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Kageoween: Hell House LLC 3, Lake of Fire

INTRODUCTION: I’m on record pointing out that I hate found footage films, but I loved the first one. I’ve seen the second and while a little more flawed, still very good. Now I am onto the third and I have to say, I very much love this whole series. I don’t think it is too early to dub them classics. Sure, much like their older predecessors, they have flaws, but they’re still amazing films in spite of those flaws, so I’m, at least, dubbing them modern classics.

SYNOPSIS: As if two times of going to back to HellHouse LLC wasn’t bad enough, a third group decided to take a chance and build something out of it. Like it ever works out? If it did, they’re be no more cash cows, uh, I mean sequels.

CHARACTERS: I think they’re the best developed of the three movies, sadly, you will remember the movie more than the characters and that is one of the flaws of these flicks. That said, everything else makes up for it.

KILLS: You’re not going to find over the top kills here, you’re going to get amazing old school build and some kills. This one does the same for the most part and when it goes go gory, it is worth it.

ACTING: Best of them all. Not a single bit of weird or awkward. Everyone is on their A-Game and it shows. Fantastic choice!

DIALOGUE: Excellent and well done!

PACING: Fantastic tension building and it works throughout the whole movie. These films really do it for me in a way few modern horror films have been in recently years and I really appreciate that.

While the end is kind of weak and it was once again a pretty predictable ending, not mind blowing, everything else leading up to it was on point, so it was still a very strong sendoff overall. Although, as with all Horror franchises, if this does well, you can expect a fourth one or even more. Give it a year and I can pretty much guarantee that Shudder will come back with HellHouse LLC 4. Stephen Cognetti is a director and writer to keep an eye on as I see big things in his future and personally I would love to see him get a theatrical run. Not that being a Shudder Exclusive is bad, but he could be becoming a bigger name. Regardless, you need to spend Halloween watching all three of these movies back to back. You’ll thank me for it, because they’re really well done, albeit slightly flawed, horror flicks.

4 out of 5