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Nightmare on Elm St. Remake Review

I liked this movie upon walking out of the theater in 2010. I liked it a lot more than Platinum Dune’s Friday the 13th remake a year prior. I had zero hopes going into a Nightmare on Elm St. without a Robert Englund as the lovable child killer that haunted many a dreams since 1984. Yet, I was open minded and went in and enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would, despite its flaws.

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Top 10 Ambient Songs for your Haunted House

So I wrote this article about 10 years ago when I first started to make it as a writer, professionally. View wise, it was my most successful article in my early 20’s,drawing in 10,000 or so views per year. Truth be told, though, it felt like abject failure, because in my mind, I wanted to be a serious writer, not the dude who wrote the fluff filler pieces you saw flashy graphics on the cover of People or Teen Beat. I mean, how artistically bankrupt did I have to be to do a top ten? Even for one of my favorite topics, like Halloween? I could do an entire book on Halloween and have been happier. Within the last decade since I wrote it, I’ve come to appreciate the brevity and insight a top ten list could allow for. So presented here, is a new and undated edition of my “classic”.

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