to lift her and bring her back to their base. A capture the flag style game.

One group of female bloggers suggested re-editing the game to be about a treasure chest you fill with gold, instead of a fat chick you fill with cake.

Where is the fun in that though? This is kind of the video game version of “Big Bertha” you know, that arcade game where you have to toss balls in the fat woman’s mouth to win tickets?

Melissa McEwan told Sony she is “positively thrilled to see such unyielding dedication to creating a new generation of fat-hating, heteronormative —holes.”

Yes, because games create fat haters, just like GTA creates criminals, right? No no, it can’t be the way they are brought up, can it? We never stop and wonder if they are this way to begin with. No, we look for a scapegoat with which to place blame. Ms.McEwan, I have a secret for you…some people are just assholes.

Some people like fat woman. They are normally called “chubby chasers” and usually this is considered a “fetish” and some people just think fat woman are gross. Neither one is wrong, and who are we to tell them otherwise?

The greatest thing about free speech is that it shows you who the idiots are and who they aren’t. If they don’t like fat people then you know not to bother with them. If you agree and hate fat people, then you have a new set of friends.

Either way the BS of trying to make this country PC is fucking retarded. Stop being whiney babies and crying about how the game is going to do this and that. You don’t like it, don’t buy it. Encourage your friends not to buy it too. Wow, what a difficult concept to understand.

One game is NOT going to make a new generation of men who dislike fat woman, anymore then easy bake oven will make a generation of woman think the place they belong is in the kitchen. I reiterate that games won’t make men hate fat woman, the media does a good enough job of that all ready. 😉 lol

You need to get over it. People will always dislike people for the way they are. It’s the nature of the beast. Don’t expect everyone to like everyone else. It will never happen. Just go about your life and live it how you want. Pay no heed to the idiots who hate you because you’re fat. Because most people prob hate them because they’re stupid.

Link to the article: http://videogames.yahoo.com/feature/feminists-cry-foul-over-fat-princess/1232315