Ambrosia (2012)

Your smell intoxicates my senses in ways that make me glad to have imbibed the nectar of love.

You make my heart flutter like the wings of a dove.

I have shunned these feelings that burn in the deepest recesses of my loins and heart.

From you I cannot bear to part.

Yet, I cannot abate these emotions that tear me apart and fill me with strife. They forebode my heart like the twist of a knife.

Hitherto, I can see the heavens and the revolutionary spheres.

You doth make me quiver and repeal my fears.

I have gazed into the abyss and ye it has gazed unto me.

You are my weakness, my sin, my Aphrodite

For quid, or for naught, I give you a bid. I am the ego and you are the id.

The ninth level of hell, I have been cast.

Missing her love that I yearn to bask.

My chamber feels empty without you nearby.

You make me evolve without it being contrived.

Where others might perish, my will doth thrive.

Yet to my heart, you are always nearby.

The world is a stage and we’re all merely players.

The cosmos are better with your existence here.

Have I said all I can say? Could there be more in store?

It cannot be said, and this I abhor.

It is you, my ambrosia that I’ll love, forever more.

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